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Found 27 results

  1. Noob question here. Does anyone have advice/tips on how to make sure Whatever Rom I'm downloading is safe? (Virus/malware free) Thanks!
  2. Today I made the first chapter of a new rom hack. This was the first time I had made any rom hacks, and it turned out pretty well, I even had a house, village, custom map, and 2 customized classes in the game. As the title says, I, like an idiot forgot to save it as a ups, so the only thing i have from my work is a placeholder map sprite. I'm planning on giving it another try tomorrow and will post updates if I see anyone interested in the project. I know this is unlikely to gain any traction whatsoever but maybe when it starts functioning and i have a few chapters that will change :) y'all can have my placeholder sprite in the meantime tho!
  3. Let's call this my forum Debut. I'm here because, after lurking for a while, I've looked around and gotten really into a couple of Let's Plays. So, following in that train of thought, I'm bringing you a Let's Play from a patch right here in the Forest. It's called Monster Quest, and the patch is for Sacred Stones. The premise? All of your dudes (with the exception of the Lords and Tethys) are monsters. I haven't actually played this before, so I'll be learning it as I go.
  4. So I had this idea of a rom hack where you have an avatar but with questions that determines what kind of person their are like D&D. If its possible a world where you can meet most FE character and build your empire. Perhaps a academy to attend as student. I would love your thoughts since I’ve been playing Legends of Runersia. Fire Emblem Three Houses and RPG maker on switch. Are you the next brave hacker to achieve this task?
  5. I don't know if anyone else has ever seen these pictures, but I assume it is Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, but with GBA sprites. Does anyone have any knowledge on this or anything really about what this even is. I believe this goes here but can anyone help with any info?
  6. I started this hack around the start of december, since I don't have much time on PC, the progress is kinda slow. About my last hack, the Dark Emblem, I accidentally courrupted the files and since the hack was kinda lmae and messed, I decided to start a new one.(No random-generated maps this time, I swear) Story: In the Melgen continent, there are two very powerfull countries, they're Arcadia and Petos, Arcadia suddenlly started to invade other countries, even though king Arcadio and King Petos are on good terms with each other, so wat's the reason that made king Arcadio suddenlly attack it's neighbors? Follow the story of Izarck, as he makes his path from a simple squire to a famous Hero. Features: No bandit chapters! New items. New icons for new items. Some new classes. 7 chapters as of now(counting the prologue and chapter 4x) Some new music. New mugs. New events. New maps. Deep plot(Not much at the start I admit, but what FE game starts with a good reason to fight?) New custom battle animations. All chapters have hidden items and secrets.(Except for the prologue, don't bother searching) Some screenshots: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ba417u1z9azcuza/Izarck%27s+Quest.rar Update notes: Known issues and gliches: Lamp sword use effect works properly but it crashes the game if used right after resuming a chapter. Make sure to always savestate before using it's use effect. By grammar isn't the best, if someone could help with it would be of great help. The same can be said about my mugs. Credits:
  7. As some of you might know, I am working on my hack Fire Emblem: Traitors Tale. It has been dead for some time, but I have come back to it. Last time I asked for help i waited 10 minutes and gave up, don`t worry, I learn from my mistakes(and suspensions). Returning to the original topics, I need to know how to make custom portraits. Could anyone lend so help?
  8. Hey, I'm making a ROM hack of FE6 and I was wondering how to edit the title screen where it says "Fire Emblem the Binding Blade"? If anyone knows how to edit the "Nintendo presents" part too that'd be helpful as well.
  9. Hello, Been a while, but I need some help. For some reason only 1 of my characters can trade with someone. I've hacked up to chapter 3- Bandits of Borgo. Im thought it was a tutorial lock, but im making sure everyone plays on hard mode. Any and all advice is helpful as I started hacking with the new FEBuilder tool maybe a week ago, so im really bad. Thanks Alot -Ashton
  10. Everytime I download a rom hack, some of the rom hack patches are .rar files. Please help.
  11. FE_Joshua

