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Found 163 results

  1. There isn't much more to say. As revealed in the "Pokemon Presents" video earlier today, Diamond and Pearl remakes are coming! Under the titles "Brilliant Diamond" and "Shining Pearl", they are expected to be released late in 2021 - although, no release date has been made official. Here's the trailer, for those not yet in-the-know. So, what do we think about what's been revealed? Are the chibis charming, or stomach-churning? Does this look like what you were hoping for out of a Sinnoh remake, or does this one miss the mark? What do you hope they change, and keep the same, this time around? And will you be buying this game, or passing on it? I'd love to hear everyone's feedback! And yes - I recognize a topic already exists speculating on potential Gen IV remakes. But as those remakes have moved from the realm of "potential" into "announced", I believe another thread is warranted.
  2. https://www.deviantart.com/enlightened-titan/art/Tokyo-2020-or-2021-Nintendolympics-Collaboration-888328848 It was a long road, like the actual Tokyo 2020, but we eventually made it. Note that there are 282 characters, counting the horses.
  3. Today, the Pokémon company just released a Pokémon Presents video that provided a lot more information about current and upcoming games: What did everyone think of the announcements?
  4. Since Nintendo is still doing collaberations with Koei Tecmo doing a Warriors spinoff with the Zelda franchise with Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and Fire Emblem franchise with Fire Emblem Warriors. What are your thoughts if Koei Tecmo did a Warriors Spinoff from the Pokemon Franchise? In my head idea of what the Pokemon Warriors looks like, this is what I came up with so far: I do think they might keep some of the mechanics from Hyrule Warriors series and Fire Emblem Warriors and add some of the recurring mechanics from the mainline Pokemon series. I think the enemy of the Pokemon warriors series had to be a Villain Team who is more powerful than the other Villain Teams from any Pokemon games. They're objective is to destroy the entire world of Pokemon and all the remaining trainers and allied Pokemon will have to fight on to save the world that be similar to like the Soldiers from Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors. I think the players moves the Pokemon Trainers while using any attack button to send the Pokemon to attack the opponents. I do think the humans in Pokemon Warriors will get knocked down as well. I do think we could see some higher members acting as the Captains of the Forts. You choose any Pokemon in your specific teams. I do think Pokemon Warriors will get maybe around two new playable Trainers introduced in this game and the rest is legacy characters similar to like the Rowan and Lianna situation from Fire Emblem Warriors. I think HM Moves will be unlocked in specific areas instead of permately used in the party's Pokemon. I think the Legacy Pokemon Trainers that will be encountered as enemies such as Red, Ethan, Blue, etc. will might get brainwashed by the evil Team Members and you just unlock one of them by beating them similar to like you fight the the legacy characters when you encountered them in Fire Emblem Warriors. What are your thoughts on how Pokemon Warriors should be handled if Koei Tecmo decides to make a Warriors spinoff from the Pokemon series?
  5. As the title says: take a Pokémon from the previous games, and make a Galarian Version. Describe any changes to its appearance, its new typing, give it some Pokédex data, any new abilities, and/or any changes to its base stats. Keep in mind that the change should reflect something about UK culture/environment, given that the Galar Region is based on the UK. For an example, here's one I came up with: Pokémon: Ariados Appearance: Ariados's colour scheme changes to red & green tartan with yellow and white lines, and the spike on its head becomes an axe head. Type: Bug & Fighting Pokedex Data: After generations of living in the Galar Region, these Ariados have grown to live in groups referred to as "clans". The first Ariados to be trained in Galar was nicknamed, "Ariados the Bruce" after the human family that trained it. These Ariados have developed a keen fighting spirit, and their tenacity is legendary. The axe-like spike on their heads aids in fighting off stronger Pokémon. Abilities: Tough Claws, Vital Spirit, Sturdy (Hidden Ability) Changes to its Base Stats: -50 Sp. Attack, +50 Speed, -10 Sp. Defense, +10 HP This Galarian form is based on a legend that Robert the Bruce hid in a cave after a defeat, where he then observed a spider spinning a web across the cave's roof. The spider failed on the first two attempts, but succeeded on the third, and this inspired Robert the Bruce to keep fighting. The axe head comes from Robert the Bruce famously preferring an axe over a lance when fighting on horseback.
