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Found 221 results

  1. Welcome to my Let's Play of Fire Emblem: Project Ember! ...Project what now? Project Ember is a FE6 fanhack, substantially changing its graphics and gameplay. I do not know much about the details and I intend to learn more through playing, not looking stuff up, but I've seen it described as "FE6 for people who hate FE6". Now, I've said numerous times in this forum that I don't hate FE6. In fact, it's one of my absolute favourites and I've always been a bit suspicious about attempts to "fix the game" which don't need afixin' as far as I'm concerned. But I will do my very best to look at Project Ember as its own thing and not judge it against the original, even though I will of course point out what Brunhilda, the creator of the hack, has changed. Spoiler warning: It's a lot. As far as I have seen (which is until the start of chapter 2), the story has not been changed too much, though. There will be some, which I'll point out if/when I spot them - there's going to be even more recruitables than the original has, which implies that there will be some altered and some new dialogue to accomodate this. Otherwise, I'll just post the occasional out-of-context screenshot with some hi-la-ri-ous jokes added to them. This does mean that my Darkest Dungeon Let's Play is put on hold for now - I swear I'm going to get back to it eventually, but for now, I need a game with a bit more clear, linear progression to get back into this whole business. It shall be done. Eventually. So, without further ado, let's get started.
  2. Okay, so I initially wrote a series of blogs over at the Blogs section of Bulbagarden, but for some reason they have the access setting as members only. Because I couldn't get an answer from them in regards to the settings issue, I decided that I shall transfer my blog entries to here. So here is my very first attempt at Fire Emblem Fates Conquest, Normal/Classic, because I am NOT a noob as to play this in Casual. Also due to widespread aversions I have heard about the story, I decided to have fun with the story myself. There will be tons of references of Hirohito vs MacArthur of WWII days, with also references to Walhart. As I already did up to Chapter 6 before making a full Let's Play Log, Chapter 1-5 will just be a summary. Without further ado: Chapter 1-4: Chapter 5: That's it for now.
  3. Ruin has come to our family. You remember our venerable house, opulent and imperial, gazing proudly from its stoic perch above the moor? I lived all my years in that ancient, rumor shadowed manor... ...fattened by decadence and luxury - and yet I began to tire of conventional extravagance. Singular, unsettling tales suggested the mansion itself was a gateway to some fabulous and unnameable power. With relic and ritual I bent every effort towards the excavation and recovery of those long buried secrets... ...exhausting what remained of our family fortune on swarthy workmen and sturdy shovels. At last in the salt soaked crags beneath the lowest foundations... ...we unearthed that damnable portal of antediluvian evil. Our every step unsettled the ancient earth, but we were in a realm of death and madness. In the end I alone fled laughing and wailing through those blackened arcades of antiquity until consciousness failed me. You remember our venerable house, opulent and imperial. It is a festering abomination! I beg you. Return home; claim your birthright, and deliver our family (a faint clicking noise is heard) from the ravenous, clutching shadows... Gunshot! ...of the Darkest Dungeon. Welcome, dear reader, to terror and madness. Darkest Dungeon is, in the words of its developer Red Hook, "a challenging gothic roguelike turn-based RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring". You play as the faceless heir to the narrating Mad Scientist (usually referred to as the Ancestor), who arrives at the inherited, ruined estate. You send out send out groups of adventurers into the various parts of the estate, to explore and, eventually, clean up the mess that the Ancestor has left you (long before Fridays for Future was a thing). Apart from its, well, dark atmosphere, Darkest Dungeon is well-known for its very, very impressive Narrator (voiced by Wayne June, and certainly deserving the capitalization) - I highly recommend checking out the intro on Youtube. It also features a lot of very quotable one-liners. Personally, I was reminded that Overconfidence is a slow and incidious killer long before I learned about this game. I will be playing with both the Crimson Court and Color of Madness DLCs, as well as the additional classes. There's another DLC on the way (Butcher's Circuit), although I'm not that interested in the PvP that it's going to introduce. And with that, let's go into the game, or rather, another short cutscene. Here it is on Youtube. You will arrive along the old road. It winds with a troubling, serpent-like suggestion through the corrupted countryside... ...leading only, I fear, to ever more tenebrous places. There is a sickness in the ancient, pitted cobbles of the old road... ...and on its writhing path,... ...you'll face viciousness, violence and perhaps,... ...other damnably transcendent terrors. So steel yourself, and remember, there can be no bravery... ...without madness. The old road will take you to hell, but in that gaping abyss, we will find our redemption.