    Awakening GBA

    Okay, so like many others my opinions on Awakening are mixed. I don't have much of a problem with characters or even the rather basic story but more so the gameplay I've decided that I want to remake awakening as maybe a rom hack of FE7 but before i started I wanted to see if anyone was even interested in the idea or if there were some blatant problems that I am just not seeing.
  12. For those who don’t know JFK is the president who got assassinated. I think The driver is secretly his husband who had an umbrella and was Ted Cruz’s dad with a sugary drink apart of the CIA and the Illuminati and plays baseball who was hired by JFK to kill JFK. I have backup support, would you want to be known as the president who got assasinated or the president who committed suicide. If you want me to add something Fire emblem okay.Does anyone have a link to the Best worst Fe5 rom it would be nice if you shared it with me.
  13. Hey there all; I've been wanting to create my own sort of Fire Emblem Fates hack (for the Special Edition) and there's a lot I want to do, but I want to handle them all one at a time. To start this off, first I've wanted to alter the stats of the classes, weapons, items, and characters in Fates before I get to things like animations, but if there's one thing I'm still stumped on in how it works and like to confirm, its enemy/npc/joining cast growth rates and their relation to base stats. In FEFEditor, there are terms like Str? right before a number (for example there was Sorcerer with Magic? = 65 or something like that); what I want to know is this: are these terms for the enemy/npc/joining cast growth rates and how they scale with levels, and if so, how do these numbers play off of the base stats? For example, if I have a base stat of 0 for any stat, will any growth number change that through higher levels for enemies/npcs/joining cast or not? And if that stat is 12 instead, is the stat increase based on how high the number is (like if the growth rate is 35% vs it being 85%)?
  14. Fire Emblem: Chronicles A Kamen Rider Ex-Aid (Tokusatsu Superhero TV Series) x Fire Emblem Crossover This will be a FE7 Rom hack - at this point in time containing 5 chapters (Prologue - Ch.5) Features to be added (or hoping to add - still needs to be refined): New Characters (Pitch) Introducing characters from other Kamen Rider Series New Story, Events & Map New Sprites, Icons and UI Changes to classes and class changes Synopsis: Dan Masamune plans to world wide distribute Kamen Rider Chronicle however Dan Kuroto has found a way to enter Chronicle’s game area thus Ex-aid and friends have entered but a sudden turn of events have lead them to stray separating them all. Time is of the essence as they must regroup and find a means to defeat Masamune and stop the distribution of Chronicle. Additional Information: Dan Kuroto has been left in the real world due to his Godlike abilities he has created allied Bugsters to aid the riders on their adventure. Kuroto has found an abnormal glitch within Chronicle’s game area believing in the possibility that it could help them he forcefully asks the Riders to find, locate and examine this glitch. Class List/Changes (WIP) Characters (WIP - What I have so far) Screenshots/GIFS
  15. Hi there, I am new to this community so I hope this is not a stupid question and that this is the right place to ask it. Fire Emblem GBA is my all time FE favourite and I recently picked it up again. I downloaded the ROM and play it on an emulating software called OpenEmu on my Macbook. My issue is, that I crave the challenge of Hector Hard Mode and I don't want to go through the numbing boredom of having to play Lyn, Eliwood AND Hector Normal Mode just to play HHM. I have done a little bit of research to try and download a save file but I have not been successful. Mainly because all files available have a file extension of ".sps" or something else but not the file extension ".sav", which is what the save file in my emulator folder ends with. I sincerely hope someone can help me with this, from what I've read this community is quite eager to help. Again, I hope this is not a stupid question. Sincerely, OXCallidus
  16. (Wasn't sure if this would go here or in Fan Projects, so I flipped a coin.) This is just me being curious, but would it be possible to use FE4's engine to create a ROM hack? I don't mean a translation, but using the game's engine to create an entirely new game from scratch (new sprites, new map design, new classes, new weapons, etc.) Of course, all things in this area are difficult, but I'm wondering if it has ever been done before/could it be possible.
  17. Hello everyone, I am a french Fire Emblem Fan and I want to make a French Translation of Fire Emblem The Binding Blade from the already existing English Fan Trad (English to French) Can someone help me with the tools needed and where to begin? Thank you very much
  18. This is such a basic question, but I can't really find any solid answers. If you load up a ROM that saves to SRAM, and then hack the ROM to change things around in it, is it safe to use the same SRAM files for that modified ROM? Same question also for savestates.
  19. I'm just starting out on hacking FE8, and I'm trying to use Nightmare. Everything runs smoothly in the application, and it saves correctly, but whenever I open my ROM nothing has changed. I know I'm editing the right ROM, and that I'm saving it because whenever I open Nightmare and the modules, the settings I changed are saved there. I don't really know why none of my changes are going into the game (changing portraits, base states, ect.). If anyone knows how I could fix it, that would be great.
  20. I have a concept for a Fire Emblem game involving four kingdoms in a battle royale type situation. I already have the characters and their stats. Is there a specific software to make this? What game should I rip from? Anything else I'd need to know to make this a reality?
  21. I've recently been playing through Radiant Dawn via Dolphin, and I've been experiencing some issues. I got up to Chapter 6 in Part 1, and my emulator keeps crashing whenever I either try to open up the dolphin interface or load a save, and sometimes it just crashes at random, no matter where I am in the game. The audio also sounds VERY glitchy and my game has around 12 FPS, even though I had put my game on the fastest graphical settings possible on Dolphin. My computer is fairly new, so I don't think my hardware is to blame. Please help!
  22. If you had the power to do an update, patch, fix, what-have-you for the Fire Emblem If game, or were able to influence Devs before the release of Fates in other countries, what would be the things you would change? Personally, I would change the Marriage and Buddy Seals so you would take on whatever class you didn't already have in your repertoire. Like, If Oboro marries Takumi, She gets Bowman, but he gets nothing because Lance Fighter is his secondary already. I'd make it so he'd get Herb Merchant (Oboro's secondary class) instead. Joker, when becoming friends with Cyrus/Silas/However-you-spell-it, He'd get mercenary instead of nothing. Saizou could become a Pegasus Rider by being friends with Ryouma (I still think it's a little funny that Ryouma can be a Pegasus Knight. Manly man and his pretty pony). Please, if you have a plot spoiler, put it in spoiler tags! Not for my sake, but for others'! Game mechanics are fine, however.
  23. Eon

    Must Play Hacks?

