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Found 3 results

  1. This is the strategy I developed for clearing Battle before Dawn on my first run. It got Nino and Jaffar, as well as all four treasure chests, but I suspect Lady Luck had a hand in clearing it (mostly in regards to one element, which I can see being easily remedied). Prerequisites: * Have a unit with a B-rank in staves and at least 10 magic. If you have 18, you could make it simpler. * Have Merlinus promoted. This is a must if you intend to use the 10-magic strats (or at least highly recommended), and is probably a part of this strategy that Hector mode makes easier- you need to get all the Gaiden chapters and not let Merlinus die once to have it happen in Eliwood mode. *Having two thieves is helpful. Ideally, one of these thieves should have enough speed to steal from the enemy thieves on the map. Strategy: * Rush down the right corridor with at least one Lord and one Thief. Make sure that there is enough spare gear in this party to fill an inventory. ** (The other party needs to go down the left corridor, but the exact makeup isn't really that significant- only that it's good.) * Obtain the Rescue staff with a unit with a full inventory, and send it to Merlinus. * Have your staff unit in the corridor between Zephiel's throne room and your starting position, and take the Rescue staff from Merlinus. ** If you have an 18 magic unit, this is where it can be simpler- the extra four tiles of Rescue allow you to use the staff directly from the starting position. * Rescue Zephiel! Gaiden: * You can also use the properties of Rescue (both the staff and the regular technique) to get Nino and Jaffar into the corridor or starting position, and talk to activate the Gaiden chapter. Any half-decent unit should be able to take care of the shaman that appears in the corridor. Thanks to this, I could beat Battle before Dawn with a first-playthrough powered, admitted low-level team (a whole bunch of units got early promotions trying to beat this chapter legitimately, and those that are promoted are level 4-5 at max, and mostly at level 1-2). I apologise if the strategy isn't the most original you've ever seen, but it deals with the part of the chapter I find most difficult to account for: Ursula's Bolting. The Fog-of-War doesn't bother me nearly as much with the regular enemies. It's just not being able to tell how far she can zap that does.
  2. For those who don't know, the Mystery Dungeon games play a bit... differently compared to the main series. The most noticeable differences are: The dungeons that are explored are randomly generated, meaning that the dungeon won't ever be the same experience twice Effort Values and Individual Values are not a part of this game Speed isn't a stat, per se. Speed influences how many actions a Pokémon can undergo per turn. For example, a Pokémon that has used agility would normally get a x2 multiplier in the main games. In this however, it means the Pokémon (and every ally in the room) can perform another action that turn Natures that would normally benefit/hinder a stat no longer does so in this game If a Pokémon has more than one ability in the main series, the Pokémon will have both at the same time in this game There's an IQ system, which I can't be bothered to explain There is what's know as a 'body' stat. A Pokémon's body can vary between 0-4, and the entire party must not exceed an overall body of 6. A maximum of 4 Pokémon can come in an adventure at one time There is a hunger mechanic. This isn't in Gates to Infinity, but it basically governs how well-fed the Pokémon is. Only the lead Pokémon is affected by hunger, and once it depletes, you begin losing health This OP originally had more information in it. But, with Tonton's departure from the run, I had to remove most of it. I don't know what to add here, sorry
  3. Hello, welcome to my LTC playthrough of EHM. These are the rules: 1. The game will be played on EHM, skipping Lyn Mode. 2. Gaidens can be visited but ideally they're going to be skipped. 3. Minimal arrow drawing, if any. Although replaying a chapter to get a more favorable outcome can be done. That's about it, really. Here's the first chapter: Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOyEd86YwZldAAn4O5nKO9Rn8Z4IVRJOz
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