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Found 3 results

  1. If Inigo, Severa or Owain are the same people as Laslow, Selena and Odin, then couldn't Morgan and Kana potentially be half-siblings?
  2. (I don't know if I should mark this as a spoiler, as you only find out from DLC, but.. Whatever) I'm trying to make the ideal sibling for Lilith on my Revelations playthrough. To make Corrin actually look like they could be related. I've mapped everything out, except for hair color. I'm torn between color 7, and color 27. Which one resembles the color Lilith has the most? http://kamuicustomizer.appspot.com
  3. Let's forget about likely couples and examine likely siblings for a minute. Out of the all the future children, who is most likely to be Morgan's brother or sister? Let's assume that both generic and unique supports happen for Morgan. Also, disregard official hair colors. That way Kjelle and Noire don't get an unfair advantage. Ironically, I kinda have to nominate Noire. Not only because she and Morgan play off of each other really well, but also they have similar talents. They both have martial and magic skills, plus they share this odd talent for making crafts. Noire makes a series of talismans for herself, while Morgan made a entire box of masks during her support with Gerome.
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