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Found 2 results

  1. So, I was discussing with some folks FE8's Summoner class, and how the Shaman's promotions could have been handled better. Basically, each of the three of us had a different idea for the ideal promotion options for Shaman. We're all satisfied with the Druid as it is, we're just concerned with the Summoner. Here are the main three arguments: 1. The Summoner is fine as it is. Basically, the idea that the Summoner is viable enough and interesting enough not to warrant any change. 2. Have Shamans promote to Sage instead of Summoner. Shamans would promote to Sage instead of Summoner. This change would come with a second major change: Sages would only be allowed to have one school of offensive magic. Monks who promoted to Sage would only have Light magic and Staves, Mages would only have Anima and Staves, and Shamans would naturally only have Dark and Staves. This sort of change isn't unheard of: Paladins lost access to Axes when Great Knights were introduced in FE8. I don't personally fancy this concept; it leaves the Shaman with two promotion options that are even more similar than the Druid and Summoner were, and it reduces incentive for Monks and Mages to promote to Sage instead of Bishop or Mage Knight, respectively. 3. Replace the Summoner promotion with a mounted Dark Knight promotion. This is the idea that I prefer: the Dark Knight would be a mounted unit with access to Dark magic and Staves. Its stats would be balanced differently than the Druid's: I'm not sure of the specifics, but most likely less Magic and Skill, but more Speed, though not by a drastic amount. These stat differences would be similar to the differences between Sage and Mage Knight. I think this would have been a good alternative to the Summoner because it creates a meaningful and noticeable visual and practical difference between the Shaman's two promotion options. However, it's worth noting that there are two classes that already exist in FE8 (Valkyrie and Mage Knight) which are fairly similar to this Dark Knight, so that might be reason for concern. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this, so respond letting me know which of these ideas you think would have worked best in FE8.
  2. She awoke to the smell of sweet mint and lemon. Cakes and tea were being prepared by the innkeeper. Pleiada rose from her bed, and walked to towards the window. She bunched the orange curtain together and tied it with a piece of rope that lay on the windowsill. She looked outside to see that the citizens had already begun their day. She stared down at a man that was rushing frantically. He was carrying various fruits, practically juggling them as he ran down through the plaza full of people. It was a busy day, and she had to get ready for her visitors who would be arriving soon. Pleiada sat at her vanity and began to brush her hair. Her curly locks shined a roseate blonde, and cascaded over her slender and pale shoulders. Staring at her reflection, and into her amber eyes. She entertained the thought of hands caressing her shoulders, and braiding her hair. With a sigh she stood from her seat and put on her white bustier. She pulled a white cotton dress over her torso, with the skirt landing just below her knees. She wore a honey coloured cloak, but left the hood down. She lifted her white stockings over her thighs, and started to put on her boots before she heard a knock at the door. "Miss, I believe you have some guests waiting for you downstairs. Shall I tell them that you will be arriving soon?" the innkeeper called through the door. "Yes, tell them as such." Pleiada responded. "Very good. I have tea and cakes if you would like to come down and break your fast as well." the innkeeper lady insisted. "Thank you." She replied. Pleiada retrieved the letter from her drawer and read it one last time before she put it back in the envelope and into her cloak pocket. She wondered who would turn up to escort her to such an obscure location in the middle of the forest. She had been receiving letters from what she believed to be a secret admirer. They were poems, and rather cryptic, but she loved a good mystery. She yearned for adventure, but did not have the skills or courage to set out on her own. Her friends and acquaintances back home would have laughed at the suggestion. She opened the door and descended the staircase, not knowing who would be there to greet her. She had never done business with mercenaries before. She walked into the reception hall. "Hello, my name is Pleiada. I am here to pay for you to escort me to the Spectral Woodlands. Pleased to meet you." She curtsied.
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