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Found 162 results

  1. I plan on being a game dev in the future and making my own Fire Emblem-esque SRPG one day, but so far it's a mess of scattered and disconnected ideas that don't really fit together. Thinking about this got me curious what other people would hypothetically come up with if you got to write the plot of a future Fire Emblem game yourselves. It goes without saying that certain games (we all know which ones) have divisive plots so I should clarify that I don't mean an improvement of a story that already exists (so no "x but good/better" type answers), but an original plot that can take inspiration from the mainline series without directly copying their homework. So, what would YOUR Fire Emblem be about?
  2. I'm just curious what everyone's least favourite map(s) in the franchise are. For me I've always found the desert or fog of war maps really irritating especially on a first playthrough when you have no idea what to expect. Desert maps are just annoying in general as most non-mage foot units become useless due to their limited movement range. So when I recently came across Chapter 14 in Binding Blade I just screamed. A map that has both the FoW and in a desert plus Wyvern Knights and mages which can heavily damage your flying units. I know it's not the hardest map I've ever played but it was definitely one of my least favorites. Other than that unless it is the same map repeated often in a game I usually enjoy every map.
  3. For me personally my favourite game franchises besides Fire Emblem are: Persona, The Legend of Zelda, Kid Icarus and Xenoblade 1 & 2 (not played Saga or Gears yet). I also love Final Fantasy VII (not played any other games in the franchise yet but I plan to play VI soon) and Undertale (has a phenomonal soundtrack ,the game is short so you can replay it often and I actually really like Sans).
  4. So I just started playing a while ago and I noticed every time I battle I only have 3 or 4 units out of 10. I haven't been focusing on motivation and a lot of students don't show up to my instructing sessions. I've tried talking to them to give them gifts but it wouldn't give me the option. What can I do to get more units in battle?
  5. So I'm going to be playing Silver Snow soon and don't know the exact story but I do know that's it's church based and similiar to VW. I would like to recruit some characters outside of my house, but I would like those characters to make sense to join me lore-wise (Such as recruiting Lysithea in CF, for example Ingrid and Leonie would make no sense due to Leonie not wanting to aid people who helped kill jeralt and Ingrid is super loyal to Faerghus.) Who do you think would make sense to recruit story and lorewise?
  6. I don't have any restore staffs every turn one of my characters usually the OP ones gets berserked and kills my units. I can figure out which mage has the berserk staff as I don't want to wast sleep and silence on all the mages trying to find the one. I just hate how there are berserk staffs every map now.
  7. I'm just wondering what everyone's favouriite characters supports were from Awakening and Fates. I have not been able to go through much of the supports in each game and I really want and idea of the funnest or sweetest supports are since it'd take forever to individually achieve each one.
  8. What are your top 15 favorite Fire Emblem characters is general based on their personality, usefulness as a unit or design etc. I've not yet played Tharcia, Binding Blade, Sacred Stones, NMotE or Fates yet so my list isn't final since I've loved most of the characters from each of the games I've played so far. Though to be fair I kind of struggle ranking every character overall as there is a lot of great characters in the franchise. Edelgard Ike Eliwood Lucina Owain Tiki Dimitri Celica Lyn Marth Chrom Arvis Hubert Black Knight Annette
  9. I'm loving the game so far and am quite far into my first playthrough of the Golden Deer route and plan on playing through Blue Lions next. I was originally planning on playing the Church route but I've heard it is like the Golden Deer route besides the last map. Is it worth playing for the last map or should I not bother playing it yet?
  10. There are too many wyvern knights to deal with and i'm finding it really hard to keep everyone alive as i'm jammed in the northeast corner and they reinforcements never stop coming. Also for 21x i'm supposed to complete it in 30 turns. Could someone give a general strategy to get to the boss without being destroyed?
  11. I just finished my first playthrough of Fire Emblem 7 and absolutely loved it so I want to play 6 next but i've heard it is one of the most difficult games in the franchise. What tips would you recommend for a first playthrough e.g. which units to focus on and which weapon types are best for each character.
