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Found 6 results

  1. So, title speaks for itself. I would call this theoretical FE fighter FE Clash!, with the roster spanning every Fire Emblem game. Note that this may be updated once Three Houses comes out. What I thought would be a 3D two-fighter team fighter (like Tekken Tag Team or something), as a reference to the pair-up mechanic. Here’s how representation of each game works: -Lord character, obviously. -Major playable character in the story. If there is a second Lord, they will take this spot. -Villain. -For DLC, just any character from the game that is popular enough and can diversify the roster in terms of weapons. *This setup is the basis for each set of reps, but it will not always be just three characters per game. You’ll see later Anyways, here is the roster. I might talk about how each fighter will differ from each other later. Archanean Saga Shadows of Valentia Genealogy of the Holy War Thracia 776: Binding Blade: Blazing Blade: Sacred Stones: Tellius Duology: Awakening: Fates: I did reflect on this roster once. The other option is to make a roster from the games released in the West (including Roy, though), and characters from outside of that can be DLC. Aside from that, how is it?
  2. I'm the kind of person who turns to the strangest of things to pass the time and in the latest of these endeavors I decided to determine who from Super Smash Bros. 4 would return in Smash 5... by flipping a coin! Here are my results. Luigi, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Link, Sheik, Gonondorf, Toon Link, Samus, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Lucario, Captain Falcon, Ness, Lucas, Marth, Roy, Pit, Olimar, Sonic, Rosalina & Luma, Greninja, Robin, Corrin, Dark Pit, Shulk, Duck Hunt, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Ryu, Mii Brawler, Mii Gunner. Pretty terrible right? Please don't take this seriously though. Nintendo obviously won't be choosing characters by the literal flip of a coin. Feel free to try this yourself and share your results here. Or just discuss how to make the worst Smash Bros. roster ever.
  3. Alright. So, apparently, someone crunched the numbers, and apparently, the final roster will be at least 28 characters. Here are my predictions based on this knowledge. CHARACTERS ALREADY CONFIRMED. 1. Rowen. 2. Lianna. 3. Chrom. 4. Ryoma. 5. Xander. 6. Robin. 7. Lucina. 8. Cordelia. 9. Fredrick. 10. Lissa. 11. Marth. 12. Corrin. 13. Camilla. 14. Hinoka. 15. Takumi. 16. Leo. I'm at least 90% sure that Female Robin is just a skin with different elemental attacks, so I won't count her. CHARACTER PREDICIONS. 1. Caeda. 2. Roger. 3. Tiki. (SD version, as much as I'd hate that.) 4. Navarre. 5. Minerva. 6. Tharja. 7. Donnel. 8. Gaius. 9. Odin. 10. Laslow. 11. Selena. 12. Azura. Roger is in this list, because the devs confirmed that armored units are in the game. Thoughts?
  4. I had some time on my hands and with those other posts gathering steam, I thought it'd be neat to judge characters' chances of getting in by three metrics. Relevancy (To the plot) Uniqueness (Weapon, class, appearance) Popularity (Choose Your Legends) Each has four tiers, 1st nets four, 2nd nets 3, 3rd nets 2 and 4th nets 1. Popularity is judged at half, meaning characters get 0.5 per tier, though only the top four can get it. This is very formulaic and samey. And this only counts FE11,12,13 and 14. Going through the others would be a nightmare and there'd probably be too many characters to count. Also, any grievances regarding how characters are placed should be discussed. If a character deserves a better tier in anyone's eyes then it'll be put to a vote. Certain classes have been shoved in with others because there weren't enough members to warrant it, such as peg knights and wyvern riders in the same set named 'Fliers' Horse-Riders Sword-Fighter Archers Axe-Guys Knights and Lance-Guys Fliers Mages Shifters Foot Healers Hidden Weapons As a tl;dr Horse-Riders top three: Leo - 9 points Walhart/Xander (8 points) Sword-Fighter top three: Yen'Fay/Ryoma/Sumeragi (7 points) Archers top three: Takumi (9 points) Jeorge/Mikoto (7 points) Axe-Guys top three: Legion/Basilio (6 points) Rinkah (5.5 points) Knights and Lance-Guys top three: Azura (9 points) Hardin (8 points) Lorenz (6 points) Fliers top three: Aversa/Camilla (8 points) Caeda (7.5 points) Mages top three: Gharnef (8 points) Gotoh/Validar (7 points) Shifters top three: Lilith (8 points) Tiki (Old) (6.5 points) Bantu/Xane/Rainbow Sage (6 points) Foot Healers top three: Sakura (7 points) Lissa (6.5 points) Elice (5 points) Hidden Weapons top three: Yukimura/Felicia (7 points) Jakob (6.5 points) And that's that. Have at the discussion, I'll update this if need be (And I probably will need to because I've likely messed up the tier-ing something fierce)
