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Found 3 results

  1. ...And the original video isn't any more comprehensible: A conclusion I have drawn: Animators are paradoxes; They are very lazy, and they put too much effort into things.
  2. AceGamerValen


    So the general concept here is that this game would be primarily sea based. The main crew spends it's time traveling from place to place on a boat and picking up passengers with varying backgrounds. A short story version might focus on a prologue chapter of the crew. which would be about 8 or so characters, 3 introduced in the prologue. Probably a soldier, fighter, myrmidon trio. the basics. After this prologue the shorterned version would feature maybe 9 or so chapters exploring the main cast and all of their passengers, perhaps taking on a clue (board game) stance of who-dunnit mystery. Most battles would be against opposing ships. Archers get to mount ballistas like cannons. In my head an extended version would feature multiple large scale ship combats, like 5 or so allied ships against 5 or so enemy, a full on naval war type combat, a boss fight against a kraken that ends in a shipwreck. I imagine city sieges where you have to leave the comfort of your merchant/mercenary/pirate boat and take castles, and that the eventual loss of your legion after the kraken results in your crew being tossed ashore, only to a find a country in shambles from the kraken eating all their fish. After slaying the beast, you became its heroes and champions, and the remaining portion of the game is spent defending this new found home and establishing a permanent base. The loss of the ship is meant to be a very emotional moment, as is the final chapters when you confront the fishing villages oppressive soveriegn nation and gain it independence. tldr; pirates/merchants, naval based combat, and story about independence/slaying legends and what it means to be a hero thoughts?
  3. In this thread we are pirates. Ten people may nominate themselves for the position of Captain on a first come first serve basis for the nomination. When either ten people are nominated or 24 hours pass, I will start a poll to chose the winner. After 24 hours of that (or when I happen to return) the voting will be closed and we'll keep going from there. As in, we'll decide more positions that will be announced later. Currently held positions: Captain: Duck First Mate: Anon Parrot: Fre Skeleton: Waluigi Barrel: Tenda Drunken Shirtless Guy: Makaze
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