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Found 1 result

  1. Since I just recently heard the remastered music tracks that ZM posted about just a few hours ago, I feel inspired to do another playthrough of FE8 Difficult Ironman. Just in case you don't know what an Ironman run is, it is essentially a run where I don't do any rage resets when something unfortunate happens, and I just take the event as is and live with it. As such, this type of run tends to be really cautious and calculated, and risks are something that you won't want to do even more so. I will be doing this as a Video LP using the remastered music tracks found in the thread I linked above. I think this will be an interesting LP with the new music tracks edited in ^^ Also, I will mainly be skipping most of the story, since I've experienced the story many times already, and just wish to play the game. After listening to the whole remastered soundtrack, I plan to include story in the LP as well, at least for the most part. I will be doing minimum Voice Commentary during the story, so I'm just letting you all know this now. I'll update when I finally get the first video up; I plan to start recording today, and i'll try to keep the videos to 15 mins each at least, although, i know that many chapters can take more than this amount of time to do, so we'll see how it goes. Also, I will be doing each video on a chapter by chapter basis, to make editing that much easier to do. - Added 7/11/2014 Due to the amount of time that it takes make sure that the battle map music and the battle music switch properly, I wish to do with the map themes as I said I would do with the battle themes. So the generic player/enemy battle attack music will probably not be used after the prologue, just to make the editing and video upload flow more smoothly. I will still be keeping animations on, but the map themes will be playing instead of the battle music unless it is a battle where the generic battle music isn't played. I hope you all will enjoy this! =3 Update: 7/9/2014 Added a Poll for Eirika or Ephraim routeUpdate: 7/10/2014 Including story elements in the LP now No VC while story elements are going on. One video per chapter if possible. Battle Music poll question added Uploaded Test Video Voting for Music Tracks ends 7/11/13 12 PM EST Update: 7/11/2014 Uploaded Prologue Added description of what I plan to do about the map & battle music after the Prologue. Update: 7/14/2014 Uploaded Chapter 1Update: 7/15/2014 Uploaded Chapter 2Table of Contents: Test Video Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2
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