  4. Hey everyone! ...So... About the last half a year I was supposed to be updating Dakota's War Journal... ...Yeah... Sorry about that, stuff's been going on. I've been busy with real life stuff, but I also suffered serious burnout with the game and lost confidence in the quality of the story overall. It just stopped being fun. But after a recent epiphany caused me to get my writing mojo back, I think I'm ready to give this a shot! But first I think I need to really remind myself how much I enjoy doing these sorts of things. So instead of starting off going right back to the slog that is Fire Emblem Fates Revelation, I thought: why not try a much shorter game that I really, really love? So that's what I'm doing. I present to you: Invisible, Inc. Invisible, Inc. is a tactical turn-based procedurally generated roguelike stealth game for PC, Mac and tablets, taking place in a dark, cyberpunk future. You sneak into corporate buildings, hack their devices, steal their stuff, avoid or neutralize their guards and security, and try to get out alive, trying to build up enough supplies to be able to successfully tackle one very difficult final mission. It is one of my favorite games ever. It is also very, very hard. It doesn't screw you over with any random generation when it comes to gameplay mechanics (though there's a lot of randomness when it comes to generation and what stuff you wind up finding), but it is utterly punishing with failures when you bring it up to its full, proper difficulty. There are no reloading levels, maps are randomly generated every time, and if you lose, you lose, and you have to start over from the beginning. I've gotten good enough at the game that I can pretty reliably beat Expert mode, but trust me when I say, victory is not guaranteed. I'm planning on doing this similarly to Dakota's War Journal in that I'll write my playlogs in-character. Hopefully when I'm done with this, whether I succeed or not, I'll be sufficiently back into the spirit of doing LPs that I'll be able to muscle through the various hangups I've had with Dakota's War Journal and finish that up as well at long last. But in the meantime, let's just hope everyone enjoys this. So without further ado, here's the intro! Aaaaand here's where a bit of reader participation comes in! You guys get to choose my second agent! I'll give you a list of all of the choices, along with what Isaac's response to them would have been had I not cut him off, and you get to vote for your pick! Whoever gets the most votes is the one I'll go with. In addition, I want you to vote on a second thing: the rewind system. See, there's a bit of a safety net in this game where you get to rewind turns if you really screw something up. On the highest difficulty you only get one of these per mission, but even just that one winds up saving a lot of runs. I could play with it on or off. If I play with it on, it's more likely I'll finish the whole game and thus it'll last longer. But if I play with it off, there's a good chance something will go horribly wrong and the entire run might be cut short, but it's also possible that I'll get myself into some gripping, crazy shenanigans it'd be fun to get out of. I leave it up to you. I can justify it in-story either way. And so without further ado, here are the agents, along with what Isaac, had the story continued with them picked, would have said: And that's it for now! I'll wait a few days to see what's decided, and then I'll get started on mission one! See you then!
  5. Battle for Wesnoth has been around as long as I can remember. I have tapped and prodded it on and off for close to a decade now. It is the effort of many hands over the course of years. People who've been there from closer to the start remember a time before it was the polished, Steam-worthy production it is today. when did this become more beautiful than this? Wesnoth is, itself, a tactical, turn-based RPG. Your minions are somewhat individual, though not to the degree of, say, most Fire Emblem characters. It is also unashamedly reliant on the RNG - most of the time, units on flat ground will hit each other 60% of the time, and it's very rare to see higher than 70% or lower than 30%. It was thrown out into the world as an engine. People of varying ability wrote and designed campaigns for it. There is an extensive and by this stage generally excellent standard of both portrait and sprite art, pretty decent music, and a competitive online scene. It's evolving, but some rules remain the same. Myself and Integrity (each of us having finished... approximately a third of the campaigns before) will teach you how to survive in this cold, unfeeling environment, as we complete all sixteen of the campaigns that are not called Under the Burning Suns. We will need your help. Specifically, minions - they're renamable, and sometimes to a degree customisable in terms of promotion paths. Anyone who puts themselves up for adoption in the thread will have a guy named after them for each campaign. Feel free to specify if you generally want to be, say, a tough melee guy, or a flashy skirmisher, an archer or a wizard. I'll adapt your preference to the available unit list of the given campaign - each deals with a different race and thus has different options available to them. This will start to be implemented in the second campaign each onwards - we're starting off with the easy baby campaigns, before moving onto the longer epics. The menu has many options, none of which I'm going to bother you wi- w h a t t h e f u c k -th. There is also a tutorial. It does not matter. Let Arne (whose artist statement is to my recollection something like 'I want an overweight, past-it, mid-life-crisis type guy) be your guide. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 page 11 PARRHESIA Tale of Two Brothers 1 2 3 4 Mid-life crisis mercenary reunites with nerd brother who he hates for it turns out no reason. The South Guard 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Descendant of tertiary character from lore whisked off to civilise Tasmania, discovers true crime inside him all along. Descent Into Darkness 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8+9 10 11 666 The metamorphosis of an insufferable kid with bad skin into final boss. Legend of Wesmere 1 2 3a 3b 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 The Incident 16 Sixty-eight elven fighters, and how they met their end. The Curse of Aquagar. Dead Water 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Parrhesia gets a cuttlefish and, for once, has nothing to complain about. Son of the Black-Eye 1 2 asdf The perils of Kaizo Wesnoth, the limits of human endurance. Memoirs of Delfador 1 2 3 4+5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17+18 19 It turns out that Delfador always thought Konrad was a bitch for only incorporating like four factions. Sceptre of Fire 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Plot twist: Marabharata actually A Comedy Of Errors all along. INTEGRITY Orcish Incursion 1 2 3 4 5 6 i might be missing one i thought there were seven Elf meets orc. Elf meets orc's affinity for fire. Elf kills orc. Player learns value of terrain. Heir to the Throne 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10x 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 The flagship campaign. They took every idea they had and threw it into one big pot and it's not very good. Liberty 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Breaking bones with sticks and stones. The only campaign to make sense at 1:1 scale.
