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Found 3 results

  1. Ladies and gentlemen, after a short hiatus, I present to you all... Fire Emblem Requiem! Fire Emblem Requiem came pretty much out of nowhere. One day, nobody knew what it was. The day after that, it was a totally completed hack and everyone was surprised. The synopsis is thus: On the continent of Emire, 17 years ago, a thirteen year war (commonly referred to as the "Great War") ended as the vassals of a Emperor turned against him to remove him from power and established themselves as separate powers in the mainland, bringing about a new era peace in the lands. This hack follows those in the noble house of Olva and more specifically the two children of the head of the house, Valentine and Ash, as another noble house, Egarde, threatens them by declaring war on them. Meanwhile, a more sinister threat grows to present itself. As for the hack's quality? Other specifics? I have no idea. I've done my best to keep myself spoiler-free, and so I'm going into this blind. We'll be finding things out as they happen! Won't that be exciting? Here's the topic for the hack, if you want to play it for yourself! Now, without further ado: Fire Emblem Requiem: Prelude: I'll post growths next time, this is getting long as it is.
  2. Hey there, everyone. So I want to make some improvements to some of the mugs currently in my hack over in the Fan Projects section, Requiem, and I was wondering if there's anyone who wants to try their hand at it? For those who don't know, my hack is already in a "finished" state, (meaning it has a start and an end already, but isn't perfectly fine-tuned) so this isn't a completely empty request. I know this will be a dealbreaker for some people, which is fine, but I don't really have cash to offer out to people for mugs. I'm not asking anyone for a whole cast of full-custom mugs or anything like that, as cool as it would be. Even if it's just a minor rework, that's fine by me, not to mention, easier for you. As things are right now the collection of mugs for all the characters in the game is this: (Now with names) [spoiler=Mugs] I've put the colours (red, orange and yellow) next to the portraits to sort of indicate how I feel about them at the moment. Yellow means that I'm sort of happy with it. That's not to say that they're exactly great, but just that they don't need as much work as others clearly do, maybe? Orange means that there's more room for work to be done. The ones in red are those that I think can probably use a lot more work. I'm sure that there's some debate on that, but it doesn't really matter anyway, seeing as all of them can use work. Just some general notes: Row 1-4 = Player Characters (Starting with the four main characters and then going in order of recruitment.) Row 5-6 = Bosses (More important ones on the 6th row) Row 7 = Other Characters I say this because I'll probably end up dipping into NICKT's mug collection for the non-important bosses or the later-joining player characters in particular, because how they look isn't that important. So whilst I would still happily accept any contributions, I would advise putting less priority on them. I've started inserting some of the contributions in now, so I thought I'd start properly keeping track of it. I'll try my best to update it somewhat frequently. [spoiler=Done Mugs] Update: Added who made what in. If I'm missing something or anything is incorrect, please let me know. No name will mean an anonymous contributor for now. Them being on here doesn't mean that I won't accept any different versions, but it would probably be better if you worked on someone else, unless you've got a much better idea in mind. Purple background for now will mean that I haven't inserted it yet. That might be because I haven't gotten around it to just quite yet, or I'm still thinking about something to do. (The latter should be pretty obvious, if you can't see much of a difference at all) If you want to do anything with these ones, you should probably ask me. Light blue just means that I did the changes on them as they are. If someone wants to make more edits to these, then go right ahead. For now, though they have been inserted. If you want to ask me anything specifically about a character or something you can PM me or add me on Skype, (Check my profile) whatever works for you. Any help towards this matter would be greatly appreciated and of course, if I accept your work, I'll add you to the credits of the hack. (If you want it)
  3. Hello everyone! I'm currently doing a Let's Play of Fire Emblem Requiem. I've made 13 parts so far and I average one part a day. Here is a link to the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCt_OyUqfAWvcvo0lWYs3wjfaa9GH2iyT This is my first Let's Play so things are a little rough in the beginning. But at episode 4 and on I start to hit my stride. After I finish with this game I plan on doing a Hector hard mode run of Blazing Sword where I only use Hector and females, and I'm going to call it "Hector Harem Mode." It should be a blast. Hope you guys enjoy the videos. Gryphon
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