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Found 12 results

  1. Haven’t played this game but it seems fun Should I plan on getting it on the switch?
  2. I've been wondering for a while what's next for FE and also what the fanbase is hoping for. We've got 3H DLC coming for a while still, but I have to imagine IS are already working on plans for the next entry. And with FE growing bigger than ever with each new entry since Awakening, there's quite a lot of possibilities imo. I think it's generally assumed they're working on an FE4 remake, but the director of SoV did state he wanted to do FE6 next, so it isn't a sure thing. There's also the possibility of a new Warriors game or another spinoff, remasters, and classic games being added to the Japanese Nintendo Switch Online app. That's without even considering a new game or follow up to 3H. So what would everyone prefer to see next? For the first question, try limiting yourself to your top 3 most wanted choices. Also, if discussing possible follow ups to Three Houses, please spoiler tag anything that reveals details about the story. I personally do want to see an FE4 remake next, as I feel it could build on the engine they've got for 3H and as it was sort of an inspiration for the story this time, it makes sense to remake it now. I'd also love a Tellius remaster double pack, as it's my favourite FE world. And finally, I'd love some sort of follow up to Three Houses, as I think Fódlan has a lot of potential still and we haven't really had a direct sequel/prequel in a while. Thoughts?
  3. I'm not complaining about it, but wasn't there a huge chunk of the Post game that was never released yet in the first game? Also, why is Kelik female now?
  4. Ophelia isn’t “just” another one of the children characters in Fates. She is one of Marth’s descendants, meaning that she’d be able to wield the Falchion, and at the end of it, she went back to her world anyway. So should she be a main character in another Fire Emblem game? She's an adventurous lady, so I can see her building up a new team with comrades along with Soleil (since the ending said she'd return to her world as well).
  5. For those who don't know I'll playing through Xcom 2 which is what I heard a pretty hard game. I own all the DLC currently available which will make for some fun times. But the reason I'm making this topic is because I need soldiers. In Xcom 2 there is a feature called the Character Pool which means that the people in the Pool have a chance to be drawn and put into the playthrough. I suggest watching a video of all the customization options on YouTube. I am going to allow each person to make 2 characters in total which allows for some backstory for both of the characters. Like I mentioned in the title I will be playing this modded, so here's the mods: ~Capnbubs Accessory Pack ~Gotcha (Flank Preview Evolved) ~MGSV BDU Soldier Customization ~Military Camouflage Patterns ~Numeric Health Display ~Overwatch All/Others ~Long War SMG Mod ~Stop Wasting my Time ~Cost Based Ability Colors ~Grenade Throwing Tweaks ~Xcom EU/EW Ports: Tier 2 Armor ~Xcom EU/EW Ports: Tier 3 Armor ~WA's Custom Gear ~Xcom EU/EW Ports: Helmets ~Evac All ~Perfect Information ~Rouge Class Mod ~Long War Toolbox ~World Expansion Project: Advent ~More Maps Pack ~Mercenary Plasma Weapons ~Long War Laser Pack ~Full Character Customization ~Free the Hood ~Lifetime Stats ~The Axe Mod ~Stenchfury's Modular Armors ~Clone Trooper Voice Pack ~Hack Plus ~EW MEC Imports Wow that's a lot of mods, but hopefully that won't mess me over in the long run. If you want to keep it simple and not use a video or anything then just tell me what the Name, Nickname, Hair Color, Eye Color, Skin Color, and Backtory are and I'll add it in while also trying to make them look cool.
