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Found 1 result

  1. Eh... I feel very awkward doing this... but I really need some high-level feedback that is from some actual FE fans and not just poor Remi whom I have to beg to review. Ah, well, I might as well explain. I find it a bit really strange to post multi-chapter fics on a forum, so I think we're all better off with Links (provided later). Like most of my FE fics, By Another focuses on Elibe's canon I'm not even wholly sure why I focus on Elibe so much. The plot centers on what might have happened if Nergal raised Roy. And Nergal's barely in it right now! He's more important later, though. The plot bunny spiraled out of control since it was origionally a family fic not a romance, haha. Either way, Roy/Lilina is the main pairing, with Wolt/Sue and later Raigh/Sophia as well. Currantly, past-canon pairs in-fic are: Eliwood/Ninian (necessary for it to work), Hector/Lyn (not really necessary but hey whatever, she's the one who Hector will fall for first if he just stood next to Florina and Lyn for 5-ever), Rebecca/Lowen (Just for an excuse to include him), and... Nils/Nino. No, I'm not kidding. Nils/Nino. Shoot me if you will. I don't care who Nino winds up with but this was too perfect for plot. Ah, well. Here is the link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9691359/1/By-Another The first 9 chapters, the prologue, and a couple Gaidens are done. You can use the thread for questioning me about plot, giving criticism, or whtever else comes to mind. Also, remember my usual tendencies. In my mind, tragedy=win. This won't end terribly, but it won't be 100% happy fun time either. I mean, even some of The Story of Roy and (Insert Girl Here)'s crackyness chapters end with an apocalypse. ...That's it, really. I'll post when new chapters are up.
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