  6. So I'm pretty sure there have been threads for this kind of thing before, but I couldn't find any that were current, especially with the new 3H characters being around now. Because I'm an unoriginal person who cant think of good original nicknames like I used to, I've decided to combine my two obsessions in pokemon and FE (which both coincidentally have loads and loads of characters) by theming my pokemon nicknames around FE characters. But outside of a handful I can think of, I'm not very good at matching and thinking about good combinations of pokemon and FE characters on my own. And I want to use as many names across the various games as much as possible. So throw me some suggestions if you have time! With particular emphasis on Gen 1-3 pokemon at the moment if possible, but I'll file away all suggestions for the future (no, this has nothing to do with the fact that Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX came out today, whatever gave you that idea? >_>; ). It doesn't have to have a ton of reasoning behind the matchup, just imagine what pokemon this character would transform into if they woke up in a world of pokemon. Or just simply what kind of pokemon they would likely have as a trainer. Have fun! 🙂 Note: I have not played Gen 8/Sword and Shield at all and have no idea what 95% of those new pokemon are or even look like (which is by design to stay unspoiled until I play it) so while I'll take suggestions based on those pokemon it likely wont help me much right now. Also, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum section for this topic; if not, please move it as needed.
  7. So, Pokemon Home has dropped suddenly, with both mobile and Switch flavors. Surprisingly, there are differences. Such as GTS being locked to the mobile version, of all things. It also seems that the mobile version is just plain better for that reason. Fortunately, it seems that the plan is shared between both, so once you sync up your Nintendo account, you should be good to go. Thus far, I haven't exactly been able to do much, as it has crashed on me a few times thus far. Curiously, the mobile version does not force you to read the terms of service, as the switch version does. You have to at least scroll through the entire thing, which includes more languages than English. From the mobile version, I did receive a free Pikachu and, from my choice of three, Bulbasaur out of the original starter trio. The latter came with its hidden ability. With the basic (free) plan, you are unable to: A) Move Pokemon over from Pokemon Bank B) Deposit and store up to 6,000 Pokemon (limit for basic is 30, I believe. One. Single. Box) C) Have up to 10 Pokemon up for trade in your Wonder Box at a time D) Have up to three Pokemon on the GTS at a time E) Create Room Trades F) Gain access to the Judge function (IV Checker) So, already, your incentive would be to buy the premium plan, which you can buy: One month ($2.99), three month ($4.99), and 12 month ($15.99) Honestly, over three times the price of bank for only double the Pokemon storage and a few features that were previously free WITHIN THE GAME ITSELF honestly isn't worth it, in my opinion. Oh, and get this. If you transfer from generation 7, all of your bottle capped stats are reset. You also only get the dex entries for the games that those Pokemon have been physically in themselves, as far back as X and Y, as I can tell. So, your Pokemon has to have physically been in X/Y, traded to ORAS, traded to U/S/M, etc. to get those Pokedex entries.
  8. Hello guys Im creating my new Pokemon Gba Rom HACK, please comment if you wanna add some thing to it:3 Base Rom[Pokemon Emerald] There was a young man named Deilan who got 17Yr old today, blahblahblahblahblah New Region: West and East Arc New Starter All OG 150 and some Gen 2-3-4-5 Pokemon Gen 1-3-5 Starter are Catchable B/W Repel System Exp If Caught Exp Share System Harder 16 Gym Leader Elite Four, and Tournament Elite Champion and Hidden Bosses New Two Evil Teams Pokemon Ranger[Work as Cop]
  9. Guest

    Pokemon region in europe

    The new Pokemon Sword &Shild games ar coming out around a half year later. My question is: How would you imagine a pokemon region based on middle europe? For exemple hungary?
  10. My curiosity was recently sparked when on another discussion and I just wanted to know what you all think about the different Pokemon Generations (and share mine as well)!
  11. Heya! I thought it would be fun to share some of our nicknames that we've come up with for our poke-friends. I like to make mine pretty silly, and love to hear what others have come up with! My pokes so far in this game: Lil' Bishie (male popplio) FROOT LOOPS (pikipek) Jim Thrope (rockruff)
  12. So, what would you think the anime, manga, and the like will give our new heroes? Personally, I have this (From 20000 names): Male: Lyall (Scottish name for “Shield wolf”, after Norse name Liulfr) Female: Brenda (Scottish name of Scandinavian origin, based on Old Norse brandr, or “Sword”) Male one may just have a British origin, though, to run parallel to the female’s Scottish origin (sorry Wales).
  13. So yeah. We're (probably) getting Gen 8 news tomorrow. I don't really know what to expect since it's just 7 minutes long but after the mediocre USUM and terrible Let's GO, i'm hoping we see something good.
  14. I didn't see a thread for this, so figured I'd make one. Your favorite Pokemon; what is it? My favorite non-legendary is Gallade, and my favorite legendary is Groudon.