  6. Self explanatory, I kinda wanted to start a thread where we could discuss what we'd like to see in a sequel to this game, if they make one. Some things I wanna see 1: Have it take place chronologically a few years after the first game, preferably in a different city or country so it can make sense to newcomers and veterans. 2: Have Fire Emblem mirage characters from every game in the series instead of 1 and 13. 3: Try and merge the two series better, I feel like combining Devil Survivor elements with Persona would work the most. a: Have a system where mirages are grouped such as the Race or Arcana system and have fusion elements where you can take two mirages and make a more powerful one (might be awkward to see Florina and Wil fusing to make Colm for example, but it seems interesting to me). In addition, have personal mirages that can't be fused away so it works kinda like the Persona Q sub/persona thing. b: Use these mirages in Fire Emblem/ Devil Survivor levels that unlocks the dungeons (this might be awkward since it's kinda haphazardly slapping two types of gameplay together, but it could work with the right story mechanism). 4: Offer an English mode where the songs and voice cast are in English, Fates showed it could work really well with Lost in Thoughts All Alone.
  7. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12034499/1/As-Fate-Decrees Summary: Anankos was defeated a century ago. Hoshido, Nohr, Valla, and the rest of the continent enjoyed a long lasting peace under the reigns of their hero kings and queens. As fate decrees, however, peace is destined to be undone. Now their descendants must struggle not only to maintain order against an ever increasingly chaotic world, but to survive. - Artorias Growing up in Valla, one grew accustomed to the cold. The country was a combination of Hoshido and Nohr's northern lands, gifted to King Corrin a century ago by the hero kings Ryoma and Xander. The Hoshidan half was bountiful and fertile, and the vast majority of Valla's harvests were grown on it. The Nohrian half was rich in ores and minerals, and as such many Vallites made a living through either farming or mining. Summer and Autumn had good harvests, more often than not but the winters were always bitter and harsh. Even inside the relative warmth of Valla's "Hall of Kings and Queens", Artorias could feel winter's bite. Fitting for such a grim day. The young man was kneeling before the largest statue in the stoney hall, built in it's center and ever so carefully maintained. It was a statue built in the likeness of the first king of Valla. The new Valla, at least. His golden eyes were set not on the features of the statue, but on the name engraved upon it's base. "King Corrin-Kamui Arianites I..." Artorias read aloud, his voice heavy and somber. "I wonder what you would make of this. During your good years you were considered an excellent ruler. During your best years, a hero." Even behind the stone doors that sealed the Hall, Artorias could not shut out the fevered cries of his people. "But then there were your later years. I suppose even the greatest of heroes cannot remain as such, whether through their own will or cruel circumstance." Artorias had never been able to relate to his great-grandfather. Many tales were told to him, but from what Artorias could gather he was a very different man from Corrin. He would likely be a very different King, as well. Gazing at the statue's features then, Artorias noted that he only scarce resembled the First King. Queen Azura Arianites' blood ran stronger through him, by his grandfather King Shigure-Socrates Arianites. Artorias stood tall, as he did, and was built strong yet agile as well. He bore the same aqua blue hair as his grandfather and great-grandmother, and shared his fair complexion with many Vallites. The Northern country had many sun-less days and long winters, after all. "Brother..." Yes, many traits of Azura's blood indeed. However he did not have the red eyes of Corrin or Kana. He was not born a dragon first, for only Corrin himself and Kana were born as such, and thus his dragonstone unleashed significantly less power compared to them. The gift the two shared came with a deadly curse, however, and they had bore to their end. "Brother. It's time." He could not even awaken the sacred sword of their house through his will, like his great aunt Kana-Korrinus could. Yet, as Artorias rose to his feet and turned his gaze on his twin sister, their golden eyes meeting each other in the dimly lit hall...he knew he must wield it all the same. The Yato lay flat along Astraia's palms, safe within it's golden sheath. Artorias took the blade with a nod and strode towards the doors of the Hall, leaving his