  5. Fire Emblem: Dream of Five Fire Emblem: Dream of Five is a FE7 ROM hack made with the collaboration of several members of various FE forums. This hack will include: Entirely new events New maps New portrait sprites New chapters Original Story New weapons/icons CGs Story routes The story follows a young promising Aukeman officer, Renair. Her job is to protect the border from bandits who attack civilians. Whilst doing her job, she finds herself fleeing the country, getting deeper into a plot that threatens the entire continent they live on, Kalias. [spoiler=Credits] If I forget anyone who has contributed, please let me know. Writing: Furetchen Xiltas Enjolras El Rey Leon Anti-Social Knight Callum McMillan Sakusa Hikarusa Graphics: AstraLunaSol Xiltas Seph1212 Amelia Luminescent Blade Vampire Elf Kai Ken ZOMG Aeorys LordGlenn Shiny Charmander Niharu Lord Glenn Hacking: AstraLunaSol Cam Seph1212 Dancer_A Enjolras shadowofchaos Arch Mariobro3828 Jubby Maps: Enjolras Dancer_A Seph1212 Feaw Lord Glenn Misc: Queen_Elincia Kitsune JB25 Reinfleche Allan's Aokage Iris Oblivion_Knight Spike Acacia Sgt Dio eclipse Playtesting: Aethereal Blazing_Soul Paperblade Aura_Wolf Ephraim Hithere21 Luminescent Blade Cam Music: Markyjoe1990 (Leaf's Theme) Mariobro3828 (Tearing Shadows, Remastered Guile Theme) Ken ZOMG (A Journey's Preface, Valorous March) Agromono (Various FE11/12 Midis) Animation Packages: MageKnight404 [Halberdier][Knight][Fighter][sword Pegasus] Arch [Eph GL Hair Fix][Aircalibur] shadowofchaos [Mage Knight SFX Fix][FE 10 Swordmaster][DracoZombie Fix] TheBlindArcher [FE 10 Swordmaster][Armored Bandit][Project Water][Axe Wyvern Lord][Female Mercenary][bow General] Markyjoe1990 [Female Shaman] Dancer_A [Alternate Cleric][Great Knight Hand Axe Fix] Blazer [shaver][Meteor][Aircalibur] Hexator, Nintenlord, and various people who made FE7 Nightmare modules. [spoiler=Readme] Version 4.0: Complete Up to Chapter 14 on both routes. Fire Emblem: Dream of Five is to be patched with a clean Fire Emblem 7 (U) ROM. To patch the ROM, use NUPS (which can be found here: http://serenesforest...ic=26913&st=0). If it says that the patch does not match the ROM, try selecting the Ignore option for patching and see if it works. If it does not, then find another ROM. Bugs: The Partisan and the Swordslayer have inaccurate damage display on the statscreen, they deal the proper damage when attacking World Map Events are glitchy and may not reflect things correctly. (Making map sprites turn into a different affiliation, making map sprites not appear) When refreshing, the Dancer/Bard (whichever you get) may get a weapon level up after refreshing, do not pay attention to it. Do not use cleared FE7 save, the generic prepromotes will have their stats increase severely, no augury will appear too. In Ch 10A, Katrina appears twice, during the prep screen and after it, will find a fix later. If you find any more bugs, please let me know by posting in any of the following sites: http://serenesforest...opic=24662&st=0 http://www.bwdyeti.c...ead.php?tid=215 http://tebrigade.b1....topic=1138&st=0 Here is a spreadsheet on growths/bases of the characters in the patch: https://docs.google....TdfSWpCRzg/edit Notes: Supports are not fully placed/written yet. There are 25 playable chapters in this patch. [spoiler=Screenshots] The download contains the Prologue to Chapter 14A/B: Download Mirror Also, our banner has updated: [url="http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=24662&st=0"][img]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32809388/BannerOP2.png[/img][/url] Courtesy of Luminescent Blade. Feel free to use it to show your support! Want a stat Calculator instead of the google docs version? Click here, thanks to eclipse! Follow us on Tumblr! And if you want, donate to our project!
  6. I know it's not likely at all, but, if it were up to you, which additional Fire Emblem character would you add to Smash 4? Personally, I would want Hector to be put in the game; Hector is my favorite FE lord character, and he loves to rumble. I'd like to see him stand toe-to-toe with the other Nintendo characters on the battlefield! P.S. I realize that other games need representation too, but this is just a "for fun" scenario for Fire Emblem. Have fun, and I look forward to hearing your ideas :)
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