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Found 2 results

  1. Those of you in HHH are aware of a little something I've been working on called HHH adventure. Essentially, it's a story starring members of HHH. Its plot is pretty popular there either that or they're worried about my self esteem which I honestly doubt. So, we might as well spread the word of it, let outsiders in on this lovely tale. Yeah. Quick summary: In a world driven to two extremes, half burning, half frozen, Silver and Lux feel as if they are the only humans remaining. However, when they meet an old friend in a human disguise, how will his sad fate show them the true purpose of the war between the angelic people? I suck with summaries so bear with me, yeah, okay? Anyway, here's the table of contents. Story I: World of Two Extremes Prologue: The Bitter Cold, the Blazing Heat Chapter 1: Little Fire Angel Chapter 2: Three Humans Chapter 3: Neither Can Win Chapter 4: Aries Village Chapter 5: Comet Chapter 6: Feathers of Light Chapter 7: Ruins of Home Chapter 8: Naughx Chapter 9: Cataclysm's Beginning Chapter 10: Unfortunate Ice Angel Chapter 11: The Truth of the War Chapter 12: Lux Chapter 13: The Last Human Chapter 14: Corrupters of Spirits Chapter 15: Spirit World Chapter 16: Silent Child Chapter 17: Seal's Snap Chapter 18: Draco the Star Angel Story II: Children of Curses Prologue: Curses Chapter 1: Killing Curse Chapter 2: Cursed Hunt Chapter 3: Witch's Curse Chapter 4: The Curse of Kindness Chapter 5: Comet's Curse Chapter 6: Hospital's Curse Chapter 7: Curse of the Ice Witch Chapter 8: Curse of Shadow Chapter 9: President Silver Chapter 10: Ancient Sorrow Chapter 11: St. Datia's Children's Hospital Chapter 12: Prince of Sorrow Chapter 13: Vivian Riru Chapter 14: Cursed Pact Chapter 15: Blessed Curse Chapter 16: A Battle of Ice and Fire Chapter 17: Cursed Child Chapter 18: Ordinary Noble Chapter 19: Anon Datia Chapter 20: Maid of Evil Chapter 21: Curse in the Witch Hunter Society I feel awkward doing this
  2. Tales from the HHH Bar: Volume 1 Angsty God I stepped through the cold night air, wondering what was going on in the bar I saw before me. Next to me, my kitten sat shivering, begging me to pick it up and warm its freezing paws. I gulped as I stepped inside. The moment I stepped in, it was almost as if the room exploded. "A new person!" A waitress cried, dropping the mugs she held to run over and clasp my hands. "I'm 58% psychotic who are you?" I looked at her blankly. She wouldn't believe me. A small, approximately twelve year old boy, God? Moreover, even if she did believe that, she wouldn't believe the story I had to tell of why I was wandering the mortal world. "Looks like Kim has a new member of her reverse harem." A blue haired boy jested. "That's all this pub is." "Don't ship me with Kin!" A redhead retorted. "Comet! Stop saying that!" I giggled at their antics. A tall dark haired boy with an eyepatch looked over at myself and Kim. "Pardon me for saying this, but... why is a child here?" I came to my senses. Jolting my hand from Kim's, I ran out of there. A pub wasn't where I belonged. I belonged nowhere. Gods in a world that destroyed its own heaven... belong nowhere. I will never socialize with them. Soledai asked for angst... So I thought of this. The pub is, obviously, a "Physical" HHH thread. Hope you all enjoyed that... random thing. All future volumes will be visualizing random HHH pages in a bar. [spoiler=Contents]Volume 2- 999. Volume 3- 743. Volume 4- 420. Volume 5- 3231. Volume 6- 2824.
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