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Found 10 results

  1. Download: Marc's Precious - Revenge v1.0 What the heck is this? This is Marc's Precious: Revenge, a ROM hack of Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones. It was made by EvilEggoWaffle and MarkyJoe1990 as a response to the ending of FdRStar's Ragefest IV Submission, titled Marc's Precious. What is Ragefest? It's a Fire Emblem hacking contest hosted by me, MarkyJoe1990. The goal is to make a difficult, but enjoyable Fire Emblem chapter. You can watch my playthrough of every submission here, or you can play them for yourself here. What does this hack have? 2 custom chapters, with new story, characters, and level design.
  2. Art by Avraxas Ragefest V: The Enragement Ring Read this for all the information you need to know OR you can watch the announcement video!
  3. RAGEFEST IV: TALE OF PURT (slightly fermented edition) That one submission that had no substantial plot and cheap humor is back! Follow Purt and his merry band of friends on a quest of epic proportions! Find cool easter eggs hidden in the most out-of-way, unorthodox locations! Now with an improved playability patch for 20% less lag, 50% more game balance, and more bullshit statistics! Here, have some screenshots! This critically-acclaimed submission has also garnered attention among Youtube's best channels, with over 100 views! Here's what the people had to say about this game! Alright! Now that you're totally convinced to play this game, here's the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qtap7apmng1nigp/Tale+of+Purt.rar Happy raging! Please report any glitches you find throughout your playthrough, in case I get off my lazy ass to fix them. This game is free to play; any money you might have paid to receive this game is not refundable and you deserve to lose it for getting scammed so hard. Time spent playing this game is also nonrefundable. Humor is relative, satisfaction may vary. The characters in this game are completely fictional. None of the characters are related or representative of people in real life, except for Purt, Deuter, Syde, Originul, Marky, Kou, and Bob. This game is not yet rated by the ESRB.
  4. Here are some badly made portraits for my Ragefest tribute (if I ever get around to doing it) EclipseXIV (me): I think this one is my best. It's a recolored Sue/Karla splice. Lunacy (my friend): Not as great. It's a recolored Saul/Legault with Hector's hairstyle. Samuel L. Jackson (don't ask): Probably the worst one. It's a bald, recolored Karel from FE6. George W. Bush (don't ask): It looks alright, but not much like the actual guy. Ali (one of the main characters besides Marc): More to come soon! Hopefully I get better.
  5. (kinda?) CANCELLED Thread is still here for archival/reference purposes. I am no longer on remotely amicable terms with Markyjoe enough anymore to continue this project... Sorry for all who were interested. So... I've had this project going on at least since early March or February, and it was intended to be entered into Ragefest IV, but due to problems both personal and mechanical, I was unable to meet the deadline. And now, Marc has basically implied that Ragefest V won't exist, and honestly even if it does, it won't happen for at least over half a year, and if I had finished by then it'd still take forever to get played. I don't want to wait that long, so I've decided I'm going to finish this thing up on my own time and then release it to the public, and I'll likely have TheMoniker play it part-by-part as I finish them, and release it to everyone when it's finished. Marc's obviously plenty free to play it on his time too, but given the circumstances I doubt he'll get any opportunity. So, about this game. I decided very early on that there was absolutely no way I would best Pwnagekirby in the sadism department, so I instead directed my efforts into winning the Artist award, with some attempts at my own version of humor too. As a result, the game uses an extensive amount of original graphics (or those taken from other, free resources) and generally attempts to be as unique as possible. Thanks to being a beta tester for FEXNA, I have access to quite literally the most powerful fangame creation engine there is, so plenty of features are completely one-of-a-kind. I know the community has been pretty excited for the engine overall so I also felt that this could be a good opportunity to show the sheer power of this thing off. Its gameplay has been thoroughly tested by myself and has ended up rather tight, while still allowing plenty of wiggle room and plenty of choices for the player. In fact, this was also something I decided I wanted to do; instead of making a game that was essentially a giant puzzle, I wanted to make a game that gave plenty of freedom to choose. However, due to