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Found 62 results

  1. Since we aren't too sure if Gaiden would likely be the next Japan-only legacy Fire Emblem game is getting the official translation from Nintendo themselves since they are releasing Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light on this December with an unexpected translation trailer from Nintendo themselves that we thought it was impossible days ago and plus we already gotten a recent remake called Echoes: Shadows of Valentia for the Nintendo 3DS recently since 2017. Since we definitely know Nintendo is going to use all the localized names in the remaining of the series like Caeda, Jagen, Altea etc. I know that every characters in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia had already gotten a localized name years ago, but we definitely know there's one character that was been excluded from Echoes: Shadows of Valentia that is Seazas. Seazas was the Gold Knight guard of the Rigel Gates that Berkut replaced him in that map in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and he was planned to appear in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia in that same map that Berkut was about to fight off The Deliverance from entering Rigel. Since we still have no evidence of what Seazas's localized name could have been other than a data mine. What kind of speculation localized name do you think Nintendo, Tree House, or 8-4 (depending on who was translating SD&TBOL) come up for Seazas incase if Nintendo had made plans on localizing Gaiden sometime after Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light English version gets released in the West to the Nintendo Switch?
  2. I didn't see a thread for this, so I figured I'd make one. Some people really don't like seasonal units, and I understand that. I think that, in some cases, though, seasonal units a great ways to highlight aspects of characters that you don't get to see in their games. I think it also gives the heroes a chance to kick by and try things not available in their home worlds. (Like Elincia and Micaiah going to the Hoshidan summer festival.) Sort of like going on vacation with Askr being the terminal through which they can access them. And since we're dealing in an alternate timeline tangle, I think it makes sense. But anyway, what sort of seasonal units would you like to see/do you think would be fitting? Any predictions on which characters might show up in upcoming seasonal events? This is a thread for talking about that! As for me, I was just thinking about how we're probably going to be getting another Halloween banner in October and started wondering which heroes would be featured. Two of the ones I thought would be good for this event were Cherche and Lute. Both of them find revenants cute, so I'd love to see them chatting it up about that, and the best place I can think of for that sort of conversation is in a Halloween event. Maybe they'd both have costumes based on revenants, though Jakob already did that. Of course, this isn't to say that they couldn't have different takes on the same basic theme. Maybe Alm in a Duma costume, with a weapon based on his Scendscale attack in reference to the achievement you unlock when you use it, "Duma Incarnate." Do you think he'd be made into a dragonstone user if that was the case, to give some variety and further the joke, or would he remain a sword unit? Maybe Cain would be dressed up as a minotaur in reference to his title as "The Bull?" If so, maybe he'd be a green infantry unit this time, wielding an axe. A seasonal Forging Bonds event would be cool, too, for extra character interaction, but it looks like it won't be coming up this time.
  3. I was thinking about it in my head but should the next fe foucs on a specific culture(s) or just carry on with a european medival setting. I would personally like and african based continent or maybe and iberean continent. Also i would like the next game whereever it takes place to link a previous world to it without the use of dlc ect. what would you like the setting to be?
  4. thanks to the original person who came up with the banner, and to @Maaka for updating it Celica our newest Legendary is Here, but in a week or so she'll be gone for 120 days (Anchoring April on her lonesome), meaning it's time to play our favourite game... "What's Coming Up Next?!" January is Mythic Hero - Altina was our last hero representing Astra. We currently have 2 Astras, 2 Animas, 2 Lights and 2 Darks, meaning anything goes. With Peony being a Light - maybe we're looking at a Dark Mythic Hero We've also got all 4 colours open so it could be anything. The Last time we had back to back colours was Eirika: Graceful Resolve and Hrid: Distant Counter Fodder. Icy Blade. So the Chances of it being back to back Green (even if it's a different thing (Mythic v Legendary) is rare, and I'd argue it's probably a colourless unit. (as Peony again is blue and that's back to back blue). What makes this month really interesting is - who the hell is going to be on the banner. I think it will be easier to go with who will not be on the banner Fallen Berkut Picnic Flora Summer Lilina Bride Tanith Groom Pent Summer Ursula That's everyone that was on the Special Heroes Banner (and Berkut has fallen into the "Green Olwen, Mist" boat of "we're 5*'s but not worthy to be on a Legendary Banner." category). I do believe that Double Special Hero Banner was Intsys's way to catch up on their seasonal backlog. The question is -with all Three Houses Lords being on December's banner and no seasonals does this mean that the Special Hero thing is a constant or do we expect seasonals to be on the banner again? Yes. (to both). I do expect to see Lukas and Wolt to be on the January banner, I do expect seasonals to be on future banners, but I also think they'll do the seasonal banner thing every few months. I don't see why they wouldn't. anyhoo. let's get down to business. Red: Legendary Eliwood is by himself. Bride Sigrun, Summer Helbindi are next for red if the hero isn't red. This clears out summer 1 We also could be looking at Female Byleth or Hubert if they don't do the double seasonal. Blue We've got two Legendaries holding down the spots in Lucina and Ephiriam Picnic Lukas should be here. if not we're looking at Petra Green Mythic Yune is here and Legend Hector hold down two of these spots. Wolt should be here - if not Hilda is anchoring the third spot. Colourless Leif makes his first return since his debut. Brave Camilla is the next slated to return and I feel this is where the New Mythic Hero will be. I know nothing about a lot of FE Lore - but i'm sure there are some Mythic'y Healer people out there (or dragons).