musings on the First King behind him. The sound of his and Astraia's boots echoed throughout the stoney hall. "Brother, must it really be you that does this? Sir Drusus volunteered the moment of the sentencing. This is not-" "I must do this, sister." Artorias interrupted her, his voice blunt. "It is my duty as Valla's King." Just before he reached the stone doors he felt Astraia's hand clasp his left shoulder. Once again their golden eyes met, but this time the empathy and fear in his twin's gaze rang true for him. They, too, were very different people, but they were siblings all the same. Astraia had the kindness and empathy their ancestors were so well known for. "Astraia." Artorias' voice was softer now, as he gently moved Astraia's hand. "It is the duty of a Vallite Royal. I'd...not have it fall to you." Perhaps, in a way, Artorias had these traits as well. "You need not bear this burden alone!" Astraia tried to put anger in her voice, but she could find none. There was only sorrow and pain in it, pain that Artorias felt as well. All he could do was try to reassure his sister. "It's just...it's not right that this be your first act as King. This should not be a mark for what your reign will entail." "I know, and I do not." He stroked her arm gently before turning to the doors one last time. "But it does matter whether it is right or not. It is simply my duty, and I must carry it out." For one such as Artorias, this was a far more emotional display than normal. He could not afford to have such emotion make itself present outside of the Hall. He did not do this out of emotion, but of duty. They were right at the doors now, and the voices were louder than ever. The emotionally charged cries of their people. They called for blood. They called for peace. They called for revolution, and they called for order. Artorias would not be able to give them either. "The prisoner is in position, your majesty." The moment Artorias opened the stone doors he was met with the dutiful Edelfelt siblings. Edric was Astraia's caretaker, and Eris was his own. The silver-haired Edric had been the first to speak, and he fell right in line with Astraia as the two walked the stone path towards the city square. "Sir Drusus remains on stand-by. If you ever choose to change your mind, simply-" "Give the word. I know, Edric. Astraia informed me, and I must thank sir Drusus for his kind offer." Artorias needed to focus now, even if those closest to him wished otherwise. Ashen haired Eris was not so quick to speak as her older brother, as she often was, but she gave her liege a look similar to the one Astraia had, back in the Hall. The quarter was amongst the people now. Lined up against the houses and buildings that were so prevalent in the city of Valla. Not all of them could fit into the city square, but all the same they wanted to witness the events that were about to unfold. This was the first execution held in Valla since the earliest days of the First King. Artorias supposed he could not blame them for their eagerness. It was also...a heavily controversial event. Artorias was genuinely surprised, and relieved, that the common-folk had not stormed the wooden platform set up in the square. It was guarded by Sir Drusus and his men, armoured and armed for any possible threats. No doubt he had other soldiers set up throughout the city, scouting to make sure nothing would make this day bloodier than it was already bound to be. Artorias appreciated it, more than he could ever show. The King ascended up the steps of the platform, his sister and retainers behind him, with the mumblings and cries of his people soaking into the back of his mind. They were not what was important right now. All he needed to do was perform this duty, and get to work on restoring Valla's peace. Once atop the platform Artorias set his golden eyes on the prisoner. He was forced onto his knees, feet and hands bound tight, and he did not even look up to his King. Instead he rested his neck on the block of wood provided. He already accepted his fate, it seemed. Sir Drusus, of course, stood just behind the prisoner, halberd in hand. He was clad in the silver and black Valla's finest near always wore. The golden Vallite star was painted onto his breastplate, that all who faced such a warrior knew which country he hailed from. With his short, soft lilac hair, but hardened face, Sir Drusus was the very picture of a fine general. Artorias gave the older man a meaningful look, and with but a word he raised his halberd and banged it's base against the wooden platform. Once, twice, and on the third bang the common-folk quieted. "High Priest Thasus Quent." Artorias' voice carried throughout the square as he spoke. "You have been