  6. Remember when games used to look like this? World of Horror is an indie horror game being developed by panstasz, a Polish developer who's been working on the project in various forms for years. Its graphical style (done entirely in MS Paint) is designed to evoke both the 1-bit and 2-bit graphical interfaces of old computers and the works of horror artist Junji Ito, and does quite an excellent job with both. The gameplay, meanwhile, is clearly inspired heavily by the Arkham Horror board game, mixed with influences from old adventure games and RPGs of the era, and taking place in 1980s Japan rather than Lovecraft's fictional town. The game plays out like a lot of other indie "roguelite" games, being based on individual runs through a semi-randomized world, where you'll need to solve a number of mysteries before an otherworldly horror awakens and destroys the world. Runs are differentiated by allowing you to play as different characters with their own strengths, deal with different gods with their own game-altering effects, and by randomizing the mysteries and events the player faces. Along the way, various in-game achievements can be done to unlock new stuff for future runs. Due to the game's randomized nature (and also due to it being in Early Access, and thus technically incomplete), I won't be doing a full 100% playthrough of the game (the achievements alone would require a large number of runs); instead, I'll be going for a bit of a vertical slice of the game, covering each individual game mode once (maybe twice for the more complicated ones) and giving a bit of a rundown on how the game works, so this'll be a relatively short one compared to my previous LPs. Obviously, there will be spoilers, so if you wanna experience the game yourself, read at your own risk. I'm also warning for body horror and other disturbing content, so if that's an issue for you, maybe reconsider reading this. Also, if you're someone who's played the game and you catch me making a mistake on how the game actually works (as I'll fully admit I don't always 100% "get" the inner workings of World of Horror), feel free to call me on what a big dumb idiot I'm being! With all that chatter done, let's get to our first glimpse at World of Horror! Part 1: Kouji's Crummy Day Bonus: Kouji's endearingly derpy face from before the most recent updates. RIP my son.
  7. As I had some extra free time on my hands, I thought I would do a playthrough of FE7 for fun. Before I begin, I just want to note a few things about the run: This will be an Ironman run, so no resetting for character deaths or any other reason. With that being said, I would like to know how I should handle game overs. Should the run be considered dead, or should I try again but force some kind of penalty like intentionally killing someone off? The run will also be Randomized for things like growths, bases, and classes. The full details of the changes can be viewed HERE( Current set-up as a download as I couldn't figure out how to make it viewable online. If someone knows a way to do that, let me know and I'll make the change!) I haven't looked at the log myself in order to keep things a surprise, but I thought it would be fun to let you guys look into the future a bit if you would like. I only asked that you don't spoil things like unit growths or upcoming classes. For full discloser, I had originally tried the game on hard mode, but after losing a lot on the first map, I thought I would just lower the difficulty. To counter it a bit, I did increase enemy and boss strength by a little so I hope that's okay. I'm not too great at the game, so we can still expect to see deaths due to my poor playing, or bad RNG with units. Lastly, this is the first time I would be doing something like this so any suggestions for improvements are encouraged. While it is just a fun thing I wan to do, I still want it to be somewhat entertaining to read or there wouldn't be much reason to share it in the first place. Feel free to tell me to focus more on certain things or to cut down on other things. Now that all the long intro stuff as been said, lets get into the first chapter. CH11 Another Journey
  8. Have you ever heard the tragedy of Dark Alphonse the Unwise? Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis is a prequel to Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (and the Ogre Battle games too, or at least OB64) and the last original entry in the series to be released. It stars characters from the nation of Lodis (aka where the Dark Knights are from), something like 20 years before the events of the previous game, and tries to expand on Lodis and on its newly-created land of Ovis and how they play into the wider world. If you've played either version of LUCT, the gameplay of Knight of Lodis should feel quite familiar, but it also has some fairly cool and unique ideas of its own that would end up utterly unused by the LUCT remake several years down the road. To be honest, of the Ogre Battle/Tactics Ogre games, this one's probably the least good, but I'm still a little fond of it; it has a certain pluck I admire. While I'm hoping this LP will be a comprehensive playthrough of one of the game's routes (and we'll get to the route split later), I am generally less well versed in this game's systems and secrets than the previous one, so we may miss something. Fortunately, there are multiple excellent guides and fansites out there to help, but even so, if you think I may have missed something, please let me know (and don't jump the gun and tell me about endgame secrets while we're still fighting the tutorials). I do ask that no one put obvious spoilers (especially regarding a certain character's identity) out in the open. Stick it in a spoiler or just don't mention it, please and thank you. While the plot isn't quite as good as LUCT's, it's still got some fun surprises in store, and while I'm well aware that Parrhesia already LP'd the first half of this game, I'm assuming that some readers haven't read that LP and starting fresh, both for their sake and also because I'd like to give my own thoughts on the game instead of just blatantly copying him. Plus it's more fun for me this way! Alright, all that out of the way, to the experience! Part 1 (Intro-Lutra Island): Fortunate Meeting
  9. Testing the Waters... While Going off the Deep End. A dive into depths of Shadow Dragon H5 (an introduction and disclaimer, skip if you don't care, but don't ask me where chapter 4 is 5 years from now) Hi, readers. I'm The Roger The Paladin. You may remember me from the comments section of every Saint Rubenio LP since Bizarro Sacae, and probably a half billion bad jokes in FFtF (wait a minute...) I've been talking about trying my hand at an LP lately. But as I was finding imgur ill-suited to mass uploads... I decided I needed to do a trial run of imgbox. Ergo, I'm doing a test run of a chapter or three (not decided, so final results may vary) of Shadow Dragon H5. Why so few? I don't think I can honestly make a full run of H5 without using conventional unit choices... which will bore the hell out of everyone. So I'm gonna just do some chapters that force conventional unit choices on everyone.... because rationality right? Anyway, after some discussion with an administrator of high Integrity, I was advised I could do my trial run either in FFtF, or in the Let's Play section if I was up front about the fact it's a prototype rather than a whole run. So I'm hedging my bets and putting it in FFtf with the disclaimer, which you just read. Part 1- Come one, Come all, and welcome to the show.