  5. I rewatched the E3 trailer and I happened upon a discussion in the comments about how the technical aspects of the game had changed (Mercedes' hair color, gambit animation, Edelgard's VA, the Monastery, etc.) but what really interests me is the story changes. Someone mentioned that the lyrics in Edge of Dawn had changed from "born as time betrays" to "knowing time betrays". And of course, the most blatant difference, that ending when Edelgard says "I will return here some day, my teacher. Promise me...that you won't forget me." is nowhere in the released ver. Any ideas?
  6. Not sure if this has been discussed anywhere else, but here goes. So from what we have heard from those reviewers who have the game, only one character can be a dancer and they were pretty sure the main character (Byleth) can not be said dancer. Just generally, Fire Emblem is careful not to give you more than one dancer to prevent shenanigans (even if they couldn’t dance for each other like in Heroes). Where else have have we seen dancing in this game? The school ball, as briefly seen in the trailer and the extended cutscene more recently put out on Youtube. Then there has to be a way of determining who gets to be the dancer which the protagonist, a teacher, cannot take part in. Also if dancer was a regular advanced class, which are apparently only available post-timeskip, I doubt the reviewers would have been able to talk about it. So so my guess is that the dancer will basically be the prom king/queen. Perhaps this is awarded to the character with the highest charm (nominally attracting the votes of students) or perhaps Byleth, as a disinterested teacher, is called to award the title of best dancer (seems more likely). What do others think of this theory?
  7. All speculation here, but any info released or leaked is fair game, so beware spoilers. So now that we all know there will be a time skip as all the graduates go back to their homelands. What I haven’t seen much of is what our main character is going to be doing during those 5 years. That got me thinking. I see see a couple possibilities. 1) With the house leader - The first is that he goes back with the primary lord of the house he chose. This seems to be the most likely to me. The interesting question is why. Do they offer him a better deal to serve as their chief tactician rather than his poor overworked and under appreciated teaching job/glorified babysitting (maybe they have dental?). Perhaps he wants to quit because he has become disillusioned with the church? Perhaps he is fired/exiled/forced to flee and seek asylum (perhaps his relation to Nemesis is discovered or he screws something up?). Maybe he just doesn’t want to give up the bonds and friendships he has made (yawn). Maybe he is disheartened by something like his father coming down with a sudden terminal case of anime parent syndrome and just wants a change of scenery/pace? 2) At Garreg Mach Monastery - The second is that he stays at the monastery. He could remain a teacher (although it would be weird not to see 5 years worth of classes who could have been characters). Maybe he stays on to help with Hanneman’s crest research? Or perhaps he gets a position with the Knights of Seiros and basically spends 5 years on guard duty. Perhaps rising tensions mean the academy is on hiatus for teaching students and Byleth does some other job for them (Cook? Fishing instructor? Choir leader? Saint Statue polisher? Weed cutter?). The monastery certainly has no shortage of odd jobs without the students to do all the work. 3) Sleeping - Thirdly, he might be in some sort of stasis/hibernation/outrealm, perhaps courtesy of the Church or Sothis (or Nemesis or the night stalkers or whatever they are called, etc.) Whether to imprison him or heal/hide/protect him (think Breath if the Wild Link). Or perhaps due to time travel powers “misfiring”. 4) Elsewhere messing around - Finally he might spend his time elsewhere on Fodhlan. Perhaps just wandering, perhaps on the run or in hiding after being expelled/exiled from the academy, or perhaps leading his father’s mercenary band if something were to happen to the current leader (Ike parallels - Byleth could basically just check out a few years fighting bandits and pirates while the political situation escalates out of hand). Maybe serving as a foot soldier in an indecisive/long-running/low intensity conflict where not much happens? Or perhaps becoming a knight of vengeance hunting down brigands operating without a licence. Well these are are just some theories to start the discussion. What do all of you think is most likely?
