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Found 4 results

  1. I thought that this wasn't weighty enough for the Serious Discussion forums, but I still want legitimate answers. What are some tips, advice, and habits you have for going to bed on time to get enough sleep for the next day, as well as waking up at an assigned time without snoozing or accidentally going back to sleep? For the full (and very long) story of why I'm asking this: The Short Version:
  2. Hello, my name is Lazaar and I'm a tactician. Weird though, I was just sleeping in the forest when I woke up and saw you sleeping here. I agree, this forest looks very comfy. Don't tell me you're a tactician too? That's fantastic, my father told me it's a very common trade in this forest. I hope one day our armies could meet for a friendly match. Until then I think I will take a nap right here...
  3. Tell us, did you have some weird or funny dreams? I had a dream once were I lost a bike race against Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck :D
  4. I was going to make this thread for like, months, but I always forgot. Someone's post in fftf made me finally go make it. So. But yeah. All of my dreams are always so weird and strange. And I figured since I think that dreams are so interesting, it'd be nice to have a place where everyone can share them, and keep a record of so they don't forget. But yeah, feel free to share any dreams you've had here. I'm interested to hear about them and I'm sure everyone else is too!
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