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Found 8 results

  1. So im about to go to my friends house to use his powersave. Does Omega Yato in birthright on corrin work? Can i give him lodestar class after i already have on another save? can i give them seals and the rank increase thing and then an s rank weapon on the second level?
  2. On the site of Actionreplay powersaves, I see codes of Fire emblem Fates Birthright, Conquest and Special edition. Which codes are to be used for a revelation file?
  3. So I recently picked up a Powersaves device and being extremely curious, decided to play around with putting enemy-only skills on the characters in my (completed) Birthright file (which will never be used for online play). I found a few interesting subtleties and interactions, but the biggest surprise was how well the game handles (from a "correct behavior" standpoint) player units having skills they shouldn't. All of them that I tested (listed below) work as advertised with only the most minor of exceptions, and none of them caused any glitches I could detect. Here's all I found out. Some of this information might already be known, but a lot of it I couldn't find anywhere. These facts could be useful if you want to know what to look out for when facing enemies with these skills, or you want to do a for-fun run of the game using some enemy skills, or you want to maybe incorporate them in class skill trees in a ROM hack, or you are just curious about the intricacies of the game's mechanics. General notes about Powersaves and skills: Here's some trivia about the various skills I tested: Inevitable End Staff Savant Immobilize Hit/Avo +10, +20 Resist Status/Immune Status Dragonskin/Divine Shield Final Question: Do you think any of these skills could have been made available to player units without destroying the game's balance? Some are obviously way overpowered, but others I'm not so sure about....
  4. Hello there, i just discovered that i had this device lying around. Originally i got one for sharing nice Pokémon with others, and since i've read across the forums that some of you are using these too, i figured there would be no shame in asking for help. These things came with a personal code to activate them online, i believe. About a year ago i had my code changed by Datel, but i didn't keep track of that so i don't even know my code, the only thing i have is the device. And that leaves me with the following questions: • Do i have to buy an entirely new device or can i just purchase another activation code? • Last time i had to deal with them, Datel/CodeJunkies' customer support was downright terrible. Is this still the same? • I've read about codes being region-locked, and only available through purchase or waiting past a certain date. What about this is true, and how are things for Fates as of now? • I have a physical copy of Birthright, with Conquest and Revelation downloaded. Is there any way to edit my CQ and RV files? Thank you for listening. Actually, i just want to make min-maxing and skill acquisition on my finished runs a little bit easier to present my characters as the heroes they are, in case you want to know. Have a nice day, -- Sétanta
  5. What codes would you like to see? I believe JP has their own version of Powersaves, although I don't know what codes they have so far for IF...
  6. (Hope this is in the right forum, by the way. Wasn't exactly sure where this should go) It's been awhile since I've even touched my Action Replay for my DS, and I've kinda wanted to go back into hacking. See, grinding in Fates for days on end for Weapons or Stats has me pondering why I'm really doing all this, when with a Powersave, to my understanding, I can easily manage like *snap* that. Plus, it would just be... awesome if I could save myself trouble in Awakening, Fates, Bravely Default, and other games. So. I was wondering if someone, anyone, would be so kind to explain Powersaves, how they work, and the difficulty of it all before I rush out and fork over $30 for one. I barely remember using my Action Replay, by the way, so if whoever could dumb it down for me, that would be appreciated.
  7. Since many people here seem to have questions about it/are worried if they'll get shadowbanned from Powersaves... There's quite a few threads already mentioning Shadowbans, but I wanted to neatly organize this topic. (This is only concerning Powersaves, so I can't help you cheaters if you are using some other hack methods.) Here's the run down of the many asked questions: Why is it called a Shadowban? It is, from what I've gathered called a 'shadow' ban because you won't be notified if you are banned. It is a result of trying to stop illegal hacks. So what exactly does it mean? If you are shadowbanned for using Powersaves, no one can visit your castle. Although you can still visit other castles. You'll most likely not be able to participate in online battles if the team you've chosen is from the file that is shadowbanned. ^You will get an error as soon as you are at the preparation screen. What causes a ban like this? When you use the Powersaves codes to hack on illegal weapons or skills it results in a Shadowban. More specifically: Enemy weapons, Enemy skills, basically anything that can't be done legit in game such as a Dragonstone +7/Beaststone +7, NPC exclusives, etc. If you are confused about accidentally hacking on enemy weapons you can visit this page for more information. If you are confused about accidentally hacking on enemy skills you can visit this page for more information. Some enemy skills will not cause a ban, includes: Wing Shield, Armor Shield, Beast Shield and Bold Stance. If I get banned on one file, what about my others? Getting shadowbanned on one file will not affect your other game saves/files. Can I undo this ban? Yes. You will have to put the illegal weapons/items/skills/whatever in your inventory/equipped skills and overwrite it with a save. You could either Powersaves different items/etc over so it removes, or click the option that selects it to be empty, in Powersaves. Doing that will remove whatever causes the shadowbans (after you update your data it should all be good). Um, Jin how do you even know about this stuff? From my own experience. I've tested out many things as well to see if it causes bans and whatnot. Hopefully this topic can help someone! If I forgot to add something, I apologize in advance.
  8. I have a question for some of you Fire Emblem Awakening players who also own Powersaves. If one were to add an Exalted Falchion before, Mount Prism and completed Mount Prism would the game crash, take away the two falchions, or take only the one Falchion? I need to know this so I can get Grima's Truth to test...
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