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Found 1 result

  1. Don't know how many of you are into PC Gaming/Enthusiast stuff but I figured I'd make a thread for something that's been in PC news lately. That is of course the new Graphics architectures that both AMD and Nvidia are set to talk about Q2 2016. AMD has Polaris and Nvidia has Pascal. There have been several rumors about each of these cards with both competitors trying to one up the other whether its in regards to VRAM, nm, speed, and tech improvements. It will be interesting to see what they come out with. Personally, I'm curious to see if AMD has anything up their sleeve as generally I think they've been pretty aggressive with their price points. While I love my current MSi GTX 980 and will be content with it for a long time I will be interested to see if these new cards can adequately play in 4K without the need of crossfire or SLI configurations as that's not only expensive but quickly becomes a game of diminishing returns and in Nvidia's case (can't speak for AMD) some games don't even support it all that well especially on launch day. Anyone have any thoughts?
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