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Found 5 results

  1. The Classic Mode of Ike is called The Black-Clad Warriors The theme of Ike's classic mode is that the fighters are dressed in black. Most likely a nod to the rivalry between Ike & the Black Knight Who else felt the same?
  2. So since we now have yet another Fire Emblem character with a cape my interest in the cape designs made me want to make a video on it but when I did some research I did not find that much information so I'd like to ask you guys what some of these symbols/insignias are if they have any meaning at all. I will also add the information in this topic. Marth's The symbol of the Archanea nation. Ike's Greil Mercenaries. Roy's Elibe's Fire Emblem. Lucina's Mark Of Naga. Two Nagas. Three Grima eyes. I hope someone knows what these symbols are supposed to represent! (Also sorry if there is already a post like this I created this account today for the purpose of posting this thread)
  3. The Serenes Forest Super Smash Bros. Tournament Thread Maintained by: Starbound (Doofina) and Sara (Elieson) Approved by: Red Fox of Fire In an effort to combat a cluttered forum, this tournament thread has been created. Its purpose is to act as a location where Super Smash Bros. tournaments can be organized. Anyone is welcome to host a tournament here, but we ask that you enter it through a queue line to avoid creating a mess. We’re a very laid back community and the rules here reflect that, but there are things you must be aware of to ensure that things run smoothly here. Guidelines for Hosting a Tournament All tournaments are to be ran through this thread. In the event that your tournament has 32 entrants or greater, you will be allowed to make your own thread. This is from a request from Red Fox of Fire to have all tournaments put in this thread unless they are sufficiently large. Effective October 5 2014, a signup page using www.challonge.com is required. When you post the signups for your tournament, you must include the link to the signup page so people can sign up. Tournaments are to enter a queue by PMing your request to host a tournament to myself. If it isn't on the queue, you can't host it. No exceptions will be made. The queue exists so that everyone can host a tournament without feeling like they are competing with others for a person’s attention. As a rule of thumb, tournament signups for the soonest tournament first. When the soonest fills up, the next soonest can start. If you believe that your tournament will require additional signup time, please see me. If your tournament is the soonest, you may post signups without approval. All other circumstances will require approval before posting. Be a nice host. Don’t rig the bracket. Disqualify players fairly. However, if the need arises where you need to disqualify someone to speed up your tournament, you should disqualify them. Guidelines for Participating in Tournaments This is obvious, but please try to be available during the tournament before signing up. As a rule of thumb, try to have a few hours a day when you can play. Actively seek out your opponent to arrange a time to play. If you feel like your opponent is too tough to connect with, contact the tournament host. Please act like a decent human being. Don’t purposefully disconnect. Report results accurately. Don’t seek out loopholes to try to win. Make sure people know your friend code. Ideally you should post it on the discussion page for the Challonge tournament. To host a tournament, all you have to do is submit the dates when you want to run your tournament and the type of tournament it is. I will accept all tournaments, and I will put it on the calendar. You will also need to specify the game (Wii U or 3DS). When selecting a date, don’t just pick one day. Try to anticipate how long you see your tournament taking place and allot yourself that many days. This is to ensure that we won’t have two tournaments going at the same time. If you feel as if you need an extension because something came up, contact me and I will try to work something out. To sign up for a tournament, simply click the www.challonge.com url provided by the host and click the signup button. Then go to the discussion tab on the left and post your friend code. Here is a default tournament ruleset for each game that you can use if you don't want to come up with your own. [spoiler=3DS Ruleset] 3 stock, 8 minutes, Best of 3 Items off Double elimination Participants: 16 Custom movesets allowed. Custom equipment is not. You may change your character in between matches. No character restrictions. No stage may be played multiple times in