  10. Hello, everyone! I'm DragonFlames, though you can call me Draggy if you like! The last (and first) time I tried this screenshot LP thing, it didn't go very well, because it was an action RPG, and making screenshots while playing those is... kind of difficult. So, I decided if I ever do that again, I will do it with a game that's easier to make screenshots of. And recently, I was talking with Saint Rubenio about characters in FE12, and I discovered that I only know very little about them, because that one is a game I only played a total of one time so far. Thus, I decided to make my second attempt at playing New Mystery of the Emblem a screenshot LP. Some things before we start: I will be playing this on Hard/Classic, because I figured it will be more exciting (and funny, when I inevitably fail) for you guys. As I said, I have played this game only once quite a while back, and I didn't even get the True Ending. As such, this will be basically a blind run for me. I will try to let you guys participate to some degree, whether it will be through naming my forges or deciding which characters I should use or what to reclass, but we'll see how it goes first! After all, the Prologue is quite lengthy, as far as I know. Okay, without further ado, let's get this show on the road, shall we? Part 1: Introduction!
  11. I am a man of my word. Let me know if you want this continued. It was kind of a pain to put together, so I'm not sure I want to, but if there's enough interest I could make more screenshot "episodes" or try to record a video series. Anyway. Go vote for Higsby. He doesn't show up until, like, the second scenario. Have a blessed day.
  12. This is my thread about screenshot LPs of Fire Emblem hacks: Dream of Five Bloodlines The Last Promise Fire Emblem Forever Midnight Sun Death or Glory Gheb FE FEIV Super Thracia Hopefully you'll enjoy. If you have any questions or improvement suggestions, shoot them!
  13. Hi everyone! Never tried any sort of LP at all, but after being somewhat inspired by seeing some others like Ruben’s I’ve decided I may as well try my own. I’ve been having a lot of fun (and torture) playing through the green/midori hack, a big hack of Sacred Stones that features lots of characters from the series with green hair! It also adds a lot of mechanics from other games, and it’s something I can strongly recommend to those who haven’t tried it, so I figured I may as well try a LP of it and showcase some of the game. On hard of course. So while the translation patch for the hack translates basically everything you need to play it, the story itself isn’t translated. From what I can tell it’s mostly sacred stones with character replacements, though a few chapters here and there are notably different. Having just started messing around with FEBuilderGBA, I had the thought of trying to write in a pseudo-translation/copy-paste of SS script, but that’d be a lot of work and probably a bit much for my first LP. I may try end up trying some small-scale things for this one later, we’ll see. Also, since it was requested, here's the link on where to get the patch! https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/3860/ This links to the patch that contains the translation. Note that you game needs to be the FE8J version. The patch comes with two styles, one with only the translation and no changes, or one that has some baked in QoL changes, which is what I'm using in this hack. The download also has a nice little guide with useful info about the game and various chapter, character and skill information. So, let's get on with the Prologue! Thanks for reading so far! I'll try to have the Chapter 1 update within a couple days, and in general I'll try to see if I can do updates at least once a week or two.
