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Found 10 results

  1. May anyone out there offer a Radiant Dawn (US) save with all the unit profiles (shown if u wait a bit during the title screen)? I read somewhere at this site that all the class profiles of the unit roll are unlocked by the time you beat the game 6 times. That's a lot of playthroughs! I'd appreciate it if anyone can share their save if they've already done it. Thanks!
  2. I just started playing FE2 yesterday, while I'm on my breaks. The thing is that I really want to play it on easy mode due to the increased exp gains, I have no much interest on playing it on the slow vanilla exp gains, and i don't want to grind. I tried really hard to begin a new game on easy, but the android NES emulators only take 2 inputs simultaneously, I tried it on my computer as well, but with no success, and don't know why. Can anyone here lend me a battery save file on easy mode, please?
  3. Hey all, so this is actually my first post here, I asked this on another site but I thought I might have some more luck here. So I was doing my first playthrough of Binding Blade on normal, and after a certain turn of events I eneded up losing my save. I went looking around and I was able to find a Gameshark file on GameFAQs that was exactly what I needed, but it had a Shanna that was still level 3 but had capped speed, so obviously this probably wasn't the most honest save. So I just wanted to know if anyone maybe either had a Chapter 8 Normal save I could use or maybe some sort of tool or resource I can get at to make one or something. I honestly don't really mind about whatever state the game is in, I can work with whatever as long as no one is dead. Thanks in advance!
  4. May anyone out there offer a Path of Radiance (US) save with all support conversations and Ashnard unlocked via the 15 (that's crazy) playthroughs? I want to be able to play my run without having to worry about having to play multiple runs to unlock all the support conversations and the Trial Map characters. I also want to enjoy the Trial Maps by using all of the bonus characters along with my hard-trained story units too. Thanks! Quote Edit
  5. Does anyone have a save file for after ch22? 19, 20, or 21 would be alright too. I don’t even want to talk about what happened it makes me too depressed... Also, I was close to getting Ike and Soren to A support (I want those extra sequal scenes!) so if that’s still possible I’d be really grateful.
  6. Not sure if this is the proper place or if it's against the rules to ask, but is there anyone that can offer a shadow dragon (US) save with all the event recaps unlocked? I want to start my Shadow dragon run without having to worry about branching on decisions to unlock alternate dialogues. Thanks!
  7. Hey y'all! So, I believe the topic title says it all, but I'll elaborate here. So I bought an actual GBA cartridge of Blazing Sword and I lent it to my friend months ago and he's been playing it regularly and he'd come over and I'd watch him play it, and all that jazz. But everything was fine until a few days ago, he came over and all of the save files were deleted. He played the game that same day with the files intact but just in the span of a few hours all three save files were gone. Thankfully I didn't have any personal save files on it, and he was three chapters away from the final chapter, and I still had my save of the final chapter on the Wii U virtual console, so I showed him some cutscenes online had him play the final chapter, THANK GOD! Cause that way was better then things being anti-climactic. But I was really wondering what could have done that and if anyone else had any experiences like that in any of their FE GBA games? I looked a little online and I think the obvious answer would be the battery, but I thought Nintendo fixed that problem with the GBA. My Pokemon Sapphire and Emerald both had their batteries run dry and they can still save (they can't tell time but that's... that's another topic). Also the support log in my Blazing Sword is still intact. It even kept the supports that my friend got on his play through. So that's everything I got to say! Looking forward to what people have to say... that is... if people see this... THANKS!
  8. So this is when I realize that I will never play my Nohr game, and I want more save slots for the IK - I first bought the IK on my Hoshido cartridge, but when I put in my Nohr cartridge, the game files for my IK run shows up as well (which makes sense since it saves to your SD card, I believe). My question is, is it possible for me to buy the IK route again, for the extra three save files ? I currently have 2/3 save files for IK saved, and they're duplicates in case I make the dumb mistake of deleting my file again. Since you have to buy the route through the decision screen (at least that's what I did the first time, and I believe that you cannot buy it through the E-shop) won't it just automatically force me to use that third file or something ? Or will it let me buy the game again if I save over all three slots ? Also, I'm like three chapters into my Nohr run on Normal / Casual (meaning I've started it but haven't reached the decision point, but it's on the Nohr cartridge), since it was going to be a speedrun; I'm planning on stopping there and starting fresh for the IK route. I know you can reuse your avatar and it keeps your stats (as well as personalized information such as attributes and whatnot), but will I have the option to change the difficulty to Lunatic, or will it stick with the difficulty I picked when the character was first created ? I'm really bad with DLCs and everything since FE:if's the first time I've used them, so sorry about the abundance of questions ! Regarding my uncertainties about character creation info and stuff, I can't check myself since my DS is dead atm and I'm out without my charger ; u ;
  9. I lost my save file. Does anyone have a link to a save file I could use to play FE7 with hardmode unlocked? Preferably a .sav or a save state. I can't seem to use .sps. Thanks.
  10. Hey guys! I took about a week off from playing FE6 on my GBA, and when I went to load the game, I was shocked to see that the save file disappeared! I tried to recover it, but alas, it ain't coming back. Anyway, I was playing on the normal difficulty level and was at the beginning of chapter 15. I did lots of Googling, and the best I could find is someone with a save file from chapter 8. If anyone here could hook me up with a save file right at chapter 15 or earlier (but not too far), I'd be very appreciative! I don't care much about how you've played the game, but I hope you haven't been cheating or overwhelmingly abusing the arena or whatever. Thanks in advance!
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