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Found 2 results

  1. xXMrMooMoo

    FE8 Modding

    Hi, I'm new to forums so I hope this is in the right spot and stuff. Anyway, I'm just getting into FE8 modding and specifically the Battle Palette modding. I want to change the way a necromancer looks in battle and his sprite and all that. I've checked around google and I couldn't find anything so I figured that I could post a topic somewhere. Can anyone direct me to a Battle Palette Reference Nightmare Module that contains a battle palette for a necromancer? or does that not exist. Thanks :D
  2. Hi everyone, a really nerv wracking problem keeps bugging me for hours now. Since I just started ROM-Hacking a month ago, I'm still inexperienced. So I thought you might know the solution to my problem. Like the title indicate I'm trying to create new custom battle sprites for some characters in my project. So, what I've done so far: - repointed the Custom Battle Sprite Table to 0xBE0160 (via Brendor's FEGBA Table Repointer) - copied an existing editor (e.g. the Hero Raven.nmm) and renamed it via Notepad - repointed the new editor (0xBE0360) - edited the same one (in my case to give Dorcas the FE10 Fighter animation) But if I choose the custom sprite in the character editor, simply no battle animation will show up. I've checked the values via HxD. Since they are correct, I think it has to to with the pointer. For reference. What confuses me the most, is the fact, that I've done the exact same thing before and it worked perfectly >.< Could someone have the grace to tell me how I can fix this? Well... Now I solved the problem. I simply forgot to actually set the pointer in the "Custom Battle Sprite Pointer Table Editor.nmm" *facepalm* Kind regards Nuramon
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