  14. Yo. We doing this. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together is an SRPG in the Ogre Battle Saga, a series originally developed by Quest before its eventual purchase by Square. It was originally released for the Super Famicom in 1995, received a port and translation for the PSX in 1998, before eventually being completely remade for the PSP in 2010. Rather than mimicking the unique RTS-like gameplay of Ogre Battle, it has a TBS system that should feel quite familiar to folks who've played any of the Final Fantasy Tactics games; in fact, the first two FFT games were made by many of the same people who created the first Tactics Ogre, after they'd left Quest for Square. All things considered, though, Tactics Ogre is (in my opinion) better than its Final Fantasy-themed offshoot, and the remake's attempts to hew closer to its own spiritual successor arguably made it a bit less enjoyable. For that reason, we're gonna be going with the SNES version, patched with the translated script from the PSX release. This might seem a bit odd, but the PSX release has some minor issues with framerates and loading that the SNES version doesn't, so the translation patch makes this a slightly superior way to experience what it ultimately the same game. One thing that was irrefutably better in the PSP version was the script, however; while the story is the same, it's told considerably better in the remake than the original release. I'll still be giving you the original script, but I'll also be discussing and comparing the new one to it, especially in areas where the older version fails to clarify something adequately or is just kinda inconsistent or poorly written in general. I may also touch upon the differences between the two gameplay-wise, as despite being a remake the PSP release plays very differently in a lot of ways. With all that out of the way, let's get started. Sorry in advance for some awkward formatting, TO is more text heavy than I'm used to doing for these LPs. Chapter 1 Intro: The Amorikan Way Backstory Dump
  15. ^title. At the request of many people (and by many people, I mean @Eltosian Kadath, and @BEST TRYNDAMERE PLAYER. I was going to do this even if no one wanted me to), I am going to LP old shovelware I have. I genuinely don't remember most of these games. I'm not sure if anyone wants to see me cover LEGO Harry Potter, LEGO Lord of the Rings, or Nintendogs since they're both good games and Nintendogs is first party, but I might as well cover them if someone wants me to. I think the LPs for Nursery 2 and Bunnyz Bunch would be short since I remember those games being short. I can't take screenshots, unfortunately. So yeah, which one of these eldritch abominations lost to time do you wanna see first?
  16. Fire Emblem 5 is one of my absolute favorite parts from this series. Unfortunately I could have not enjoyed the story yet for playing with rubbish translation. With this translation patch the localisation issue is solved...... at least it should be. I have not used this patch yet, so I am very excited to try this one out. Anyways this playthrough will not be any special except I will recruit as many units as possible. That said not everyone can be recruited since a few units are exclusive depending on which route was picked. If you want to suggest me the route, then leave it in the comments. On the picked route I will recruit everyone (not re-recruitments). Also I will explain this game, mainly to intodruce people into this game who have not played this game but are interested in it. It can be boring, but a screenshot says a thousand word anyways. I will start upcoming weekend as I will update on every weekend for now simply because of restricted freetime during the week.
  17. Sony? In my Nintendo forum? Why, yes, and allow me to tell you why: It is because this game... ...isn't COD... ...or anything else made by EA, for that matter. Quite on the contrary. It is... ...ready when you are, game... FIRE EMBLEM ON P S 1 Okay, that was a lot less epic than I thought it'd be. Well, anyway! Remember me, anybody? I'm-- ...what do you want now, game? What in the world is this? I haven't even pressed anything! Oh, okay, it's playing itself, I see. Who even is Imperial? Well, in any case, back on topic. Remember me, anybody? It is I, Saint Rubenio, self-proclaimed worst tactician ever and part-time universe destroyer and mass genocider. A year ago, I played FE12 and it was horrible! Then I played FE6 and it was probably the worst run of that game that anyone's ever had the audacity to record and publish on the internet. I have decided that the time has come for me to return and crash yet another train repeatedly until it turns into an indescribable wreck of massive proportions, leaving behind a myriad of orphans, widows and other, similarly depressed people. With any luck, it won't be quite as terrible as FE6. Bring on the questions that nobody will ask, but I will respond to anyway! Ruben, rules. Rules, right. In my first LP, I broke every single one of my self-imposed rules, and in my second LP, I outright forgot to make any and just sort of made them up as I went. Let's see if we can do this right this time around, shall we? - For starters, obviously, this is an ironman run, which means I am only allowed to reset when the game forces me to via game overs. If anybody dies before the game over, they will be used during that chapter, but will be killed off / benched for life afterwards. - On the matter of resetting, I'd like to make one exception: since this game doesn't allow for simple formation editing (instead going for the clumsy old "move people's names around to move them on the map!" system), I will allow myself to reset at the very beginning of the map, before making any moves, so that I can arrange the formation to my liking. - All deaths will be counted, with one exception, which I will explain if it happens. Suffice to say, if it does happen, it really won't be much of a death at all. - While I will be using Warp, outright warpskipping is, for the most part, disallowed. Once again, there is an exception, this time because I don't think I have the heart to face that chapter without warpskipping. We'll talk about it when we get there. - Narron is banned Dude, I don't even know who you are. What's all this talk about destroying the universe? Should I call the cops? Please, don't. The truth is, in my past 2 LPs, I sort of winged a fanfic to go with the main story. Initially it was only a lame self-insert, but it started to evolve until I completely lost