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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I'm brand new to Serenes Forest! I've been coming across a problem with scripting (could be something else too, lol). My custom animation is magic-based and uses the classic looping cape. The animation does not loop properly using the L command and instead goes through the frames and stays on one frame after the spell loads, looking like the character is frozen in place. This is strange, because I have had the looping work fine before when I was using the regular hit codes instead of the spell related one (C05) to test with physical weapons. Note that this animation does not use the same amount of frames as mage animations or anything like that. I've tried inserting it over the female mage to test and also tried inserting it over one of the custom battle sprite slots (such as Lucius), thinking it might have to do with the hard-coded looping in FE7. Both do not loop correctly. If you need more information, I can post the entire script. Thank you in advance for any help! This is how the script currently looks for the basic attack: /// - Mode 1 C03 - C07 - 3 p- noelleatt1.png /// - Attack Frames /// - C3A C49 5 p- noelleatt2.png 5 p- noelleatt3.png C34 5 p- noelleatt4.png 6 p- noelleatt5.png C1B 5 p- noelleatt6.png 5 p- noelleatt7.png C1B 5 p- noelleatt8.png 5 p- noelleatt9.png C1B 6 p- noelleatt10.png 5 p- noelleatt11.png 5 p- noelleatt12.png 5 p- noelleatt13.png 5 p- noelleatt14.png 5 p- noelleatt15.png /// - ABOVE TIMINGS CAN BE UPPED? 4 p- noelleatt16.png 5 p- noelleatt17.png 12 p- noelleatt18.png C23 3 p- noelleatt19.png 10 p- noelleatt20.png C22 4 p- noelleatt21.png C3C 3 p- noelleatt22.png 3 p- noelleatt23.png C05 2 p- noelleatt24.png 2 p- noelleatt25.png /// - Frames after hitting but before stopping to wait for HP depletion L //RIGHT HERE IS NOT LOOPING FOR SOME REASON 2 p- noelleatt26.png 2 p- noelleatt27.png 2 p- noelleatt28.png 2 p- noelleatt29.png C01 /// - RETURN TO BASE 6 p- noelleatt30.png 5 p- noelleatt31.png 5 p- noelleatt32.png 5 p- noelleatt33.png 5 p- noelleatt34.png 6 p- noelleatt35.png 7 p- noelleatt36.png C34 7 p- noelleatt37.png C1B 6 p- noelleatt1.png C06 C0D (EDIT: Never mind, it just randomly worked after I retested it with the regular hit combo of C04+C1A+C1F, which looped, then C05+C1A, which worked again to make sure I wasn't crazy. I finally cut it back to just C05 and all of a sudden it worked for only the spell O_o. I have no idea how, I guess animation insertion is a strange beast sometimes.)
  2. Hello! I am currently working on a very small FEXP project, and was hoping someone would help me a little bit? My questions are as follow: - What code do you use in order to have the camera pan across the map? - How do you get a camera to follow a unit on the map, for a scene? I have been following Klok's tutorial for Yeti's FEXP, but I've been trying to solve this problem for a little while now. Here are some screenshots: Map Event 1 Event 2 I am trying to get event 1 (sage map sprite) to move towards the room on the top left, in the map. I also wish to have the camera pan, and follow him on his short walk. Note: I am still looking for someone to assist with coding. If someone agrees to help me finish this project, they will be paid (either in dollars, or I can also trade for custom mugs.).
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