  15. This is Red Randomizer Nuzlocke. What's interesting about this particular one is that it includes all the Pokémon up to and including the sixth generation [spoiler=PICK MY GOON] Furret is the stuff of nightmares LET'S GO Nuzlocke demands a set battle style ahh that nice familiar face [: Why would my name be anything else? He looks like a bully and an asshole Perfect MUH POTION All non-key items are randomized! Or they should be, anyway I have a terrible foreboding feeling all of a sudden... And girls don't? Televisions are sexist I... need an adult? yo YO YO Pick for me, fellow denizens of the forest! Pokémon Silver Randomizer Nuzlocke starts here QUOTES:
  16. By the title, I mean the first two "generations", so to speak, of the GBA and DS Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games. Given that these games are twelve and nine years old, respectively, I feel like the only person left who still goes back to them non-infrequently. Of course, I don't go back to these games too often, because they're the games I spent the most time with in my teenage years by a long shot, but I still think the first two Mystery Dungeon series are great games that deserve all the praise they get. I was playing MD Blue on and off for a total of about 5-6 years to recruit all 386 Pokémon species, and currently, I'm trying to do the same in MD Sky whenever I feel like taking a break from Fire Emblem. I'd say I'm well on my way, but there's still a lot left to do, like train up a Pokémon capable of learning Fast Friend to completely max stats so it's possible for me to recruit Kecleon. For some reason I started as a Skitty in my current file... even though Normalize is literally the worst ability ever. I'd probably start over again if I hadn't already maxed out my Explorer Rank, cleared Zero Isle (and Destiny Tower, after like 50 attempts) and recruited about two-thirds total of the game's roster of 493. And for anyone who might be wondering, I don't have much to say about Gates to Infinity or Super Mystery Dungeon. GTI was pretty awful and I didn't find SMD to be much better, but if you've enjoyed those games, that's perfectly fine, they just weren't for me. I picked them up once and put them down after finishing the main stories.
  17. Hey there everybody! I've been something of a long time lurker on Serenes, but I figured I should Introduce myself! I stream a TON of Fire Emblem and Pokemon, particularly with a focus on silly Rom Hacking. You might recognize me from my association with Mangs, for whom I am a scriptreader/editor for his character spotlight videos. Drop on by my discord for a general good time, and to get updates on when I'm streaming! we also have a nsfw section. Enjoy if u wish XD MODEDIT: we have our own discord, don't advertise yours LUNAEDIT: oops, sorry about that. MODEDIT: no worries cheers, welcome to sf
  18. I hope this topic hasn't been created yet. I looked for it just in case but I'm sort of blind, so I could have missed it. Anyway, what pokemon type (as in: water type, ghost type, etc) would you like the next legendary pokemon to be? I mean the legendary pokemon that's central to the game. Also, is there a mythical pokemon with a certain pokemon type you'd like to see? I personally want a poison type legendary pokemon, be it its first type, second type or only type. It would be so cool and unique. And sort of needed, now that we have a fairy type legendary and so many fairy type mythicals out of nowhere. If not, I'd like a mythical pokemon that is poison/fairy (steel/fairy is cool too, but there's already Magearna). One would think I'm a fan of the poison type haha. Not really, but I just think it's time
  19. Well my senior year is almost over, and I'll have a good amount of free time, so why not document an LP? the rules: 1. I may only catch the first Pokémon in an area, and if I fail the encounter, I do not get a Pokémon from that area 2. If a Pokémon faints it is considered dead, and must be put in the box permenantly 3. All Pokémon must be nicknamed 4. Shiny and dupes clauses are active (if I find a shiny regardless of if it's my first encounter or not I can catch and use it, and if I find a Pokémon I already have or have had I can choose to continue encountering Pokémon untill I get something new, to add to the variety) 5. All gift Pokémon will be accepted. Wether they will be used or not depends on the team ATM 6. I will allow myself ONE legendary beast, which will be determined by the viewers 7. Ho Oh and Lugia are off limits due to how powerful they are, this is supposed to be a challenge after all! 8. The Nuzlocke officially begins when we get Pokeballs we have won the nuzlocke when we have beaten Red upon Mt. Silver. all images taken will have links posted to view them, this way I don't have to delete images to comply with the posting limit comments and questions are welcomed and appreciated!
  20. A couple days ago I fired up pokemon ORAS and started a new file (seriously why do pokemon games have to be so vague on how to delete a file?) And i've already picked out my team and i'm in the process of hunting them all down when I wondered, does everyone have a specific preference for pokemon they put on their teams, or do you go with your gut? When I say preference it can be anything from appearance, stats, aesthetic, type, nature etc. I personally tend to choose pokemon that I find to be ethier cute, rare, unique, regal, or pokemon that look like you could have as pets. Also, do you care about EVs and IVs or do you just take pokemon as they are? Feel free to voice your opinions below.