control of it. I will continue the story in this LP, so if you haven't read my other LPs, you might be a little lost. Don't worry, though, I'll try to keep things understandable enough, even if I will be referencing my past works (if I learnt anything in my FE6 LP, it's that I cannot stop myself). Ruben, what is the Leteena event? That question is mostly directed at people who already know the game, but here's a quick recap: the Leteena event is shit. The long answer is: the Leteena event is bullshit. You need more? Fine, I'll humor you. See Xavier? Well... not quite that terrible, but it's up there. The only purpose it serves is to make the player's life more miserable, and as we know, readers like to make the LPer's life miserable (at least my readers liked it a lot in the past), so please, vote away. Will we get to choose things for you to do? For the most part, I'll use any units I want, and in the event of alternate chapters, I'll show both and go with whichever run I like better. However, there are some pretty big decisions in this game that I will let you vote for. As well, you are free to suggest units for me to use, as I don't really have any preferences. Hopefully, you won't choose something ridiculous, like Narron. Or Narron. What is your stance on spoilers? I don't like 'em, so please, if you want to talk about things that haven't happened in the LP yet, put a big fat spoiler alert first and keep the content hidden within spoiler boxes. Of course, I already know pretty much everything, but surely somebody won't, so think of the children. Your last LP took ages to load every time. How will you handle things this time? Tear Ring Saga is about three times more text-heavy than FE6 or 12, so I'm going to change things up a bit: instead of just dumping a thousand screenshots of text in every update, I'll do what professional LPers do and write the dialoge manually with mugshots and all. For clarification's sake, I shall be using my trusty old Barlowe portraits to speak my mind during dialogue. This might change down the line, so don't take it as gospel. Or anything else on the OP, for that matter, if my last LPs are anything to go by... What will be the schedule for this LP? Like last times, there'll be none, and like last times, it'll probably change over the course of the LP, likely for worse. I'll try to have an update out within 3-4 days of the last, more often than not, but I am currently studying a programming course right now (shut up, you care), and in a couple weeks I have The Week (you know the one, that which has exams every single day because teachers are bad at organizing and coordinating) and Smash Ultimate comes out on top of that and I want to see if Luigi has really been nerfed to oblivion, so things might change. Man, I picked the worst possible time to start this, didn't I? Off to a great start, I see... and just you wait until you see the first chapter, which I've already played. There are six enemies, for crying out loud, and things already went as badly as they could've possibly gone! Why me...? Ruben, why don't you like Narron? I used Matthis in FE12. And Wade in FE6. Let that be the answer to your question. Now, before I finish up the OP, allow me to put a DISCLAIMER here for everyone to see: this LP will feature profanity, blood and gore, black humour and probably unhealthy amounts of character deaths. Viewer discretion is advised, because God knows I won't be able to be discreet. With all that out of the way, and without further ado, I think it's time for the tears to begin flowing as I fail terribly to be good at Tear Ring Saga! ...ergh, in a few days. See you then!
  18. 11 Century-- A young woman is said to have vanquished the demonic Nightlord, who covered the world in Eternal Night. In his defeat, the Nightlord spilled his foul essence, which took root to form an evil that lingers to this day... Blue Blood. Those who bathed in the Blue Blood were transformed body and soul into fiends, and became a blight upon humanity. Thereafter, they would appear at night to take people. In doing so, they robbed the human race of nighttime itself. Beset by sleepless nights caused by these wicked fiends, the city became known as "The Land Without Night." 800 years later... The stage has been set for a crusade on Ruswal, an island in the North Sea that is not on any map. On this island, two young women, each bound to the fate of the Night, were destined to reunite with each other. This is the story of two young women who lived in "The Land Without Night." And with that little opening narration, I welcome all of you to my first ever screenshot-based Let's Play of one of my favorite games of all time; Nights of Azure. The game was developed by Gust and published by Koei Tecmo and released to questionable success in 2016. I picked it up by pure chance while trying to get my best buddy a gift for his birthday back then and immediately fell in love with it. Why did I decide to make this my first LP ever? Well... the reason is that I always wanted to try doing one of these, but I couldn't decide on what game to pick. But recently, I had this urge to revisit this game again and I thought "Hey, why not share it with the friendly people at Serenes Forest?", so now, here we are. As this will be my first experience with this sort of thing, I hope you will forgive mistakes and the like. Recommendations for improvement are always welcome. We can get one of these questions out of the way right off the bat: let me know if this screenshot size is good enough for you or whether or not it should be smaller or bigger: For this playthrough, I will be showing the PS4 version of the game. So yeah, let me know how you guys feel about all this and I guess I'll see you in Part One!
  19. Greetings, dear citizens of SF. Today you will witness the setting in motion of a plan long in the making... Hattusili I and @Natalie play Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn ironman! Here are the rules. The starting player is decided by dice roll. After each battle, play switches from one player to the other. No restarting. On game-overs, play switches to the other player, who continues from the last save. There is no in-game punishment for a game-over. At the end of this let's play, the person with the most game-overs will buy the other dinner (in case of a tie, we split the bill). No swearing on this fucking thread, you little shits. We'll be playing Path of Radiance on normal, and Radiant Dawn on easy. The dice roll has happened, and it has chosen Natalie to begin. Alea iacta est.
