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Found 1 result

  1. So, as I do every year between 25th and 31st december, I restarted Pokémon Ranger: Shadows on Almia. It's like the 7th or 8th time that I replay it and every time I enjoy it a lot. However, after 2 days of casual playing I completed the Heatran mission and got that pinky thing that tries to suicide in the sea Mime jr. I saw, some time ago, a lot of mediocre votes across the internet for this game, but I actually think that it has a really good gameplay (I actually would define this an arcade, basing on the capture system) and has both an enjoyable story and well-designed dungeons. In reality I think that in a near future I'll take the project and realize a Pokémon Ranger 4 with Bidoofy Pyukumukus since there is really a lot of material from the last 3 generations to work with. You might now think "what's this topic point? Is this guy talking about his ideas or his project or what?", well, I'm here to just ask your considerations on this series for spare talking while I play: do you think like me that Ranger is underrated? Or that it is just random circling crap? Which flaws do you think should be fixed?
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