Ragefest giving me the freedom in design decisions it does, there's still some hints of rather "mean" mechanics. I'll probably say it would have been the easiest entry in the contest, but also possibly the most satisfying, if I do say so myself. But enough rambling! I'm sure what you all REALLY want to see is some proof of my words, so lo and behold, I present unto you, TEASER SCREENSHOTS. Part 1 ("The Escape") really only lacks dialogue and some final polishing, so if wannabe Saleh Moniker is ready for it and you guys want it, we can probably get some actual gameplay up pretty soon! From there onwards I just have to wrap up Part 2: The Battlefield, and then finish the rest. Part 3: The Pursuit, Part 4: The Iron Ruin, and then lastly The Grand Finale. Part 2 has playable functionality but no eventing, Part 3 has a map but no unit data whatsoever, Part 4 doesn't yet exist, and the Finale is planned and has a basic map but nothing finished. Yeah, if it wasn't obvious enough, this thing is LONG. So long, in fact, that it might have even gotten me disqualified from Ragefest due to the fact all four parts sans the Finale are basically entire chapters on their own. So maybe it was a good thing I didn't make it? I honestly don't know how lenient Markyjoe would have been with its extraordinary length compared to everything else! Honestly, though, the actual reason why I didn't finish in time wasn't overambition, it was due to numerous problems cropping up and impeding my progress along the way. I'm still sort of dealing with one of them... But I've got confidence and motivation, so I think with a little push I might be able to pull this thing off. Before I finish this post, though, I'd also like to make a public request to the community. One of my particular struggles with this project has indeed been assets, and my puny little "Team" hardly has been enough for it all. I've made by fine for now, but I'm still using plenty of tentative pieces. Marc's portrait, for example, or a large number of NPCs who aren't actually playable. Then there's stuff like the scrolling "CGs" used in the intro, which are optional and I've been largely getting by just using Anime screencaps for, for now, but lack the ability to, uh, represent Marc. (Puush link. Probably dead, if you're reading this a long time from the original post date.) No longer applicable! I've actually got myself a wonderful artist now who's doing more or less all the art work for me, although battle animations are consistent enough in style that I can probably accept multiple people working on them. And lastly I also lack certain animations, such as literally everything related to Kichy (The lance catgirl). The thing I'm finding myself most in-need of is actually music. I don't really have a reliable composer at this point in time... I think I probably need musicians more than anything at the moment. The music style I'm using is kind of more an orchestral style. I'm not using traditional FE music, since FEXNA allows you to just plop in an Ogg and play it. For reference, the song I'm presently using for the majority of Part 1 during Player Phase is below: I do have a composer on my "team" already, so at present I'm moreso looking for artists. I can do some degree of battle spriting on my own, so my first priority is art for character portraits. Second come battle sprites. CGs are optional, so I can live without them if need be. This is also mostly N/A now! I am, however, still in need of battle spriters, and could also use somebody who knows how to do map sprites, if possible... This said, if anybody has skills they can offer, be it musical composition, artistic ability, or perhaps something I didn't list here that you feel may help, feel free to say so! Feel free to post here or PM me, whatever suits you.
  6. Gashimon

    FE Hacks

    I've been pretty much a ghost on here. Occasionally visit when I have questions about FE and I get directed here, but this will be my first time making a post. I want to know if it's possible to download the hacks from Markyjoe's ragefest contests. Also, I'm looking for some really good FE hacks, mainly 6-8. I already replayed 7 and 8 (was going to play 6 but everyone kept getting stat screwed so I abandoned it) so I;m hoping I can find new, challenging hacks to play.
  7. Here is the link to the patch: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ejrmzv9dyw21lt/Ragefest%20IV%20-%20The%20Money%20Man%27s%20Last%20Stand.ups?dl=0 Base is FE7. Remember to hit Ignore when using NUPS. Credit to Blazer for his Instrument Map thingy (inserted a more bearable song than Inescapable Fate) Credit to the creators of Nightmare, Event Assembler, FEDitor, and Tiled Credit to Markyjoe1990 for answering my scrub questions Let me know if the link or the ups is not working. And I'm happy to answer questions.
