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Found 5 results

  1. Which do you think is better and why? Personal weapons are prf weapons like: Marreeta's Sword (Thracia 776) Earth Sword Lughnasadh Caladbolg or (Thracia 776) Brave Lance. And class only weapons are weapons like: Tower Bow - Archers and Snipers only. Wo Dao - Myrmidons, Swordmasters and Lyn only. Amatsu - Myrmidons and Swordmasters only. Nosferatu - Dark Mages and Sorcerers only.
  2. Hi, I'm Scott and I'm a high school teacher. I'm also a huge Fire Emblem fan, I've never posted really on the Serenes forums but I decided to share my story today because I thought it might interest people here. A group of students started a gaming club at the school where I work, and I'm the sponsor of the club. One year ago, on our first meeting I met a young man (for the sake of privacy I'll be using different names for each student) we'll call him Juan. Juan was playing a card game with a friend and when I passed by the place they were playing I was stunned, the game was Fire Emblem Cipher! He had the Corrin M and Corrin F starter decks and was teaching his friend Daniel how to play. I started chatting with them, and next thing I knew I had a Path of Radiance and Tokyo Mirage Starter Decks coming in the mail. Fast forward a year and there's around 20 students at the school with Cipher decks, many who attend meetings regularly to trade and play. We have monthly tournaments, and even "Festival Events" with prizes. I enjoy collecting Cipher cards so much that many of my extra cards become prizes for students to earn, I have 10 complete Cipher decks and some of my students even have multiple decks. It may seem super elaborate but I've even come up with ways for students to earn free cards from participating in different events. For example: I give out "Exhibition Passes" to each tournament participant, they can spend a pass one of two ways, exchange it for a pack of 10 common cards. Or use it to challenge me to a Best of 3 Round with its own rules, if they beat me they get to choose 1 SR card from my binder. At tournaments I host raffles, where I give out R cards or even booster packs (The club has about 4 boxes of packs donated by some online friends of mine to be used as prizes) and the top 5 players at each tournament get to pick a R card from my binder (at festival events every player gets an R and the top 5 get SRs) It's been a pretty amazing experience to not only bond with my students but also to play this amazing card game. You might be thinking "How do you read the cards?" Well, as posted on this very forum in the past, users such as AsheoftheEmblem, Murdock, and SAIKLEX have made English Half-Card Proxies which I have been using for this club. It's helped enormously for opening the game up to many more students and I haven't been bothered by the extra work of assembling the proxy documents for the kids. Attached are some pictures of my own decks, and I'm in the process of assembling a picture collection of my student's decks to show off not only how many students are involved, but also their creativity in creating decks. Just a small sample of my decks are here to show how some of them are proxied.
  3. Post dumb OC's you've made previously. Try to recall their personality if you can. EX: This... thing is my old Kirby OC, Echo (and by old I mean late 2016-early 2017). Main gimmick is that he can summon portals and use magic using that gauntlet around his arm. I was proud of this sprite work back then, and while I still am, I kinda think it's stupid now. Can't quite remember his personality, so I'll post it when I remember. EDIT: He's a dimension hopper. HOO BOI As for personality, he's cunning and intelligent, but also pretty socially awkward. Not as terrible as I remember, but still not great. Oh and his other primary weapon is a greatsword.