  12. This question mentions a spoiler. I put it in the title but idk if there was anything else I needed to do....anyway If I choose to side with the church do I lose any equipment Edelgard and Hubert have? I would like to fully utilize them in the last chapter I have them in but if I don't get their equipment back I need to take some stuff from them.
  13. I'm finally planning on playing the GBA games once I play the BLue Lions route in Three Houses. I held of playing the games so far as they seem to be considered the best games in the franchise and was worried I might not like them. Which game would you recommend first?
  14. I plan on playing FE12 after finishing Three Houses and was wondering if the game would be worth playing with a walkthrough. I found Shadow Dragon easy but i needed a walkthrough to know which troops I should focus on as you get way too many.
  15. I personally find it really hard to properly care for my hair. I do brush it which usually reduces the amount of knots and help it look less messy but the longer I grow it out the worse it gets. My hair when straightened is about shoulder length currently but when not straightened it is only reaching my neck and it makes me look like Deku from MHA. I feel like the amount of shampoo and conditioner I use may have some effect on this since I never know the right amounts to use and some days my hair can be extremely soft or feel like straw.
  16. i did the GD route but i wasnt sure which one to choose next. i know which order u go doesnt rlly matter but i just wanna know which ones best to pick. i also heard there's a church/rhea route n if i should bother going for that one? i was gonna choose edelgard bc her route is the shortest apparently n then finally finish w dimitri ... anyways any thoughts would be appreciated ! ^^
  17. I just started playing Three Houses a couple days ago and I've never had so much fun with a gme since I first played Persona 3-5 and it might become my favourite game of all time once I finish it. I'm planning on buying the DLC but I'm not sure if it is worth buying yet or not or if I should wait until the side story in April. Are the new maps and costumes worth the price?
  18. I'm about to start playing Three Houses and because the game seems very different to the other games I'm wondering if anyone has any tips or things I should focus on in my first playthrough. I'm going to be joining the Black Eagles first but not sure who I'll romance until I start the game.
  19. I'm new to the Fire Emblem franchise and have loved every game I've played so far but I'm not sure where to start next. The games I have played: Fire Emblem 4 - Genealogy of the Holy War Fire Emblem 9 - Path of Radiance Fire Emblem 10 - Radiant Dawn Fire Emblem 11 - Shadow Dragon Fire Emblem 13 - Awakening Fire Emblem 15 - Shadows of Valentia
  20. My attacks only take 20 hp off his 71 hp and Sigurd is maxed out. I can't get tyrring since I don't have enough gold and can't return my other troop to the castle as Ethlyn had the return staff. Is Reptor beatable without tyrring or should I just give up?
  21. I'm usual kind of OCD about recruiting all characters and not letting anyone die but honestly I keep accidentally oneshotting Hannibal when he attacks me and I don't have a sleep staff (because I sold it to get Tyrfing to beat Reptor). Is Hannibal worth recruiting or is there not really any point if I have to go out of my way to do it?
  22. Even though path of radiance is very old now, do people still want to see it remade eventually?
  23. I absolutely love the Fire Emblem games I've played so far and I really want to play FE1-6 & 12. However I'm clueless on how to get ROMs working with the translations. Could anybody help me?
  24. Ok, I'm gonna to talk seriously.................. Well, many Fire Emblem fans are shipping Robin Boy with Lucina as a love couple, and I don't want to be canon. To be honest, It's canon this love shipping? Because, the FE Awakening and Smash Bros. fans are liking this couple, I don't know Intelligent Systems and Nintendo are going to confirm is canon this couple?
  25. So I know it might seem like a stupid answer, but what I really mean is the ability you get when you master a class. I found out that its class specific. For example, I leveled Petra up to max out Theif, but when I change her into a mercenary, her steal ability is gone. So what's the point of maxing out your class? What if I get too many abilities and i wanna trade one out for a new one? Is there a way to keep your abilities, of so how? I know that there are leveling stats the differ based on what class you're in, bit is that it? What's the benefit of mastering out a class? Sorry if this is confusing, it's just that I've never been confused with a class system before xD
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