  8. So, what is Enderslicer12's Escape? It is a FE8 FE7 hack that I've been working on for the past 5 days for Ragefest 4, as of writing this post. It started as being based off of a Project M stream that MarkyJoe1990 did but over time, I decided to focus more on gameplay, rather than plot, because i'm a terrible story writer. The hack has been designed to be RNGless. There is only one way to win. Plot summary: Enderslicer12 got trapped in a castle by EvilEggoWaffle for some reason, and now you must escape the castle, fighting off the generics in your way before the turn timer expires. Traps and unknown forces also seek to impede you. Note: The hack is impossible to complete unless you possess knowledge of a certain exploitable gameplay mechanic only possible in FoW. And no, it's not the Mine Glitch or Torch Staff Glitch. Nor does it involve enemy spawns. KNOWN BUGS: _____ will say his battle quote again after dying for some reason. Characters will not move their mouths when talking for some reason. (that or they talk with telepathy?) The boss will say "get" twice in a conversation.(text error) HINT SECTION FOR THOSE WHO ARE SCRUBS Screenshots(possible spoilers): Video Walkthrough: DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xpsu5dnmstp1sbd/eslicerescapeFinal.ups?dl=0 INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: Patch to a CLEAN FE7 rom using something like Tsukuyomi or any other UPS patcher. CHANGELOG: Credits: Blazer for his Ultimate Tutorial Arch for his Chapter Construction Tutorial Nintenlord for Nightmare and a bunch of other stuff Everybody that made the tools i used ranging from Mappy to the Event Assembler MarkyJoe1990 for making Ragefest CT075 and Primefusion for helping me out with my questions while eventing. TheMoniker for some inspirations for game mechanics (go check out his LPs!) Unnecessary Credits: Intelligent Systems for making Fire Emblem Scientists for making computers Evolution for creating people that would lead to scientists making this The force that created the universe for making this all possible. Q/A: Q: Why does your map look so terrible? A: It's intentional. Q: Can the map be beaten with RNG abuse? A: No, I made it so that there is no RNG whatsoever. Q: I can't beat your hack in the time limit? What am I doing wrong? A: read the hints. Q: This hack sucks. A: Mind telling me why? Q: I love your hack. A: Thanks! What parts did you like about it? eslicer.txt
  9. This is called MoneyFest After giving roy the timeless advice about how important money is, the MoneyMan deicided to create a anti-rust solution for weapons that made him filthy rich. With money, he was able to buy important information about the world beyond the "darkness" from Teodor and has decided to gather an army while paying a Ragefest maker to make him the main star of a Ragefest hack. Marc has found out about this plan and has hired some swords to help him kill the MoneyMan before he succeeds in finding a Ragefest maker. All my hacks have a gimmick and this one is no exception you only get 5 turns to complete each goal. Fail and its a gameover. 20 turns in total to beat the hack. link: Final http://www.mediafire.com/download/cklwqcy01xz734v/Finished_MoneyFest%282%29.rar https://www.dropbox.com/s/wxh1x7nez20i9el/Finished%20MoneyFest.rar?dl=0 Screenshots Change Log A FE7 rom Reconmend saving new game+ on another slot because I might be able to make each run harder the more times you complete it but don't get your hopes up. Holy shit it is actually possible. Lunatic/Chaos/Abyss Mode confirmed. Credits Made by: MrNight48 Programs Used: -Eventiel -Tiled -Event assembler -Nightmare -FEditor Advanced -Paint -Usenti Testers: -MCProductions (Gave feedback) -scott99 (Gave feedback) SpecialThanks to: -FEUniverse with question help -Those that helped test Fairy Ragefest, it will be ready for Ragefest Gaiden one day -Marc for playing (I hope)
  10. Gonna need testers probably later on tonight. why am I posting this so without the hack itself ready? To force my ass to finish it to the point it is ready for testing. Good lord I went overboard Possible Shit I need testing - Mostly gameplay and if it works in rain/sand/true path - If the "Bosses" are working properly, will tell the testers in a pm about the details later - The map changes go off correctly and if the player has enough time to reach the end - The difficulty, this is a bit iffy because I am not sure how much wiggle room I should give to the player - If Eilwood and lyn can walk on water tiles Anyway coming soon sometime today or very late at night Edit: I hate how long this took me to to get it playable without further ado Edit (i am a fucking tired idiot): version 1.4 http://www.mediafire.com/download/aa1pmn1pld11ot2/A_FairyTale_Ragefest_v1.4.ups https://www.dropbox.com/s/z6kax1c67avvb2o/A%20FairyTale%20Ragefest%20v1.4.ups?dl=0 old version that is the real one, the last one I forgot to give it the .ups extension There is No text so all I can say is try stuff out unless you get stuck on the boss, pm for that. Also note, sadly each path has pretty much the same enemies for now, but that is what testing is for too. This is an FE7 mod Credits and stuff I used so far: Eventiel FeUniverse for answering questions Nightmare Tiled FEditor Event Assembler Serenes Forest edit again: the black tiles are on purpose, they will change after a certain number of turns on the rain and true path. sand path gets nothing
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