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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone! I hope this is the correct place to make this post. I've written up some basic outlines for characters that will appear in my hack, and since I am no artist, I need someone else to do the art for me. I'm going to need 13 mugs and 3 animations. Before I list what I need, I feel it necessary to give some basic background of my game: NOTE: I have found someone to do the mugs. The animations section is at the bottom of this post. You might need to reference Percival's and Ingrid's entry in the character list for this. Okay, so here are the character's I need mugs for: Percival Ingrid Sonja Harold Isadora Sharlotte Rota Joachim Anne Einar Violet Richter I also need a male thief, but I haven't decided on any details yet. I'm open to suggestions. :) As for the three animations, the first one is easy; I just need a female monk, exactly like the standard monk animation just a female. Then I need an animation for Percival and Ingrid. For Ingrid I'd like her to carry a tome in her left hand which she opens in front of her, flips through a few pages, pauses on a page for a bit then extends her arm out in front of her in a swift motion. The critical animation is almost the same, except after the pause, she flips through a few more pages quickly followed by a small flash over her head signifying a bright idea, then the hand motion. For Percival, I'm not sure yet. I'll leave it up to you. As I said in the topic title this will be paid work. If you're interested send me a private message and we can discuss payment. All I ask as that these mugs and animations be original if possible, instead of modified default sprites. Many thanks and best regards, Gryphon
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