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Found 3 results

  1. Welcome to Radiant Confrontation, the 3rd series of our ever growing smash scene. We are looking to begin this on the 16th, as JBF is closing here soon, keep your eyes on that, the finals should be intense! There is also going to be a gimmicky side tourney as well in the near future, stay tuned The Bracket http://sforestsmash.challonge.com/radiant2016 Ruleset 3 Stock 8 Minutes Best 2 of 3, except in Finals, best 3 out of 5 Double Elimination No Customs Starter Stages ● Battlefield ● Final Destination ● Smashville ● Dreamland 64 ● Town & City Counterpick Stages ● Duck Hunt ● Lylat Cruise ● Halberd** ● Omega Stages* * Treated as Final Destination in banning phase. If Final Destination is banned, Omega Stages are banned and vice versa.** ** New to our ruleset The way stage choice works is thus, either both players agree to a stage to start on, or do a method to decide who starts striking stages, my personal suggestion is Game & Watch Hammer, which is when both players pick Game & Watch and use his Side B move and whomever gets a higher number gets the first stage strike. This is also a good way to lag test. The person who strikes first, strikes a stage from the Starter list, then the 2nd person strikes a stage and this continues until only one starter stage left which is the one you both play on Whomever wins a match, can strike 2 stages and the person who lost may select out of the remaining legal stages. There is also something called Dave's Stupid rule, where you cannot counter-pick to a stage you've won on in the set This will keep the strict timelines seen in Joined by Fate (JBF) Character Changes - While you can change your characters during the set, you must tell your opponent you are switching and who to, as is proper in an official tournament. Unless you 2 agree to be secretive, I don't mind either way There is also the Gentleman's agreement, in which both players can agree to play on a nonlegal stage, this also can override Dave's Stupid Rule Mii Fighters are allowed, but they must be 1111 set, sorry folks. - Matches will be recorded and sent to me, may as well add my NNID which is Jedisupersonic, in advance to prep for this. I will also be uploading them to my channel for a tourney playlist, I have a capture card so time doesn't matter. - Please give me your NNID when you sign up, even if you did previously, just for consistency sake, This is including those 4 who early signed up Sign Ups + NNIDs 1. Jedi - Jedisupersonic 2. Draco - Dracocoa 3. StardustRicon - MrStardustRicon 4. Jotaro Kujo - TheTinyImp 5. Elieson - elieson 6. Dotty - RagamuffinDotty 7. Euklyd - euklyd 8. Raven - VanguardRaven 9. General Horace - WAKKAWAKKAWAKKA 10. Clarinets - Pick1e 11. Squid Lord Doof - PrfDoofus 12. IceSage - IceSage776 13. Tsunami - Tsunami922 14. Shezzy - muforfun 15. Yoshi - Albee2398 16. PeaceRibbon - PeaceRibbon Subs in Case we need em 1. DreadFighter 2. Batter 3. Gemma 4. Aura Wolf Scheduling Round 1 4/16 to 4/20 (It ends at midnight) Round 2/Round 1 Losers 4/21 to 4/25 Semi Finals/Round 2 Losers 4/26 to 4/29 Winners Finals/Round 3 Losers 4/30 to 5/3 Losers Quarters 5/4 to 5/6 Losers Semis 5/7 to 5/9 Losers Finals 5/10 to 5/12 Grand Finals 5/13 to 5/15 Round 1 IceSage vs PeaceRibbon Tsunami vs Yoshi Jedi vs Clarinets
  2. With Joined by Fate coming to a close soon, there is some things we need to address. Anyone who joined RoSF/JBF is welcome to participate 1. Did you like the strict timelines? 2. Halberd was voted to be tried as a legal stage in the RoSF thread, how should we handle this addition? 3. Should Game & Watch Hammer be the main stage striking method at the start of a set? (This is where both players pick G&W and use his Judge [side B] Move and whomever has the higher number gets first stage strike) 4. If we were to do a more gimmicky tourney what would you like to see? 2 examples of suggestions i've been given are. Customs Tourney via Dotty, which is simply we can use the fighters many custom moves, but everything else is standard Pick my Character via Jotaro Kujo, which when all 16 players are locked in, they'd select each others characters available throughout the tourney, and they'd be locked to that player 5. Are there any major rules, you don't agree with that we should maybe consider altering for the next regular tourney? That being Radiant Confrontation. 6. What kind of timeframe would you all like to see for Radiant Confrontation starting up? Feel free to bring anything else up as well.
  3. Now as we come to the near close of RoSF, the first main smash tourney on Serenes in quite some time. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=59561&page=1 I must ask the various players, do you feel anything should be changed? Like stages you feel we should try, some change to the rules, I'm willing to hear any number of possibilities, but they must make sense in a tournament context. Also I'm already planning on hosting a future tourney not to long after RoSF finishes, now one of the main issues with this last tournament was... It took awhile to get to the point its at, and thats mostly my fault, as I didn't give clear deadlines, I felt being more chill was a good idea, I also started it early at the insistence of some others. I'm thinking 3 days max for deadlines for a set, I know people have lives, but I want these to run smoothly and quickly, I want to be a good host, yet I also want things to progress at a nice rate, so people aren't left waiting for ages on their matches. Overall how did you feel this went? I apologize for those I had to disqualify for whatever reason as well. I'd also like to hear what timeframe people would be willing to sign up for, when we get this ball rolling. We've got alot to discuss and some time to do it, so lets get this going shall we?
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