    Sorry if there's already a similar topic, I didn't see any. Anyway, what are the best FE hacks out there (any game)? Preferably hacks with a good story and no reused maps, preferably a bit of custom GFX but that's not the most important thing. I'm about to try Dream of Five for my first hack, as the trailer looks cool and I've heard the game is challenging.
  24. ... Or can it only play MIDI? I'd like to replace the OST with a ton of mp3 songs and stuff for my hack. Also, 1 Does the text before a chapter, like the chapter intro kind of thing where they say 'Dude went to the next castle but the princess wasn't there, etc', come under event hacking? Or does it come under something else? 2 Is there some kind of FE spriting resource? Like one that helps you create portraits and stuff? 3 [noob question] What is FE Editor and how do you use it? I understand Nightmare but not FE Editor.
  25. Hello! I have an idea for a Rom Hack(For either FE7 or FE8), well obviously ahaha. Anyways, I suppose i'll give the idea below and a few of the characters that i wish to be in it. I cannot hack, i have no idea how to, but I am going to try and do my best. Now onwards. Be gentle i am quite new to this all. I'll post any progress here The continent of Asherina has a long and rich history of war. For thousands of years the countries were at war with each other, that all changed when the 7 heroes took up ending the wars. Together these 7 heroes gathered an army and put the war to rest. After the war the 7 heroes each settled down and founded the new countries on the promise to never have war with each other. Ravi the Archbishop founded Zinnia. Seraph the Enchanted Sorceress founded the land of Brookedom. Wayne the Wandering Warrior founded the Republic of Torus. Neil the rebellious Saint of Swords founded the free nation of Cronus. Mira the Maiden of Dusk founded the small country of Velma. Thames the Swift Archer founded the country of Eros. Rosalie the Soaring Falcon founded the country of Jakars. 900 years have passed since those days and the lands have kept their promise generation after generation. That is until the King of Velma, Kojak, begins to play with evil ancient magic. The event that transpired afterwards is the tale of young Warriors who must choose either their country or justice. Characters that I have planned out: Main Characters: Hope- Hope is a young (16-17) Mage girl who is apart of a mercenary brigade known as 'The Crimson Scar'. She is fairly new to magic, but she has a natural talent for it. Very smart. Light pink long hair,green eyes, and pale skin, flower accessory in her hair. Weiss(Pronounced Veiss)- Weiss is the leader of the mercenary brigade 'The Crimson Scar'. He is a very adept axe user and has been fighting for a long time. He is very serious about jobs when they come in, He wants to keep the reputation of the brigade up so they get higher paying jobs. White shaggy hair held in place with a headband, brown eyes, tan skin. Miles- Miles is a male Pegasus knight. He is one of the few males who choose to try and become a Pegasus knight, most of the time male's are rejected by the creatures but because of Miles's calm soothing nature he was able to tame one to be his partner. He named his partner Cerise and cares for her very much. He prefers swords over lances but can use both. He is often made fun of for not being manly. Blonde well kept hair, pale red eyes, fair skinned. Thomas- Thomas is the level headed myrmidon of the group. He is often found reading and is very quiet, but has a very strong presence. He is good friends with Hope and they often fight together. He is mainly fighting on the front lines with Captain Weiss. Long straight black hair, light blue eyes, fair skinned. Micah- is the healer of the group. He was kicked out of the church of Zinnia for acting out of term against the Archbishop. He was exiled and is to never to return. He is soft spoken and is also an adept light Mage but rarely will he fight. He usually sticks to healing the team. Light orange short stylish hair, bright blue eyes, pale skinned. Bryn- Bryn is a cheery optimistic archer. She was raised with a tribe of local plains-people, she could match anyone with the bow. She joined the brigade out of a want to see the world. She is often seen practicing her archery or visiting with the townsfolk of wherever they are at the moment . Short layered blue hair, yellow eyes, olive skinned. Isabelle- Isabelle is a sword fighter who has an eye for trouble. She is often being dragged out of fights in the streets by her younger brother. She will defend her beliefs until the end even if it means hurting others that choose to argue. Despite her temper she is a very strong member of the group and is always there to help. Long pale green hair, dark brown eyes, tan skinned. Basra- Basra is Isabelle's younger brother, if you see her, chances are that he's right there with her. He is an Armour Knight who will protect his friends with his life. he is the youngest member of the group but is defiantly more mature than his elder sister. He has shaggy dark green hair, pale purple eyes, and tan skin.
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