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Found 4 results

  1. There's an online save editor as WIP which can already duplicate, delete and share units online with other users online. It doesn't need FEAST and duplicating units doesn't wipe out your convoy.
  2. Ok everyone, E3 is here! With all sorts of hype going around (with the presentation from Betheda last night increasing it), I just wanted to see what others were hoping to see in 2015 E3 and how you feel about it after everything is shown and done. While I am focusing on Nintendo, if you guys want to bring up other companies' presentation, go right ahead (just please don't start a war in the fourms, thank you). I really want to see what other people's opinion are! While I will give my thoughts and opinions later, I will say that Bethesda (and the Nintendo World Championship) started things out pretty well (even if FPS's aren't really my thing)!
  3. Topic. I'm getting the game soon, and when I do I'll be making stages all day. Share your stages and ideas. GameXplain attempted to recreate Hyrule Castle and Peach's Castle from Smash 64, so I'd like to see how people brought back other classic stages.
  4. Hello! This here is a thread I started to discuss and help refine ideas I had for an FE game. So, why don't I start out? My plot frame: You have a Mercenary band, whom are hired by a kingdom (Lanex) to help them avoid being conquered by a neighboring kingdom (Akur) who is currently kicking their ass. Events ensue and we see that the king of the Akur (Albin) has a talented warrior and tactician (Cyth) leading his army, whom also seems to be very secluded. The player army eventually leads a counter offensive against Akur after being typical FE protagonists and kicking everyone into ash. In one timeline (ah la Awakening), the army goes in and defeats Albin, but Cyth starts a trap, incapacitating the mercenary force and allowing him to take control of Akur and lead a yet more successful military campaign, taking over the continents and (when they attack him once again) killing the original generation. This leaves the second generation alone in a desolate future, where the children, resorting to underground tactics, can barely put up a fight and are soon defeated by Cyth who, testing the power of a new incarnation of the Fire Emblem (Dark Emblem, a treasure hidden within the castle of Akur from a war many centuries ago), fucks up time itself and sends the children and a bunch of other things back to the past, just after the start of the original quest. The break in time causes a similar reaction to occur with the Dark Emblem in the past, and now a whole new chain of events have been set into action to motivate the rest of the game. Well, that was the basic outline of the plot. Of course, it's devoid of a ton of details, backstory, and the extensive character list I created (as well all the gameplay ideas I had), but I thought it was a good way to break the ice. So please, tell me what you think of this and any future updates I may have. All constructive criticism in great appreciated!
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