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Found 4 results

  1. Well then, it looks like Sega managed to made a first Micro Handheld System for the Mini Console series called the Game Gear Micro. By the way, they did showed in the trailer that all 4 colors (Black, Blue, Yellow and Red) have different games for each system making as 16 Games of right now. There's also an accessory that you can attach the Game Gear Micro to see the tiny screen that is called the "Big Window Micro". They just announced it in Japan but they haven't currently officially announced for the West as of right now.
  2. Surely I'm not the only person excited by this.
  3. For those who don't know, the Mystery Dungeon games play a bit... differently compared to the main series. The most noticeable differences are: The dungeons that are explored are randomly generated, meaning that the dungeon won't ever be the same experience twice Effort Values and Individual Values are not a part of this game Speed isn't a stat, per se. Speed influences how many actions a Pokémon can undergo per turn. For example, a Pokémon that has used agility would normally get a x2 multiplier in the main games. In this however, it means the Pokémon (and every ally in the room) can perform another action that turn Natures that would normally benefit/hinder a stat no longer does so in this game If a Pokémon has more than one ability in the main series, the Pokémon will have both at the same time in this game There's an IQ system, which I can't be bothered to explain There is what's know as a 'body' stat. A Pokémon's body can vary between 0-4, and the entire party must not exceed an overall body of 6. A maximum of 4 Pokémon can come in an adventure at one time There is a hunger mechanic. This isn't in Gates to Infinity, but it basically governs how well-fed the Pokémon is. Only the lead Pokémon is affected by hunger, and once it depletes, you begin losing health This OP originally had more information in it. But, with Tonton's departure from the run, I had to remove most of it. I don't know what to add here, sorry
  4. Which one do you prefer?
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