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Found 4 results

  1. I recently found a peculiarity post-character editing that I find aggravating: for some reason FE4 re-initializes everyone's Leadership stat (amongst other things) whenever a new Chapter begins, including your own units (it might occur when your units get their 'castle salary' money increases). Thus, in spite of setting Sigurd's Leadership score to 3 in his character data (and in the Prologue, the game correctly loads this edited score), it always reverts to 2 at the start of each Chapter (after the Prologue, which is why I suspect re-initialization of said stat at some point). I may just try to trace this later if I get particularly irritated (not a fan of having a code on all the time), but I was hoping that someone might've already developed a FE4 battle event module for Nightmare. Even if it's a rudimentary one; the main issue preventing me from just digging through the ROM for it with a hex editor is that battle event data in likely stored in massive blocks with few if any discernible patterns, making it impractical to go searching for the data that way.
  2. Hi SF! It's actually been awhile since I've actually haven't completed a sprite, like a few months, so I'll be taking requests and whatnot to help with my derusting and inspiration. A Pseudo-CvS style that I did when the style piqued my interests. I still do this style, but I've yet to perfect it. I remembered trying to make the style a bit bigger to help in terms of detail, and I thought that Eirika would be a good design to practice on. It needs some huge refinements here and there, but I like the general shaping and lineart. Eirika again, but in SSF2's pseudo-JUS style. I wasn't planning on being a dev; did it just for fun. Really liked what I did. The original Myrm Lord, Lyn, in the same style as Eirika, but this one is older. The one in the middle was a reference edit for the colors. I can't remember if the left or the right one was the one with the fixes, because I was told that the colors needed to be darker. Giro from MMZX in the same style, and Heiachi in a similar style. I was just brainstorming and came up with this design. Not sure what I was planning with it though. Now for some incomplete stuff... Roy with his Sm4sh redesign. This came before Eirika, but somehow the poses were exactly the same, which is weird because I referenced her GBA sprite like I did with Roy. Chun-Li. I still needed to improve the anatomy and the general base colors. Also, the red boxes were placeholder areas for Kyo and either Ryo, Terry, or Leona, and the Ryu was a quick edit I did of my Ken sprite. Cable from the Marvel Universe as a request. He wasn't too complicated, but being the lazy bastard I am, I never got around to finish him or even start my other requests. I want to break out of that soon. And my most recent unfinished sprite, Zinnia from ORAS. Why did I decide to do that hunched down pose? The lineart is good imo, but the cape is gonna be a royal pain in the arse. That pretty much covers most of my recent stuff. Like, Comment, Subscribe Tell me what you think! Also, since there's a lot of threads here dedicated to FE GBA sprites and portraits, I was wondering what's the general guidelines for them? Like size, color limits, etc.? I'm actually interested in learning the style myself.
  3. (Cross-post from FEU) Heya peoples, Some may know me, as Errant, Shep, or the ErrantShepherd... I do a lot of things. But what has brought me back time and time again to the FE community was the art. I love sprites and pixel art. But I am a little rusty, a little out of practice... so I am doing something I have not done for ages... I am taking sprite requests. I will likely only take on three requests at a time. Just know I am a very busy individual, and no request is ever guaranteed. Be specific, keep it simple... I will ask questions and reply to a request if interested, or I need clarification. Also, it will need to be SFW. My specialities -design -battle sprite stills -mugs -fixes/tweaks -reskins -I do fully custom/scratch of smaller sizes easily, mugs still better doing splices on top of custom work. ~shop's open, come on in~
  4. Want someone to draw you something you somehow can't find anywhere else on the internet? Post the request here and someone just may do it! Rules: You can request multiple times, but try not to request something TOO much. Nothing that goes against the SF Code of Conduct. No porn or like-wise. If you want someone to draw one of your OCs, please provide a reference of some kind. If you don't have one, describe them and they'll draw it the best they can. This is not a discussion topic. You can say thanks (or hate) for the picture if you want or something related to it, but try not to flood the thread with unrelated content. If you think you need to provide a reference, please do! Have fun! Now then... BEGIN!
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