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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I wanted to make a thread for people to play with others on Skype. All you have to do is list your Skype name, and you can set up matches on here by adding them as friends! I've also gone ahead and made a skype group that you can join and help set up matches. You can also invite other players if you know them. If you want to be added to the Skype group, just add me. Skype Name: FKOCoopa Edit: I've found out you can auto join the skype group if you copy and paste this link into a skype chat then click the link. It auto joins you into the group. skype:?chat&blob=CEO_NNCCwpenNk-yB5dT5A-C0QvY2k9m3z-TYv53zQa4kjOoGURwj7Hy8nMYWfpae5RllJA-292-
  2. I have one of the best teams ;) you won't stop me! SeraphPunchOnline MODEDIT: yo don't doublepost
  3. Hello, people of the roleplaying thread! Recently I and a few members have been holding an RP using Roll20, and because a few of them were disinterested after a while... They left. In their stead, we've decided to set up a recruitment thread! We're only accepting the best of the best, and for now, only 2 will be eligible to join us. This is... Sort of a mix between Warhammer: Fantasy and Fire Emblem: Awakening. If you require backstory on either, I will direct you to one of the people with us who is a buff on all of the lore of Warhammer. As for Awakening, you are free to message me. Fire Emblem: Ghosts of Altdorf currently has a liiiiiittle bit of plot so far. Here goes. Our story began with the adventures of a special few after the canonical events of Fire Emblem Awakening. During one of their own explorations they inadvertently brought the end of their own world as they bridged a connection to a land that knows only war. Their original timeline destroyed by the bane of all life marked by an 8 pointed star, chaos incarnate. They returned into the past of their own world by accident. Our heroes, done to one of the original group, must now try to save their own home's reflection before it suffers from the End of times. They are not alone in this task, as from the world they traveled to they have help from a land known simply as, The Empire, know for it's engineers, sorcerers, traders, and soldiers in the old world stands as a bastion of hope and courage in the trying times against Chaos, Greenskins, and vile dark gods. As the end of times draw nearer for both worlds, The Empire, and all of existence needs heroes like ever before, for the alternative is enslavement to the laughter of thirsting gods. Note that characters in this roleplay CAN AND WILL die. Our GM describes the enemy layout to be fitting for "Lunatic ++". Be wary. No, we won't reset, and no, we don't bring anybody back... Maybe. For your character application, we need information about the character, back story, class, and race. You will also need an account at roll20.net and, preferably, Skype. Your stats will be randomly calculated by dice once you are accepted. Our two people recruited will be decided by an anonymous user, decided by the quality of the character and their likelihood of fitting into the story. Don't be hurt if your character isn't chosen! Note: This is an RPG. We will actually be playing some mix between Fire Emblem and Warhammer Fantasy. The system leans more towards Fire Emblem. Other Note: Remember, any questions can be sent to me, and will be forwarded to the person deciding who gets in if necessary. EDIT: Whoops, almost forgot! The deadline for your character submission is Monday, August 24. EDIT 2: The deadline will be moved back if required and we are now accepting three characters. Good luck!
  4. I don't see a topic on this yet, so here goes. Apparently, Skype recently got hacked and tons of data was leaked. That includes passwords. A friend of mine already had his password stolen and a bot sent malware links to all of his contacts, including myself. Change password asap, and if any of your contacts sends a suspicious link, do not click. Article
  5. I'm using an old laptop (Mac OS X I believe) that was my sister's before mine, so it's kinda old. She already had Skype on it, but it was a really old version. Sometime today, there was an update and I got excited so I could have the same version my cousin did, and if he told me a feature I didn't know about, he could actually direct me on how to find it, that kinda thing. I installed it, and the sign-in screen is different, so I thought it was a good sign. But then it said "We've signed you out because you're using an old version of Skype." And it gave a link to this page. http://www.skype.com/en/download-skype/skype-for-computer/?intsrc=client-_-osx-_-6.3-_-go-download So I clicked the "download for Mac" button. I followed the steps: Step 1 Save the Skype file to your computer. Step 2 Double click the download file then drag the Skype icon to your Applications folder. Step 3 Launch Skype from your Applications folder and sign in with your Skype Name and password. It took me to the same page I was at before. I followed the steps and repeated doing it multiple times. The same thing, every. Single. TIME. "We've signed you out because you're using an old version of Skype." "We've signed you out because you're using an old version of Skype." I'm really starting to freak out here. What can I do?
  6. [9:34:49 PM | Edited 9:34:50 PM] PKLucas531: "Shirley Celebration Topic" [9:27:59 PM] shirley: cause i made it the smallest text as small as possible <_< [9:28:11 PM] PKLucas531: TWO [9:28:12 PM] PKLucas531: HUNDRED because he started counting each time I did the >_> face in skype (or sometimes in SF) since around September 7th and I have just reached 200. Of course, I did a lot more in like, PMs/private IMs/when he was asleep. so yeah. CELEBRATION TIME? idk. also, the reason I'm making this thread is because: [spoiler=reason] [9:28:57 PM] PKLucas531: thread time [9:28:59 PM] PKLucas531: idk what title to make [9:29:02 PM] shirley: uh [9:29:08 PM] shirley: call it after the face [9:29:13 PM] shirley: 'shirley's face' [9:29:32 PM] PKLucas531: "Shirley's face topic" [9:29:34 PM] PKLucas531: wat [9:29:37 PM] shirley: lolololol [9:29:38 PM] shirley: sure [9:30:02 PM] PKLucas531: wait [9:30:05 PM] PKLucas531: i'd be breaking my [9:30:07 PM] PKLucas531: topic making policy [9:30:12 PM] shirley: IT'S OKAY THIS TIME [9:30:13 PM] PKLucas531: hmm [9:30:19 PM] shirley: or i'll do it [9:30:26 PM] shirley: which would be weird [9:30:37 PM] shirley: but if you can get me the first thing you said that started the count [9:30:49 PM] PKLucas531: uh [9:30:49 PM] PKLucas531: hmm [9:30:53 PM] PKLucas531: might be hard [9:30:56 PM] shirley: wat [9:31:10 PM] shirley: why [9:31:20 PM] PKLucas531: its from like [9:31:21 PM] PKLucas531: a month ago [9:31:23 PM] shirley: lololol [9:31:24 PM] PKLucas531: i didn't save it [9:31:25 PM] PKLucas531: olol [9:31:27 PM] shirley: well ctrl + f something [9:31:31 PM] shirley: count? [9:31:33 PM] shirley: ...well [9:31:43 PM] shirley: i would say ctrl + f 1 but that'd take forever [9:33:51 PM] PKLucas531: yeah it's [9:33:53 PM] PKLucas531: kinda gone [9:33:58 PM] PKLucas531: from the other chat [9:34:08 PM] PKLucas531: it goes back to sept 29th only [9:34:10 PM] shirley: awwwww [9:34:12 PM] PKLucas531: and i started like [9:34:16 PM] PKLucas531: september 7th ish?
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