  20. Hey everyone! Remember in like 2014 when I started like 234092 projects (I counted them, a painstaking effort) and finished precisely zero of them? No? Good. I'd prefer we leave that in the past (and if the answer is yes my apologies and please never bring it up again thank you). I've kind of got out of the trying anything creative ever scene since then and have been more or less enjoying games by myself but there are a few problems with that I've run into: 1) Buying way too many games and never committing to finishing, or hell, starting, them. 2) Spending way too many hours in a game doing monotonous tasks to no real goal or replaying games. Case in point: Now it's not that I haven't been having any fun playing Stardew Valley, and I still want to go for 100% achievements (because I obviously hate myself and don't value my time) but this is extremely excessive by my standards and I could be using the time more effectively. Like by working on school work or applying for jobs or trying to entertain friends and strangers on the internet through a web forum. Clearly the latter idea is the best one so I'm going to do that. Two weeks ago I had a cancer scare which shook me up a lot. I went in for blood screening on Friday and everything turned up negative, which is absolutely fantastic and I'm very thankful that I don't have to worry about my health more or less continuously anymore, but my mental health suffered a lot as a result and I've been thinking about a lot since then. I obviously enjoy video games, but they've been kind of taking over my life a lot lately, and I have to seriously address the two points I mentioned above. And I think a good way to do that is to make some kind of content thread. At best, I'll be regularly outputting fairly humorous content (aiming for twice a week to start) for people to enjoy. At worst, this will be a review thread where "this sure is happening all right" where I post every other week. I want to be realistic and address that sometimes life, via school work or my physical/mental health, can and does get in the way. I'm going to try to stick to something regular as best I can - no more unfinished progress, but it's a pre-warning in case things do get boring from time to time. Enough preamble though, I'm here to entertain, not depress everybody. One of my friends posted in a discord server that I'm in earlier this peculiar screenshot, in a tweet. The tweet OP seemed disgruntled but honestly, I ugly laughed. This is high art and if you disagree you are unfortunately incorrect. I was intrigued, so I found the source (slow link for some reason), downloaded it, and played the first little bit of it. It was kind of bad. Like the writing is kind of weird and the player character is kind of annoying but hey, misery makes great company and I think that a bad game can me more entertaining to write about than an acclaimed one. Also, Geodudes. So it can't be entirely awful. I didn't get far into it, so this is by and large going to be a BLIND playthrough. Which comes with its own challenges. I tend to be fairly grindy when it comes to playing Pokemon, and I won't be making an exception for this hack. I'm not going to grind up to super high levels just to beat the game, but I found myself a few levels below even the wild Pokemon by the time I reached the third route. I'll be trying to keep myself around parity and won't be documenting grinding, unless anything completely ridiculous happens. So, let's get to it, I guess. So that's that. I'm going to get started on a new project, and I'm kind of excited! At the bare minimum I'll try to upload every second Monday, but I'm going to aim for Mondays and Thursdays for the time being, or more often if motivation strikes. Please post anything you want in the thread, I love interacting with people and don't want to feel like I'm talking to a wall. Also huge shoutout to Integrity for basically showing me how to use the forums again. I've been bare effort posting lately and didn't know how images or spoiler tags even worked in this editor. I guess that makes me old or whatever. A Preview of Things to Come:
  21. Fingers crossed SF doesn't nuke my first post. What is this? This is a reversed recruitment playthrough of FE3 Book 2. What about Book 1? I did Book 1 in a thread in the Smashboards FE subforum. There weren't a whole lot of people reading regularly there, so I'm mirroring updates starting from Book 2 here so hopefully more people will be able to enjoy this nonsense. You can read the Book 1 run there if you wish. What patch are you using? One that I made myself. I might release it once I'm done with the run and fixed most of the bugs I've found, if there's enough interest. Who replaces who? Here, for those who want to know: Other stuff: In some other runs I've done, I did screenshots/gifs of each character level up. I have since decided this is "dumb" and "bad" because too much of my screenshots were being taken up by level ups rather than actual gameplay. So instead at the end of each update, there will be a "Stat Update" section to show how everyone is progressing and comment on it. Now on to the show. Featuring 2 chapters instead of the usual 1 cuz I felt like it! And also the updates individually were kinda short. Chapter 2-1: Chapter 2-2: Stat update: See y'all next time, probably with just one chapter.
  22. Felt like playing Conquest again, so I swapped all my FEH time over to Conquest time. There's not much to talk about in the FEH sub-forum if I don't, you know, actually play the game, so I figured I'd get screenshots working on my 3DS (via Luma3DS, so nothing official), and post a fairly casual playthrough of the game over here. Since it's a fairly casual playthrough, my focus would be more on the planning phase of the game rather than the execution. That is, I'll talk a bit about why I pick certain units and my reasoning behind them rather than focusing on how I spent 50 turns plinking a bowman on a fort tile or whatever. Table of Contents: 1, Pre-run Planning + Some Prologue Chapters 2, Chapter 3: Master Tactician Edition 3, Chapter 4 4, Chapter 5 5, Chapter 6: Operation Hug-box 6, Intermission, Mission Statement, and Math 7, Chapter 7 8, Chapter 8: Enter, Odin Dark 9, Paralogue 1 10, Chapter 9 11, Chapter 10: Camilla.exe 12, Invasion 1: Operation Nepotism 13, Chapter 11 14, Chapter 12: Everything Goes Better Than Expected 15, Chapter 13 16, Chapter 14 17, Chapter 15 18, Chapter 16: