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Found 6 results

  1. Since that I did beat Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon which I heard that was a spiritual successor of the Castlevania franchise and the creator of Castlevania did developed that game. And plus with Simon Belmont and Richter Belmont were added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, that I think I will might try out the Castlevania franchise. I was thinking of downloading from the Nintendo eShop and starting to trying out with the first Castlevania title on my Nintendo 3DS system. (And playing Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, Castlevania III: Dracula's Castle, Super Castlevania IV, and Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles - playing Rondo of Blood story and Symphony of the Night) But, I got a few questions about Castlevania franchise.: How difficult is it compared to Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, I know there's some difficulty in each Stage? (especially with that Stage 8 that had those creatures wreaking the castle that I had to do a suicidal reset to get the stairs and the floor back on the tower.) Is Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is more difficult than the Castlevania series or is Castlevania series more difficult than Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon? And second, I did heard Dracula X on the SNES is not really the quite same as Rondo of Blood and the remake The Dracula X Chronicles, what were the differences between Dracula X and Rondo of Blood by the way?
  2. So no one has made a thread like this here so I thought why not? You can describe how you've ended someone's career or post the replay. This is for any smash game. Here 1:47 Essentially ended this man's stock in 4 seconds. I legit laughed like Ganon after I managed to pull this off.
  3. So, as some of you may or may not have realized, a lot of Corrin's animations in Smash Bros. are directly pulled from this game. I've been putting together a list since the game came out in the US, and now I think I've gotten everything covered. I'm choosing to post it in this subforum due to a more in-depth look at Corrin in this game alongside their Smash Bros. appearance. That said, if it's deemed a flimsy enough excuse, have at it and move the thread, mods. Anyway, let's begin. Neutral Special: Is clearly derived from the final hit of the proc skill Dragon Fang, when Corrin morphs one arm into a spikey mouth claw of death ad fires a projectile from it. Side Special: Is derived from the animation when Dragon Fang activates and then criticals; the second hit has Corrin jump in the air and shoot a lance-like appendage downard, momentarily impaling the opponent. The kicks aren't entirely made up either; they come from female Nohr Noble's critical animation, which has the unit strike the enemy with a forward kick virtually identical to the one in Smash Bros. Side Smash/Forward Throw/Back Throw: Is clearly derived from the second hit of Dragon Fang, where Corrin morphs the lower part of their free hand into a lance-like appendage. Their side smash is the clearest example, though their forward and back-throws follow similiar concepts. Down Special: Minus the face transformation, it uses the same pose Corrin strikes when activating a critical hit/skill in either of their promoted classes. Dash Attack: Uses the Nohr Prince/Princess animation for a follow-up attack that doesn't kill, as well as when Lethality is activated. Forward Air: Uses the end of the animation when either of Corrin's promoted classes activates certain proc skills (Rend Heaven and Luna are where I've seen it). Crouching: Can be briefly seen at the start of the Nohr Prince/Princess critical hit animation. Backwards Roll: Is their animation for dodging an attack. Jump: The jump from their Nohr Prince/Princess critical hit animation is carried over as their first jump in Smash. Run: Uses the exact pose same pose in both games. That's about it. At first I thought their up-throw looked like their Dragonstone animation when finishing off an opponent, but that appears to not be the case upon closer inspection. However, there are a couple moves that Corrin shares with other characters in Smash. These are: Up Air: Is the same as Marcina's and Roy's. At risk of sounding like TrailerDrake (whose Smash History episode on Corrin I just recently watched; however, I'd planned to make this post for a while), I think the Nohr Prince/Princess's attack animation for doubling and finishing off the opponent would look neater here. Side Tilt: Carried over from the Mii Swordfighter, oddly. Down Tilt: Damn near every swordy besides Cloud has it; a swift downward strike in front of them that launches foes upwards. So, overall, that's it. In the face of some... whinier comments from people circa their reveal, Corrin actually carries over quite a bit from Fates into Smash Bros.; moreso than any other FE character, in fact. This speaks just as much to Sakurai's previous design philosophy of putting game balance before character faithfulness (Ike had a shockwave attack in Brawl's Beta, but that was deemed "gamebreaking" and replaced with Eruption; despite that, Cloud is rocking Blade Beam as a neutral special in the most recent installment) as it does to the lack of source material for most previous lords. In general, due to possessing three different unique classes and Fates' returning to GBA-style, over-the-top animations, Corrin had more to pull from than Ike, Marth, and Roy put together. Here's to hoping that, say, Marth gets the Shield of Seals in Smash 5 or Ike/Roy gets an actual projectile... .