  21. Welcome to Pokemon Rejuvenation. Like my previous (and still ongoing) series, this is a Pokemon fan game made with RPG Maker XP using Pokemon Essentials. It's heavily inspired by Pokemon Reborn, a game I'm also playing. That means this game: Has 18 gyms, one for each type. Not much to say about that. Has level caps. By default, your Pokemon can't level beyond 20, and this increases by 5 with each badge you get save for two badges in unreleased content. This isn't just disobedience like some other fangames, but it becomes impossible to gain experience at all. Is a lot more challenging than the regular games Puzzles. Lots of puzzles. Most importantly: an extremely silly plot. Among other things. You can find the latest version here, unless you're reading this months or more into the future in which case it likely isn't, but it should be in a sticky thread on that subforum. Despite all my bitching about these games I do find them more fun than the canon Pokemon games but I'm willing to overlook a lot of a game's flaws if the gameplay is fun/challenging enough. Anyway, let's get this show on the road. Prologue: More Cutscenes than Gen7 Table of Contents
  22. Does someone have a Marshadow they could trade with me ? If so, what Pokemon would you trade it for? I hope it's okay to ask this here, if not, please forgive me! I'm sort of actually very desperate at this point.
  23. RULES 1. Catch only the first pokemon you see on each route/area. 2. If you kill the first pokemon you see, no new pokemon for you. 3. If you encounter the same pokemon/pokemon from the same evolution line you already have, try again until you get a pokemon you haven't caught. 4. No healing inside of battles is allowed, healing outside of battles is. 5. Your pokemon's level can be at most the same as the level of bosses most powerful pokemon. 6. You may only use the same amount of pokemon as the gym leaders/bosses use. (However there is one instance, for which I'll create a poll for) 7. Naming your pokemon is optional. 8. If your pokemon faints during battle, it is considered 'dead' and it must be released. 9. If you lose a battle, you may continue with the pokemon you have inside the PC Box. With that out of the way... Obligatory trainer name. Gary F***** Oak Level 2 Pidgey, a man's worst nightmare. As much as it pains me not to pick Squirtle (Blastoise is my favourite pokemon), I'll pick Bulbasaur, because he's pretty cool and nobody ever picks him (And he'll make two first gym battles easier) That was CLOSE Get used to it, dickhead. The real fun/pain begins NOW Now that's a good way to begin a nuzlocke, one of my favourite pokemon and a pokemon that is actually quite decent. Hyper Fang hits like a fucking truck early on and once it evolves it just gets better. A very good pokemon early on, that holds it own throught the entire game (from my experience) Rattata has been caught :) New route, what are we gonna get? Mankey. It's not a bad pokemon, it's fairly fast and has good damage output, it's certianly going to be useful against Brock. With me not being able to get trade evolutions Mankey might be just the best fighting type I can get, especially once it evolves. Mankey has been caught. Route 2 time baby, now give me Pidgey. That's what I'm talking about! Caught it without hitting it, Ash be jealous. Anyway Pidgey is an ok flying type, not amazing, I find spearow/fearow and doduo/dodrio much better than pidgey/pidgeotto/pidgeot due to pidgey's average attack and speed. Still it has a higher base total than the previous two evolution lines, but it's late final evolution hurts it, when you can get Fearow 16 level earlier, anyway that's enough for the first update. Next time I'll get through Viridian Forest and face my rival on route 22. Smell ya later!
  24. Knight

    Pokemon Ideas?

    I'm sure we've all wanted to come up with our own Pokemon concepts, what are some that you think should be added? You can add any info, type, animal or object it's based on, stats, moves, evolutions, area etc. For example, I had an idea for a Jack-o-Lantern Pokemon, it'd either be grass/fire or grass/ghost, and would have high HP and low speed. It'd be found in and around ghost dungeons and maybe fields at night. As well as an idea for a Ghost/Steel, it'd be a haunted suit of armour with high attack and defence, and evolves to a haunted suit on a set of horse armour, increasing speed. Found in a haunted dungeon or castle And a Fighting/Dragon Pokemon, it's first evolution would be plain fighting, a cute humanoid reptillian, and then evolving into a larger humanoid reptillian with perhaps boxing gloves. Good on attack and speed.
  25. Welcome to another multi-chapter Pokémon story! This story is a bit different for reasons that will be explained inside of the link, but it should still be enjoyable! The first eight chapters have already been posted to fan fiction.net. In order to avoid clogging the page with links, everything is one link here. However, future updates to the story will have the normal one link per chapter. Here's the story's summary: "If she participated in that study, maybe she would finally be free… Free from not knowing her parents… Free from the bullying… Free from her mother's legacy…" AU https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12656845/1/Holly-Rising
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