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Found 1 result

  1. [spoiler=The Art] -General Fire Emblem designs, ideas for Villager designs, Garhen, Bandit dude done for the Splice Contest in a battle sprite-ish form. Big one is tier2? smaller tier1? -Still working on these... mulling over designs for a Barbarian class in GBA battle sprite form. Not sure what combination of elements works the best for the concept. -Fighter concept designs... trying to come up with some different feels/styles. -Really need to rescan this one... its ridiculously blurry due to poor scanning due to trying to place two pages on scanner from a ringed sketch book. If you can make it out... my Lord from my sprite thread Quinn is there, along with some of his potential supporting cast on the top page. His starter units are a tier0/trainee armor unit with swords, a naive young blade knight named Rupert. His other(insanely blurry) companion is a taciturn tactician name Torne. Torne will likely use magic and swords if possible... Notes on his personality are grumpy+cynical...(totally not a Soren analogue at all >.>) -Bottom page has a OC of mine named Dacen, who like my other OC Erwand I am still trying to figure out how they fit into the Fire Emblem universe, design and classwise. Other random little sketches/characters... Think the girl at the bottom was me trying to figure out the design on my Female Lord. Some random archer/sniper... Some older Armor Knight/Paladin/Great Knight gentleman in the top right corner. -As you can see, the simplified designs I make... I then can pretty easily translate into battle sprite form. -Sometimes, I make a sprite/mug that I like and then try to translate into a battle sprite design... this guy I made for my first splice contest here will eventually be made into a bandit/brigand when I get around to it. ---- Anyways, that's some of my stuff... I honestly have a bunch of sketch pads full of way better works from ages ago... think I will try to see if I can those sometime. In the meantime, I hope to update this thread every week with some actual hard effort artwork to try to improve a bit. Thanks for taking the time to check this out. Hope you found it interesting or entertaining at least... ...as I always say in my sprite threads, I seriously love any and all sorts of feedback, whether criticisms, comments, thoughts, cookies or just random streams of consciousness...Thanks! :D
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