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Found 3 results

  1. I'm new to the Series. I've been interested since learning about the series thanks to Melee. Roy was my favorite character. So.... I was planning on playing the Fan Translation versions of The SNES trilogy with help from a modder to install the patched game onto the official cartridge. However I needed guidance about where to go next. I've downloaded Blazing Blade and Sacred Stones on Wii U, but never got to them. I was wondering where I should go next. After that I have a few questions about some of the 3DS Titles. Echoes is a remake if Gaiden. Is it much better? Is there DLC? I heard Marth and Roy are DLC in Awakening. Also I hear Birthrights is easier but Conquest is harder... If I get Birthrights I can get Conquest as DLC along Revelations. Is Conquest DLC still as difficult? Finally I want to get Three Houses however, I need to know if they Pulled a Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition and had a version physically with all DLC or if they Pulled a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Golden Torna and made the DLC a Physical Seperate purchase. Thank you all for your help 😊 I'm more Traditional RPG with FF, Pokémon, Mario RPGs as well as Action RPG with Kingdom Hearts. I've NEVER touched a Strategy RPG game in my life.... Sorry for the noobish comment. I just really want help from the experts
  2. So playing through Fate's again since I beat Echoes and have nothing to do again, to keep things interesting I like to change who I marry and what class I should use (I try to only use a class once to keep things from getting to boring) , this time around I think I may marry Selena but have no idea what class would be fun but also compliment her stat's, I was thinking Blacksmith but not sure if it's any good and i'm also trying to still have access to Swords for the Yato but it doesn't really matter, so if you have any recommendations on what I should do please voice your opinions and recommendations for what Class I should try. P.S I have already played through the game as a Sniper,Paladin,Master Ninja, Grandmaster, Lodestar, Hoshido Noble, and Nohr Noble Thanks for your time!
  3. Hey there Serenes, I decided to make a new topic on something I do, which is posting a recommendation of tea each day. Normally I would post it on my profile feed, but I decided to make a new topic to share it with more people. I thought this would be a fun little thing I can do and maybe some of the people here might be willing to try them out. I figured that the General forum might be the best place to put this. I would like to note that I make these recommendations from my own personal experiences and tastes. Without further a due here is today's recommendation. I thought I would start with something simple like a Vanilla Red Tea. While generally more of a winter tea it can be chilled to make a nice pleasant iced tea for the summer. The taste is soft, soothing, sweet, and generally isn't too overpowering. You can add ingredients, like Honey, Sweetener, Blue Agave, sugar, etc.to it, but I find this tends to overpower the actual flavor of the tea. When I make this I tend to bring water to a boil and let the tea seep in the cup for about three and a half to five minutes. If you want to chill it after it seeps let it sit in a fridge for about fifteen minutes. Hope you enjoy today's recommendation recommendation. If possible please leave some feedback and let me know what you think.
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