a set (this also applies to Final Destination and Omega forms) In the event of a suicide victory, the character the game declares to be the winner is the winner. In the event that time runs out, the person with the higher percent wins. Stages: - Battlefield - Yoshi's Island - Final Destination - Prism Tower - Arena Ferox - Tomodachi Life - Any omega form [spoiler=Wii U Ruleset] 3 stock, 8 minutes, Best of 3 Items off Double elimination Participants: 16 Custom movesets allowed. Custom equipment is not. You may change your character in between matches No character restrictions. No stage may be played multiple times in a set (this also applies to Final Destination and Omega forms) In the event of a suicide victory, the character the game declares the winner wins the match In the event that time runs out, the character with the higher percent wins. Stages: - Battlefield - Final Destination - Smashville - Town and City - Duck Hunt - Kongo Jungle 64 - Castle Siege - Lylat Cruise - Delfino Plaza - Skyloft - Wuhu Island - Pilotwings - Pokemon Stadium 2 - Big Battlefield - Windy Hill Zone - Any omega form To close with, I’d like you all to know that if you have any issues with anything presented in this post, contact me in private with your concerns and we can talk it out. Please see the following Google Doc for the queue, schedule and past tournament results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/125w2p_guvgl83RMhYzJSmn44UBrZzvINIprV4xUYLoM/edit#gid=466394353
  4. Yeah I dunno, I thought this would be kind of a fun topic, if not particularly extensive. Share your mains from each SSB game and why you like to use them, I suppose! Regarding Smash 3U, let's just pick the characters you WANT to main based on the currently-released cast. Some characters like Ness and Captain Falcon and such are givens, but for the sake of discussion, let's assume nothing for now. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Personally I have way too many prospective mains for SSB4, even without Meta Knight and the miniscule prospect of Ridley. x__X Primary mains: Charizard Secondary mains: Greninja, Kirby, Megaman Tertiary mains: Yoshi, Bowser, Marth, Lucario, Sheik, one or both versions of Samus / Link I have some pretty clear franchise favoritism lol. Never been good with Marth, but now that I have a better understanding of his character I might be interested in getting better at using him. For the other games: (main mains are underlined) SSB mains: Samus, Pikachu, Kirby, Jigglypuff SSBM mains: Mewtwo, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Sheik SSBB mains: Meta Knight, Pokemon Trainer, Kirby, Ike, Samus Dunno why but for some reason I got sick of playing Pikachu when Brawl came out. I've always liked playing Kirby, though how terrible he was in Melee made it pretty hard in that game; and since I'm a pretty big Kirby/MK fan I pretty much called Meta Knight to be my main as soon as I saw him in the Brawl trailer (IT WAS BEFORE WE DISCOVERED HE WAS BROKEN, OKAY Q~Q). And then of course Charizard happened and I enjoyed playing as both other Pokemon as well. Most of the others are pretty much out of franchise respect (in Samus/Ike's case) or because the characters are just fun to play (Jigglypuff/Sheik/Ike again).
  5. So in an [it's "http://www.gamevoices.co.uk/profiles/blogs/april-s-gamevoices-interview-is-with-the-extremely-entertaining-m]interview with Gamevoices[/url], VA/"mo-cap guy" Reuben Langdon mentioned that he played Raiden in Super Smash Bros.: Since Raiden didn't appear at all in Brawl, nor has he ever been voiced by Langdon, many people took this as confirmation that Raiden would appear in some capacity in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS.Later, Langdon claimed that he had mixed up Super Smash Bros. with Playstation All-Stars. However, many have noted this explanation is problematic, as Langdon has not previously voiced Raiden at all(not even in PSA), nor did he do mo-cap work for him in that game since Raiden's animations were ripped from MGR:R(and no, he didn't do mo-cap work for that game either). Edit: I should note that Reuben Langdon has done voice work as Ken Masters and Dante (from Devil May Cry), so he's a notable name. Also keep in mind that this isn't the first time something like this has happened: David Hayter revealed Jigglypuff's return fro Brawl, and Krystal's VA (Alesia Glidewell) leaked that Krystal would be appearing in Brawl. Edit 2: Gamevoices has amended the interview: I should also point out that it's possible that Langdon did uncredited mocap work for the cut scenes in PSA.
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