  4. The Serenes Forest Super Smash Bros. Tournament Thread Maintained by: Starbound (Doofina) and Sara (Elieson) Approved by: Red Fox of Fire In an effort to combat a cluttered forum, this tournament thread has been created. Its purpose is to act as a location where Super Smash Bros. tournaments can be organized. Anyone is welcome to host a tournament here, but we ask that you enter it through a queue line to avoid creating a mess. We’re a very laid back community and the rules here reflect that, but there are things you must be aware of to ensure that things run smoothly here. Guidelines for Hosting a Tournament All tournaments are to be ran through this thread. In the event that your tournament has 32 entrants or greater, you will be allowed to make your own thread. This is from a request from Red Fox of Fire to have all tournaments put in this thread unless they are sufficiently large. Effective October 5 2014, a signup page using www.challonge.com is required. When you post the signups for your tournament, you must include the link to the signup page so people can sign up. Tournaments are to enter a queue by PMing your request to host a tournament to myself. If it isn't on the queue, you can't host it. No exceptions will be made. The queue exists so that everyone can host a tournament without feeling like they are competing with others for a person’s attention. As a rule of thumb, tournament signups for the soonest tournament first. When the soonest fills up, the next soonest can start. If you believe that your tournament will require additional signup time, please see me. If your tournament is the soonest, you may post signups without approval. All other circumstances will require approval before posting. Be a nice host. Don’t rig the bracket. Disqualify players fairly. However, if the need arises where you need to disqualify someone to speed up your tournament, you should disqualify them. Guidelines for Participating in Tournaments This is obvious, but please try to be available during the tournament before signing up. As a rule of thumb, try to have a few hours a day when you can play. Actively seek out your opponent to arrange a time to play. If you feel like your opponent is too tough to connect with, contact the tournament host. Please act like a decent human being. Don’t purposefully disconnect. Report results accurately. Don’t seek out loopholes to try to win. Make sure people know your friend code. Ideally you should post it on the discussion page for the Challonge tournament. To host a tournament, all you have to do is submit the dates when you want to run your tournament and the type of tournament it is. I will accept all tournaments, and I will put it on the calendar. You will also need to specify the game (Wii U or 3DS). When selecting a date, don’t just pick one day. Try to anticipate how long you see your tournament taking place and allot yourself that many days. This is to ensure that we won’t have two tournaments going at the same time. If you feel as if you need an extension because something came up, contact me and I will try to work something out. To sign up for a tournament, simply click the www.challonge.com url provided by the host and click the signup button. Then go to the discussion tab on the left and post your friend code. Here is a default tournament ruleset for each game that you can use if you don't want to come up with your own. [spoiler=3DS Ruleset] 3 stock, 8 minutes, Best of 3 Items off Double elimination Participants: 16 Custom movesets allowed. Custom equipment is not. You may change your character in between matches. No character restrictions. No stage may be played multiple times in a set (this also applies to Final Destination and Omega forms) In the event of a suicide victory, the character the game declares to be the winner is the winner. In the event that time runs out, the person with the higher percent wins. Stages: - Battlefield - Yoshi's Island - Final Destination - Prism Tower - Arena Ferox - Tomodachi Life - Any omega form [spoiler=Wii U Ruleset] 3 stock, 8 minutes, Best of 3 Items off Double elimination Participants: 16 Custom movesets allowed. Custom equipment is not. You may change your character in between matches No character restrictions. No stage may be played multiple times in a set (this also applies to Final Destination and Omega forms) In the event of a suicide victory, the character the game declares the winner wins the match In the event that time runs out, the character with the higher percent wins. Stages: - Battlefield - Final Destination - Smashville - Town and City - Duck Hunt - Kongo Jungle 64 - Castle Siege - Lylat Cruise - Delfino Plaza - Skyloft - Wuhu Island - Pilotwings - Pokemon Stadium 2 - Big Battlefield - Windy Hill Zone - Any omega form To close with, I’d like you all to know that if you have any issues with anything presented in this post, contact me in private with your concerns and we can talk it out. Please see the following Google Doc for the queue, schedule and past tournament results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/125w2p_guvgl83RMhYzJSmn44UBrZzvINIprV4xUYLoM/edit#gid=466394353
  5. Hector and Ephraim are my favourite lords, but I think it would also be good because they are from the first two Fire Emblem games released in America. Also, their personalities would be a good fit: Hector loves to fight, and Ephraim is the warrior prince. This won't make a difference, but I think that it would be awesome if they joined. Anyone agree?
  6. Hello everyone! This is my first topic posted but I wanted to discuss an idea I had for the upcoming smash 4. As we all know Marth has finally been confirmed and now the issue remains as to who will be the second rep. Other questions also come into play such as can fire emblem get three characters, or will Marth get a Lucina skin. These questions are difficult to answer at the moment although there is strong evidence for Chrom. Now the real issue I wanted to discuss here was that of character representation and how the fire emblem series has fallen under the flavor of the month category. If you are not familiar with the term it means the game uses the newest character and replaces one who isn't relevant anymore. This can be seen in the case of Ike replacing Roy. Now Fire Emblem isn't the only series stuck in this category, it happens with pokemon to some extent, with Mewtwo being swapped out for Lucario and possibly pichu for trainer. However, other pokemon can get some representation through the pokeball item. For example, players can pick up a randomly dropped pokeball and call out someone to assist them, like Chikorita using razor leaf on the other characters. This can give the pokemon series a very good representation as many pokemon appear and it is not through the use of assist trophies. Here comes the idea: what if the same principal were applied to FE characters. You can call out a certain character to help do your bidding on the battle field. Instead of a pokeball, we would use an Einherjar card to summon characters, much like what happens in awakening's dlc. An example I'll use is Hector. Unfortunately he will probably not be playable, but let's say he made an appearance through this system. Your character can grab a card item and summon him in a way similar to calling out a pokemon. He would come onto the stage and smash everyones face in with his axe. With this system many characters from all the different fire emblems could appear. Different classes who are not blue haired lords could get some great representation too. Lissa could be summoned to heal the player who called her out, a strong mage could attack with a powerful spell, a weaker mage could attack with a simple tome like fire, thunder or wind. The possibilities are endless. Another important point to bring up is how this would separate the FE characters from the assist trophies. Lyn would now be moved to a card but would more or less do the same thing. Now you could make the argument that each series could get this kind of special item. That would be interesting too, but the franchises that fall into flavor of the month benefit from this the most. If you have any thoughts on to why this would or wouldn't work feel free to state them. If you have any ideas of which characters should be represented in the Einherjar cards or which attacks they would use please comment that too. Anyway, it's just an idea I was tossing around.
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