Crashes.jpg 19, Intermission II: Team Level & Stats 20, Chapter 17 21, Invasion 2 22, Chapter 18 23, Chapter 19 24, Chapter 20 25, Chapter 21 26, Chapter 22 27, Chapter 23 28, Chapter 24 29, Chapter 25 30, Chapter 26 31, Chapter 27 & Night Breaks Through: You Should Probably Read This Chapter First if You Want to Have a Relaxed Game of Conquest. Pre-run Planning: Ah, character creation. If you don't spend 2 hours on this step, you're doing it wrong. Gender is obviously the first choice you make, and a very important one. Due to level and availability related reasons, Jakob and Felicia are more or less the two most broken units in Conquest. Camilla comes close, coming in at 10 levels ahead of everyone else and staying ahead forever due to a low internal level, but her marginally worse availability and slower skill access means that, while she might well be the stronger, better unit compared to Jakob and Felicia, she's less broken from a overall perspective. Being female means you get Jakob, who takes less to get going and ends up with a bit more bulk at the end. On the other hand, it also means that you can't pass Samurai to any females (Vantage and L&D in the same class tree is fair and balanced) . So no Vantage L&D Savage Blow Camilla or any such nonsense. Being male would've gotten Felicia, who needs to grind tomes to get her offenses going, but ends up a tad better than Jakob if you're min-maxing her. But you do have to min-max her, whereas Jakob is pretty good even if you left him more or less alone. You also don't get to pass on Samurai to any males, but Kaze and Odin both already have access to it, so males don't care nearly as much. Pity you can't do things like marry Odin to Nyx to give her Samurai. Edit: You totally can, my memory is just shit. I picked female because black hair & white flower is optimal, obviously. Boons and Banes actually don't matter too much, because the Avatar starts with such nice growths already, having 45/30/45 Str/Mag/Spd and 35/25 Def/Res, so I went the lazy option of taking Unlucky because she has 25% luck growth even with a bane, and then taking Strong to counteract the minor penalty to her offensive stat. As a small note before starting the run, the run will be focused on testing whether or not Vantage L&D is as broken as I expect it to be, which means both testing it on Jakob (who gets the set with a 1-2 range weapon around chapter 10 if you rush straight for it), and also testing Kaze and Odin with the set, both of whom get it far later. Prologue Stuff: A very nice first level up, considering Corrin's job for the near future is going to be face-tanking everything for ages. (Lunatic is secretly extremely nice about level up screenshots, since even if I had to restart a chapter I don't have to take the level up screenshots again, since they'll be the same unless I class change.) Followed by a safe and secure end turn on a heal tile. Start of turn 2 spacing. Everyone moved as left as practical in order to try and make sure the AI doesn't end up in a vertical conga line that might delay things to the point where Kaze starts murdering my team. The Samurai has a throwing sword, so Jakob is spaced to handle it (he easily doubles the samurai's sad, -5 spd ass) and Corrin & Gunter rip apart the axe guy, getting her a nice offensive level. Double checking spacing before murdering Rinkah. If I remember correctly Gunther smacked her first, then Corrin moved to her left to finish her. Left Jakob for last because I wanted to use his turn to finish Rinkah if Corrin missed. But she didn't, so I healed Corrin instead. Screens like this (The 'Jagen' hitting an early game boss) should be pretty familar to anyone who plays Lunatic difficulties. It's simply not worth the effort to try and feed anyone else the combat exp (although obviously you take the last hit if possible) and risk the game over screen or losing a ton of healing items. Also note how completely reliable Gunter's survival was, even if Kaze somehow lived through the turn--Forceful Partner + Lance means that Corrin ORKOs the bottom samurai without any chance of a counter, and Jakob + Gunter has a 90%+ chance to explode the top samurai. The kid gloves are still on. Emphasis on 'if possible' about taking the last hit. A Gunter crit blew Kaze's face off. And clearing the stragglers gives Corrin another nice offensive level. Would like some more Def/Res, but she'll only be face tanking for a few more chapters, so it doesn't matter much.
  23. Well, today I got some rare free time, and decided to try playing Fates again after about a year hiatus. I thought I'd limit myself by trying an Ironman run. The Rules: 1: We will be playing on Lunatic/Classic 2: We will not reset if a unit dies. If my Corrin dies, I reserve the right to try again, or this might be a very short run. 3: No DLC grinding for XP or gold. Grinding supports in castle battles is okay. 4: I will limit myself to one "bought" skill per unit 5: No Bond units will be used, but "Captured" units are okay. 6: We will be starting after the route split. 7: Children paralogs will be played, if available, and children units are okay to use. 8: I will be skipping over most of the story for this LP, since it's more about seeing how well badly I do. 9: To make things interesting, I will let the audience pick who my Corrin will wed in holy matrimony. 10: If I forgot any rules, I reserve the right to add more rules. I've already married Jakob and Kaze in past playthroughs, so I prefer to try someone different, but we'll see how it goes. If the top choice dies before we can consummate the marriage, I'll try to pick the next top available choice. If anyone wants to visit my castle during this glorious campaign, my address is 05107-66614-62592-54117. Feedback and comments are always welcome! For Marriages and Stuff Summary as of Page 24
  24. This will be big. I'm sure you can tell that. This will be a giant PMU of Fates, where I try to use every unit in the game once in a PMU. I have the first one going on currently, and that is where we shall start. I will use this post to make quick summaries about each part of each run, as well as where you can vote for other members of later PMU's. So, let's see where this goes, shall we? First Run Here is a link to the place to vote if need be: Anyways, tomorrow, it's time to start the first episode, where we obtain Rhajat and get closer to finishing.
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