charged with Treason, Sacrilege, Murder, and Queenslaying." He paused, letting the last and greatest crime hang in the air to compose himself. "You have been found guilty of these crimes by the Court of Valla. Crimes punishable by death." Artorias unsheathed the golden Yato from it's sheath, the blade gleaming beneath the Vallite sun. In his hand rested the sword of a hero. The "Crux of Fate". The "Seal of Flames". It was said that it was only to be wielded by the greatest hero of a given era. Artorias could not help but note that he did not feel much a hero, especially with that blade in hand. "Do you have any last words?" "We are a godless nation!" Thasus cried out. "Heathens and damned, the lot of us! Valla had true king. A true god! And your ancestor slayed him!" Artorias said nothing. He would not interrupt the man's last words, regardless of how much he wished to. Again, though, his sister Astraia was not the same person as he. "You speak of the Silent Dragon? He was no King, and scarce a god. He was mad man! A dragon perhaps, great and powerful indeed, but degenerated beyond all hope." Astraia spoke with fire in her voice. "A pitiable soul, one that needed to be put to rest. Our ancestors are no god-slayers. Our people are not heathens. We live only because they chose to act." "God-slayers we are! Descendants of god-slayers and worshipers of god-slayers, and damned we shall remain! For it is a crime far, far worse than Queenslaying!" Thasus retorted, looking not to Astraia but to the crowd before him. Artorias felt his eye twitch at the statement. The rage that swelled in his chest at the condemned's words was such he needed to bite his lip to keep his silence. "Without the Silent Dragon who do we worship? To whom to we look to in prayer? We have no Dusk Dragon of Nohr. We have no Dawn Dragon of Hoshido. No god cares for Valla! No god cares for us!" He raised his head off the block, and even such a subtle movement was enough to have Sir Drusus ready his halberd. Artorias raised his hand, however, giving the knight the command to stand down. Thasus would have his last words. And then he would die. "I implore you, my good people. With no gods to care for us we are at the mercy of our mortal rulers. Each and every one of us is on a platform. A block! With royal blade hanging above our heads. How long before you find yourself speaking your final words? How long before you find yourselves in my position?" Thasus laid his head back along the block, and he closed his dark eyes. "What I have done, I did for the Silent Dragon. For our True King and our God." He took a calming breath, and he sighed. "What I have done, I did for Valla." What were the words of his grandfather, Shigure-Socrates? "From my experience, it is the maddest of men that oft give the greatest of speeches". Artorias believed his words then, and he believed them now. Gripping the Yato's hilt with both hands, King Artorias-Akihiko Arianites I took his position alongside the condemned. Artorias raised the Yato above his head and, with but a moment's hesitation, he let out a single whisper. "This is for Mother." The Yato cut clean, and the traitor's head rolled.
  8. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2015-04-12/bandai-namco-ent-reveals-project-x-zone-2-game/.87060 Here we go! A sequel to Project X Zone! New characters, different paired units of from the first and.. Well much more! Interesting possibilities are in the wind I feel! Special thanks to Breezy for happening to run across this via a Sakura Wars tweet. http://youtu.be/O_ggRnpMMSU
  9. SUP SF! IGdood back for more Let's Playing of the XCOM franchise! Previously did a playthrough on Enemy Within http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=44271 >What is XCOM 2? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaSqxZImvjc XCOM 2 follows an alternate story where XCOM took heavy casualties and lost during Month 1. Earth's governments quickly surrendered to the aliens. 20 years later, the Commander/player and Vahlen are missing, Raymond Shen is dead, and Bradford is an alcoholic. At the game's beginning, the Commander is found and XCOM gets back into the action. However, at this point in time the aliens have already established "safe-zone" cities and made themselves to be the good guys. XCOM members are considered terrorists. >What's changed from XCOM 1? Better graphics. A lot of humanoid enemies called the Advent. They form the bulk of the aliens' military and are essentially also the police of alien territory. It's assumed they're humans with alien DNA. The actual aliens themselves from the first game have also been augmented with human DNA to give them a less intimidating look. You'll see them when the