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Found 3 results

  1. Solvaij

    Snow Days

    Classes canceled for snow today, so I thought it'd be fun to ask what you guys do when there's snow??
  2. Hello, So I've been following Klok's FE7 hack for awhile and finally got it and have started playing it. Needless to say it is fun as hell. The mods he made really make for some different strategies and the fact that everyone is useable is also great. I'm doin a mostly female run since I feel like they have not been popular choices by the other lps and some seem amazing (Isadora and Priscilla especially). I will also use the trio of Hector, Eliwood, and Lyn in addition to Marcus because it seemed pretty difficult to do the beginning with no healer. Also thieves will be used and I did use Lowen, Oswin, and guy early game because you really don't get too many females early and I'm lame :P Anyways here is the team (in no particular order): Hector Eliwood Lyn Priscilla Nino Isadora Serra Rebecca Fiora Florina Farina Ninian I think that is 12 but Vaida, Louise, Leila, and Karla will also be considered. (I don't think I forgot any females other than Lucius ) I use savestates and don't care about turns, just a casual and fun run! Also I'm on chapter 18 I believe right now so a bunch of chapters are incoming.
  3. Hello all! I've decided to do a run of FE8 Sacred Stones! I'm going to be using units that start of foot but then wrangle in some horses! Eirika and Ephraim also apply :). I'm probably going to skip over the plot because I'm lazy and not clever and you guys have seen it a million times anyways. Here are the units used and promotion they will go to get them horses (In case you couldn't figure it out): Eirika -> Great Lord Ephraim -> Great Lord Gilliam -> Great Knight Neimi -> Ranger Lute -> Mage Knight Natasha -> Valkyrie Amelia -> Cavalier to Paladin Gerik -> Ranger Ewan -> Mage -> Mage Knight I think that is everybody. I will be using save states cause I'm lame and lazy :p. No LTC or whatever. I'll probably recruit everyone because I'm OCD about that and can't bring myself to kill them. Oh and I will use theives for utilities. Should be fun hopefully for all :) hopefully i finish this run lol
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