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Found 1 result

  1. In jolly old England, something was afoot! There was a most heinous plot, something that could change the country forever! No, it's not the gunpowder plot, you numpty! It's a game of mafia! Can Britain defend itself against the evil that approaches? Will the notion of crumpets and tea be no more? Join forces with the other Brits! Be warey of any infiltrators, some people aren't as British as they want you to think! Welcome to British Mafia! The first game hosted by Shin! This is a 16 player game, NOC and non-bastard! Sign ups end whenever the game fills and phase ends are to suit me! Days last 72 hours, Nights last 24 unless they end early! [spoiler=HER MAJESTY'S RULES] 1. Do your best to follow the rules, it makes the game more enjoyable for everyone! Also be nice! It's one thing to argue a point, but it's another if you're a jerk! 2. No outside communication unless your role specifically says you can! That's with players in the game, or people who aren't playing! If you have a question, PM a mod! 3. Keep mod messages to yourself! The same goes for your role PM! 4. Try to keep active! That means posting at least once every 24 hours! If you don't, I'll nag you, then replace you! I'll accept warnings in advance but don't go AWOL on me. 5. Post when you're allowed to! That means no posting if you're dead, and not at night unless your Role PM says you can! 6. Please don't edit your posts! Editting in/out information isn't fair! 7. Don't post after someone's been hammered! I'll do my best to keep to phase deadlines, so you're free to continue until I update unless someone's been hammered! 8. As mod, I reserve the right to decline sign ups! The main reason I'd do so is if your track record for activity is poor, i.e subbing out without giving reasons or posting like once a game. 9. Play fair! Cheating spoils the game for everyone! If you're unsure of something, ask a mod! 10. PR is not enforced but is rather amusing! Bonus points endgame for anyone who follows theirs! [spoiler=Mechanics] MECHANICS 1. This is a 16 player game, there are no hidden players, and everyone is in the faction that their PM says they are in. There is also no cult! 2. Day phases last 72 hours or until hammer. Night phases last 24 hours or until every action is submitted! Please tell me if you're idling! If you don't say anything, I assume you're idling! 3. The game starts on D1! There is no N0 phase! 4. To lynch at phase end, a player needs 1/3 of total votes rounded up. To hammer, it's 2/3 of votes rounded down! In the funky case of a tie, nothing happens! 5. No lynch is a viable option! In the case where no option has 1/3 of total votes, the result will be treated as a no lynch. If no option is reached two days in a row, the game will end in a universal loss. 6. You may not self-target unless your Role PM says you specifically can. Sign ups: - Boron - Junko - Poly - Shinori - Cam - BBM - FFM - Psych - Darros - bladescape - j00 - Makaze - Walrein - Kay - Prims - Paper (Probably) Other people: - Shin (Host) - SB (Co-host) S(cr)ubs: - Eli - Marth - Eclipse Cheese eating frog: - Naughx Dead to me: - Refa - Eury - Manix
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