game's out. Special mention goes to unit customization. Every piece of your units can be customized, from what they're wearing on their faces to bits and pieces of their armor. Guns can get custom paint jobs and attachments and renamed. You can even write biographies on your characters, give them different accents. This is where you guys come in. Just like before, I need you to pick out how your characters will look and sound and their personal biographies. >Job Classes? Whereas before XCOM represents the global powers and the aliens strike from the unknown, it's the other way around now. XCOM is a guerrilla force, and the opening turns consist of staying stealthed and setting up ambushes. After contact is made, the mission proceeds like that from the first game. The classes will be using the following format: Old Name --> New Name Assault --> Ranger: Able to use rifles and shotguns. Also carries a fuckhueg sword on their back which can be used after a Dashing move. Can choose to specialize in sword techniques or stealth techniques. Heavy --> Grenadier: Able to use grenade launchers and miniguns. Can choose to specialize in blowing shit up or perforating shit up. Support --> Specialist: Commands a flying drone called a gremlin. Can choose to specialize in buffing and healing allies or hacking/stunning enemy robotics to turn them over to XCOM's side temporarily. Sniper --> Sharpshooter: Isn't really different from the sniper in the first game. Able to specialize in using the sniper rifle or in using pistols so they can become effective whilst getting into position. Also, revolvers are fucking sexy. Unknown 5th Class: Jake Solomon said we probably won't be informed what the 5th class is until release. Speculation ranges from a dedicated Psi powers class to a dog to an alien-human hybrid to an alien defector to a infiltrator/saboteur class. Psi Operative: Yup, dedicated Psi powers class. No longer a subclass like in EU/EW. Doesn't level up in battle, only back at the base. Powers that they learn are chosen randomly too. 6th Class: Announced as DLC that will be coming in the summer months after release. Titled "Shen's Last Gift" so possibly like the MEC of Enemy Within. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Customization options pictures begin here, use them to fill this form out: First Name: Surname: Callsign/Nickname: Gender: Preferred Class (choose from Rookie, Sharpshooter, Grenadier, Ranger, Specialist, Psi Operative): Nationality: XCOM Operative, VIP (rescuable NPC), or Dark VIP (enemy NPC): Helmet/Hat: Arms (Specify what type - Kevlar, Resistance Kevlar, Predator, etc): Legs (Specify what type - Kevlar, Resistance Kevlar, Predator, etc): Torso (Specify what type - Kevlar, Resistance Kevlar, Predator, etc): Upper Face: Lower Face: Face Paint: Weapon Camo: Armor Camo: Left Arm Tattoo: Right Arm Tattoo: Scars: Face: Hair (Male): Hair (Female): Facial Hair: Hair Color: Eye Color: Race: Skin Color: Main Armor Color: Secondary Armor Color: Weapon Color: Voice: (determines their accent for English, also there are Spanish, Italian, French and German voices too) Stance & Attitude: Biography: (can be as long as you want) Basic Info Nationalities (affects flag on their back) These options are for your looks Also Armor Color and Gun Color Hat/Helmet Torso, Arms, and Legs Upper Face Props Lower Face Props Camo Patterns for Armor and Gun. (only armor shown, too much effort to take and put everything together in MS Paint) Face Paint (From Pre Order DLC) Tattoo (arms independent of each other, but both arms share the same pool) Scars Races and Faces Hairstyles (some incompatible with hats and helmets) And male facial hair Eye Color, Skin Color Stances (Affects how they behave and their lines in-game) Classes!
  10. Besides me? I just felt like the story itself was too forced and contrived.....like trying to make it epic or something but was imo an utter failure.
  11. so i have been always wanting to play fe 9 and fe 10 but i hear fe 9 is very easy, i don't want a game that will put me to sleep. however i am worried about not being able to understand anything about the radiant saga. can you help me. and if you DO want me to play fe 9 first tell me about how diffcult it is on hardest NA mode. also give reasons if you do want me to play fe 9 before fe 10 or if it os okay to play fe 10 before fe 9
  12. With Ace Attorney 5 coming later this year, I've been wondering about Shu Takumi's other work, Ghost Trick:Phantom Detective. I think that some of us here have played the game on DS and/or iOS. It was a good game, if not better. What do you guys think, should they create a sequel or not? And why should/n't they?
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