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Found 1 result

  1. Credit for rules go to Sirius & Excellen Drafting rules This a draft for 4-6 players You start off with a fresh save file, New game+ is not allowed. However, you should use your Z2.1 clear file and import that into Z2.2. Crowe must use the DEFAULT birthday and blood type. Brasta, Li-Brasta, Brasta Es, and all battleships are free to use for the entire game. Every other unit has to be drafted to be used without penalty, though there will be a lot of exceptions to this. The penalty for using an undrafted unit is 4 turns Undrafted units are allowed to persuade, get secret items, Perform sub-orders, and sit their asses in a battleship. They are also allowed to cast skills like Strike, Alert, Focus, Guard, Accel and Wall if it keeps enemies from attacking them. All other skills are forbidden. They may not be used for support attacks or team attacks. They may also not be used for friendship, love, rivalry or command aura bonuses. You may not upgrade undrafted units. Equipping parts and/or using PP is still fine, however. There are exceptions to this and this comes into play with forced deployment. You are allowed the use of any and every forced unit who can't retreat into a battleship. This exception only lasts till they can retreat into a battleship. Drafting a unit gets you that unit AND pilot for BOTH games. You may NOT use pilots you have not drafted, unless said pilot captains a battleship for a change. The Import bug and Sub-Order Bug are FORBIDDEN. Acquiring a SR point is worth a -1 Turn Bonus Fighting the Final Boss (Both games) at level 99 is worth a -5 turn bonus. Free units: All Battleships, Brasta/Li-Brasta, Brasta Es. All units are free from chapter 1-12 in Z2.1 and Prologue-10 in Z2.2. Zero may be used to perform the last hit on the Da Longdan on Z2.2 stage 17 for ZEXIS route. When a character is SPECIFICALLY needed to perform a combative action to acquire an SR point, that character is free for that stage ONLY. Characters who are not on the draft list (Usually temporary PCs like Zechs/Beck/etc) are considered FREE. After the drafting is done, trades will be allowed between players, under the following conditions: 1. Number of characters traded are EQUAL on both sides. 2. Both parties express their mutual agreement to the trade. Unit List: Teams: 1. ShinKuma: Kamina/Simon, Shinobu, Kira, Athrun, Shinn, Lunamaria, Dayakka/Yoko, Witz, Roybea, Garrod, Jamil, Setsuko, Enil, Brera, Holland, Gino. 2. wrightofway: Ryoma, Heero, Setsuna, Touga, Lockon, Sayaka, Basara, Banjou, Sara, Amuro, Kittan, Rand, Noin, Tamaki, Ru Shako, Go. 3. Gyarados: Chirico, Alto, Allelujah, Michel, Klan, Marin, Kei, Rolan, Tieria, Luca, Canaria, Ozma, Hilde, Gamlin, Gregore, Fyana. 4. Wen Yang: Kallen, Lelouch, Trowa, Quatre, Duo, Harry, Wufei, Toudou, C.C., Cynthia, Asahina, Xingke, Suzaku, Jeremiah, Chiba, Rolo. 5. Balcerzak: Aoi, Kouji, Watta, Gainer, Kappei, Jiron, Kakikouji, Camille, Gain, Quattro, Marguerite, Boss, Lorelei, Fa, Athena, Ougi. 6. Generic Operator: Takeru, Kenji, Apollo, Toshiya, Roger, Akagi, Renton, Elchi, Faye, Shotaro, Sandman, Schwartz, Gimmy, Darry, Black Ox, Anya.
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