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Found 4 results

  1. So apparently, I'm shadowbanned from my!castle. I still can access PvP and others castles, but they can't visit mine, as I tried to access my castle from my other CQ cartridge.(Which btw, every copy of Fates has a different castle address number.) I didn't have any units in illegal classes in my castle team, although Kana(Who was not in the castle team) was a Nohrian King. I'm not sure if that caused my castle to get shadowbanned, or perhaps something else. But, is there a way to get unshadowbanned? Do I need to change my units and Kana into something else, or delete the save data?
  2. I've looked through dozens of forum posts on several websites, but I can't find the sanswer to a specific question. I want to test some simple cheats in Fire Emblem Fates, nothing to extreme, just some simple convoy editing since grinding and forging weapons in the game is bullshit (Maybe also make some units into funny classes for a short bit). However, I got confused as I looked into the "Shadowban Checklist". If I, for example, had Forrest as a Witch or Subaki as a Wolfskin, would I get shadowbanned if they weren't in my street pass team? Does having them as those classes AT ALL get me shadowbanned?
  3. Since many people here seem to have questions about it/are worried if they'll get shadowbanned from Powersaves... There's quite a few threads already mentioning Shadowbans, but I wanted to neatly organize this topic. (This is only concerning Powersaves, so I can't help you cheaters if you are using some other hack methods.) Here's the run down of the many asked questions: Why is it called a Shadowban? It is, from what I've gathered called a 'shadow' ban because you won't be notified if you are banned. It is a result of trying to stop illegal hacks. So what exactly does it mean? If you are shadowbanned for using Powersaves, no one can visit your castle. Although you can still visit other castles. You'll most likely not be able to participate in online battles if the team you've chosen is from the file that is shadowbanned. ^You will get an error as soon as you are at the preparation screen. What causes a ban like this? When you use the Powersaves codes to hack on illegal weapons or skills it results in a Shadowban. More specifically: Enemy weapons, Enemy skills, basically anything that can't be done legit in game such as a Dragonstone +7/Beaststone +7, NPC exclusives, etc. If you are confused about accidentally hacking on enemy weapons you can visit this page for more information. If you are confused about accidentally hacking on enemy skills you can visit this page for more information. Some enemy skills will not cause a ban, includes: Wing Shield, Armor Shield, Beast Shield and Bold Stance. If I get banned on one file, what about my others? Getting shadowbanned on one file will not affect your other game saves/files. Can I undo this ban? Yes. You will have to put the illegal weapons/items/skills/whatever in your inventory/equipped skills and overwrite it with a save. You could either Powersaves different items/etc over so it removes, or click the option that selects it to be empty, in Powersaves. Doing that will remove whatever causes the shadowbans (after you update your data it should all be good). Um, Jin how do you even know about this stuff? From my own experience. I've tested out many things as well to see if it causes bans and whatnot. Hopefully this topic can help someone! If I forgot to add something, I apologize in advance.
  4. As I'm sure a lot of users are sick of hearing the europe hacking product powersave pro has a bunch of items on their list. Among those it lists items such as dragonstones +7 Beaststones +7, All the Forms of the Yato +7 and all the amiibo exclusive weapons (Not the Replica's you can buy) are items that can't be leveled up at all Has anyone tested these codes online at all and seen the consequences? Alongside that all weapons appear with 35 uses, if you were to bring a fortify from the powersave into battle would it cut it down to 17 uses or just ban you all together? From what ive seen on other sites only boss weapons and skills cause the shadowban, but I've been curious if the game counts these other items as hacked as well?
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