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Found 2 results

  1. You know something, you'd think two people who have suffered at Berns hands so much would chat about it at some point you know? Rutger did lose everything and Lilina got pushed into Hectors position very prematurely. I've had the head canon for awhile that while both suffered by Bern. Lilinas way of coping with it showed Rutger revenge isn't always the answer. Even though their battle is against Bern and such. So yeah the lack of a support between em surprises me
  2. I was looking up in Wikipedia to see if there are any other Rutogas (other than the Rutoga (Rutger) that we knew from Super Smash Bros. Brawl and probably in the next FE6 patch from Popo's I think) that existed like Raigh, Deke (Dieck's possible localized name), etc. and I saw that there is an another Rutoga name that existed (I did find it under in List of administrative divisions of the Tibet Autonomous Region in Ngari Prefecture section "Rutoga Zong - the Tibetan pinyin name for Rutog County"). I thought you guys might find that interesting.
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