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Found 2 results

  1. So, as I haven't seen anyone doing a Shadow Dragon Tier List, I thought I might as well go ahead and make one. Rules: 1. Scale ranges from 0 to 10, 0 being the absolute worst, 10 being a paragon of a unit. To be given in units of 0.5 only. 2. Try to give a somewhat justifiable reason for ranking the current character. 3. A +/- 0.5 bias can be applied to a unit as long as a reason is given. 4. Difficulty is Hard 1, but Frey and Norne will also be rated. Characters will appear in the order they show up in Normal mode. 5. Please rate and criticize honestly. So, to start it off, we have Aritian man himself, Marth. Class: Lord(Level 1) Class set: None (Level 30 special class) Stats: HP:18(80%) Str: 5(50%) Mag: 0(0%) Skl: 3(40%) Spd:7(50%) Lck:7(70%) Def:7(20%) Res:0 (2%) Marth is... okay, when it comes to lords. He isn't nearly as bad as Roy or Leif, but there are certainly better. Since he's forced for every chapter it is a good idea to train him unless you want to risk constantly dying. his defenses are a little low, but since Marth isn't supposed to be a front line fighter, this isn't too much of an issue. He also gets not one, but two specific items to wield: the Fire Emblem, and Falchion. One is a limitless chest key if you don't use Thieves, and while the other may just be a superpowered Wyrmslayer, it's still good at what it does. It could also be said that Marth is the sole recipient of the single pair of Boots in the game, given his other role is visiting villages, and that is made more difficult without Warp uses and/or Marth having boots. Overall, I give Marth 6/10, not the worst lord in the series, and certainly not bad in the game itself, but far and above better units exist.
  2. Rules: 1. Each first generation character shall be rated before any second gen(Lucina not included) character. 2. The ratings are on a scale of 0-10 with 0 being the worst and 10 being the best. 3. One plus or minus bias point may be applied to any character. (The total score may not be lower than 0 and may not exceed 10). (on parole please specifically state when bias is applied. I hold the right to remove this rule at anytime.) 4. Rate a character on their merits in combat or utility. Utility is classified as stealing, healing, or dancing. Utility does not include double bonuses, worth as a parent, or anything like them. 5. Do not lower the character's rating based on the abilities of another unit to do the same job. 6. Recruiting other characters is irrelevant to this topic. So Chrom doesn't get extra points for recruiting libra or stuff like that. 7. All characters will be recruited. 8. The ratings will be based off of hard mode. Anti-flame rules: 1. You will be given three strikes throughout the entire RTU about flaming and if you exceed three all your contributions up to that point and beyond it will be ignored. 2. Do not insult another person based on their opinion.(1 strike per occurrence) 3. Do not derail the thread with a useless argument in which you repeatedly make the same point. This not a debate thread. (1 strike per occurrence) 4. Do not try to start a flame war. (If in the opinion of myself or a mod this occurs you will receive 2 strikes.) The above rules will be followed strictly in an attempt to keep this civilized. Scores without bias Brady: 1.29 Yen'fay: 1.50 Donnel: 1.78 Emmeryn: 1.90 Flavia: 2.14 Basilio: 2.43 Virion: 2.62 Gangrel: 2.80 Aversa: 3.43 Inigo and Owain: 3.74 Walhart: 3.84 Laurent: 3.96 Nah: 3.99 Ricken Priam and Noire: 4 Roy: 4.15 Gregor: 4.38 Elincia: 4.39 Say'ri: 4.73 Maribelle: 4.75 Kellam: 4.76 Ephraim: 4.78 Yarne: 4.83 Lyn: 5.04 Kjelle: 5.21 Miriel: 5.35 Henry and Gerome: 5.39 Lissa: 5.41 Nowi: 5.44 Gaius: 5.57 Eirika: 5.82 Cynthia: 5.97 Severa: 6.12 Alm: 6.17 Tiki: 6.37 Lon'qu: 6.45 Libra: 6.54 Tharja: 6.55 Leif: 6.91 Anna: 6.92 Cherche: 6.98 Olivia: 7.05 Lucina: 7.12 Vaike: 7.18 Frederick: 7.23 Seliph: 7.28 Chrom: 7.98 Panne: 8.11 Prince Marth: 8.12 Stahl: 8.2 Morgan: 8.24 Sully: 8.28 Sumia: 8.35 Micaiah: 8.58 Cordelia: 8.63 Male Avatar: 9.88 Female Avatar: :9.9 Scores with bias Yen'fay: 1.46 Brady: 1.59 Emmeryn: 1.98 Donnel: 2.06 Flavia: 2.43 Gangrel: 2.77 Virion: 2.94 Basilio: 2.96 Aversa: 3.32 Walhart: 3.87 Roy: 3.92 Ricken: 4.02 Nah: 4.05 Inigo: 4.07 Owain: 4.12 Priam: 4.19 Laurent: 4.23 Noire: 4.68 Gregor: 4.74 Elincia: 4.78 Say'ri: 4.86 Kellam:4.97 Lyn: 4.98 Maribelle: 4.99 Yarne: 5.08 Nowi: 5.19 Miriel: 5.26 Kjelle and Ephraim: 5.39 Lissa 5.56 Eirika: 5.68 Gaius: 5.80 Gerome: 5.84 Henry: 6.01 Tharja: 6.11 Severa: 6.31 Alm: 6.38 Cynthia: 6.45 Lon'qu: 6.67 Tiki: 6.71 Libra: 6.84 Anna: 7.10 Olivia: 7.18 Frederick: 7.23 Lucina: 7.26 Vaike: 7.5 Cherche: 7.56 Leif: 7.63 Seliph: 7.68 Chrom: 7.91 Panne: 8.07 Sully and Morgan: 8.14 Sumia: 8.23 Prince Marth: 8.29 Cordelia: 8.43 Stahl: 8.43 Micaiah: 8.52 Male Avatar: 9.53 Female Avatar: 9.8 For active discussion about the ratings and other things that come up please head over here http://serenesforest...showtopic=40342
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