  4. The Fire Emblem is my favorite video games series of all time (Megaman Battle Network being my second as you can no doubt tell from my profile picture :3)! As I get older, I have my moments when I reminisce on my earlier/first experiences with all the video games series I've enjoyed over the years. Fire Emblem is no different, and since it's my birthday (making me officially legal :3 ) I wanted to kinda honor, share, and hear about other people's experiences with this beautiful (and kinda crushing) series. Back around, I believe, 2007, my friend got me into using emulators (mainly GBA). I didn't really know about many games or game genres considering I had been playing 3D platformers for the past 4 or so years at the time on my playstation(which disappeared some time later) and my new Gamecube. Thankfully my best friend slowly introduced me to a few series here and there. However, they were mostly fighting or action games and I didn't really venture for different games on my own until...well... after Fire Emblem). One day, me and my friend were taking on the phone when he brought up Fire Embelm. When I asked about it, he didn't really know much other than it's a strategy game and if a unit dies, they are gone for good (and..well..the obvious Marth and Roy in Smash Bros Melee). As you could probably guess, I was pretty hesitant at first to try and play it. Thankfully, I was a pretty curious (and brave) kid so after a while I just said, "...alright...I'll give it a shot". THANK. YOU. GOD! And from that day, I really liked Fire Emblem. To be honest though, I wasn't that great and I screwed up...a lot. I didn't like the thought of my units dying for good so I would restart......with...save states. Ok, nothing against save state, but I save stated my way through the whole dang game (and when I say I save stated, I mean I save stated many times during 1 turn) and after beating the game and getting a little older, I felt a little dirty doing that. Actually, I did that a lot with the games I played on the GBA emulator. And like I said, after a while, I felt a little dirty doing that, so one day I decided to go through the whole game without save stating. Thus, the true experience of Fire Emblem began... The joy of getting good levels, the crushing pain of screwing at the end of a chapter and restarting at the beginning, the joy of having my unit clearing the chapters without much of a challenge because they are awesome, the joy and pain of seeing your unit gets a crit right when you needed it and right when it was the worst possible moment (Ex. your unit gets swarmed by enemies in a one way or door and just when the second to last enemy attacks them, protecting them from further attack and death, only for them to get a very out of nowhere crit, killing that enemy and letting another enemy come over just to spear them to death! ......Dang it Roy......), and much more.It also left a big impression on me(especially Lyn . She left a MAJOR impression on me as a kid and it made her my first coolest/B.A. female protagonist in video games. Actually, main protagonist in general) Although, I didn't feel all that to the fullest, really get into, and straight out loving the series until I got my hands on Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. When I finally got the game (after it taunted me for months at GameStop) , I feel in love with the series from that point on. I loved it so much, it kinda started to deep root it self into my love for strategy games as a whole. I probably wouldn't love games like Orge Tactics, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon (great game by the way, give it a shot) as much if not for Fire Emblem. I know that's a pretty bold statement (:3), but for me, it's pretty important. That's a lot on my part (and there's more if anyone else wants to hear about it), so I want to hear others peoples experiences. Whether it be long or short, I wanna know. I'm interested in what others may have experienced. So let loose! (Also, after slowly getting older and playing through the games games multiple times, you notice more things. Like for example, Hector is freakin' awesome or Luck betters your dodging skills or how usable a lot of the units are! While some are more obvious, you really notice and appreciate it later on. Know what I mean?)
  5. Hi there! I'm a software developer who has a passion for games, and I'd like to start develop my own personal game. I'm not really experienced in making sprites, so looking for some help here. The game will be similar to some of my favourite games of all time, Final Fantasy tactics Advance and Tactics Ogre KoL on the gameboy advance, Final Fantasy tactics A2 on NDS and XCOM:enemy within on PC. So, this game will be an isometric turn-based strategy game following the theme of a fantasy setting similar to that of final fantasy. Fire emblem is another one of my favourites, so I'd love to add fire emblem-like strategic elements to the game. (terrain bonusess, weapon triangle etc). Obviously there will be RPG elements such as levelling and attributes, skills and abilities you can learn equipments etc. You will have a big input on the direction of the game :) I will be the main programmer, and I'd really like it if I worked with one or more sprite designers. You need no coding or programming knowledge whatsoever, just the talent of making good looking sprites. To put this bluntly so there are no mistakes later, this is NOT a paid project and the motive behind this project is NOT money. It is personal satisfaction of creating a game similar to those we love. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested. P.S. if you must know, the game will be developed in Java, with the possibility of porting it over to Android and iOS.
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