  8. Now that we know that we have combat arts like Knight Kneeler and Helm Splitter (effective combat arts), It will become less likely to have a Horseslayer or a Hammer. However, in addition to Training, Iron, Steel and Silver, I believe we're still gonna have Brave and Killer weapons. With the weight mechanic returning, do you think heavy weapons (Blade, Great-lance, Poleaxe) would return?
  9. So with the exciting announcement of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 at the VGAs, bringing this franchise out of an almost 10 year slumber, I thought it would be fun to discuss the possibilities of this game. Which known characters are you excited to use? Which not-currently-revealed characters do you want to be playable? Which locations do you hope will appear as missions? Which villains are you excited to fight? Are there any Nintendo characters that you would like to see crossover?
  10. So with the latest Famitsu article we can pretty much conclude the list of crests our main characters have. We also know a fair bit about their (crests') connection to history. The confirmed crests are: Saint group: Crest of Seiros, Crest of Cichol, Crest of , Crest of Indech and Crest of Cethlenn. We also have a mention of Divine Macuil, the crest of whom is probably the one on the right of the Crest of Chichol if we are looking ate the mural. The main reason why i think that is her(?) crest is because statues shown in the article have weapons with a fair resemblance to their crest image (Chichol is actually is the most obvious one) and Macuil is holding a sword which hilt might actually be an inspiration for the crest design (also all saint crests so far have been based at the top of the mural). 10 Elites group: Crest of Dominique, Flardarius, Daphnyll, Blaidydd, Gloucester, Goneril, Gautier, Charon, Riegan and Lamine. And that is 15 crest confirmed. But we have 21 on the mural excluding the crest of Flames Byleth has (since it is in the middle and covered). That leaves us with 5 (the crest of ?Hraesveleg? is not confirmed but we know of revealed bearer and relic weapon) crests of unknown allegiance. All of them are either damaged (Marianne's crest) or damaged on the basic mural. Below is the mural with red saint crests yellow/blue elite crests and purple other crests. Which kinda led me to a little speculative theory which has several main points: 1) So we know crests originated from a certain high being. This certain high being is not depicted ANYWHERE and nobody worships it, even tho crests are deemed as very important and powerful. this is very much weird. That leads to the second point. 2) Either saints (which i see as more likely) led by Seiros or somebody else had a falling out with the high being which led to a wide conflict. My ideas include: imbalance of power (this idea is based upon the fact that Byleth's crest is placed in the middle of a mural, which indicates it is the most important . So maybe Nemesis, the previous know bearer? of Crest of Flames held too much power so divines got jealous or smth.), disagreement between policies (maybe saints wanted to worship high being and SET UP A CHURCH, but as the main representative Nemesis refused) or corruption (in this one everything gos well until Nemesis gets smhow corrupted by his crest and starts rampaging so Saints have to stop him). 3)Since Nemesis lost the war all infromation about high being was restricted and people maybe forgot and started instead worshiping Seiros and 4 of her companions as saints. That may explain the 1-st point i made. 4)I think that maybe 6 people initially joined Nemesis in his "Liberation" (thus 6 damaged crests on the mural), maybe 10 greats remained neutral or joined Divines. Main thoughts here are: Bearer of ?Hraesveleg? crest may have betrayed Nemesis, but to keep him in check/reinforce friendship/maybe he fell in love, he(who knows) had to marry Seiros and thus Adrestian Empire was formed. Thats why this crest is not completely obscured on the mural but it is not really mentioned (smth like shame bearers of this crests hold). Night crawlers are either companions of Nemesis or their descendants who want to ressurect the Liberation King (who knows the might actually succeed with the hands of ?Nemesis? bursting out of the coffin in one of the videos). That might explain their hate for Church of Seiros and mysterious powers (they might also be corrupted crest bearers). Thats basically it or the theory so tell me what you think plz. P.S I'm bad at image stuff so this mural edit is made in paint and is BAD. P.S.2. English is not my first but i tried my best.
  11. If Fodlan's class system applies to other continents, this would explain why the lords (and a few villains) of their game deviate from the rest of the population. The generic units would have standard training. As for the nobles who have generic classes, they trained with the rest of their people. The units with unique classes are set apart from the rest of the people in their training. Interestingly, this will give insight to the strengths and weaknesses of the lords.
  12. In case anyone didn't see the tags, beware those who enter, here be spoilers Longtime reader, first-time poster. Thought I'd give my crack theory followed by a genuine discretion about Byleth's crest (called it the mark of Byleth so that the title was marginally less spoilery). So now we know that Byleth has not just a major crest, but a crest of ???. This crest is also seen on the "Nemesis the Liberation King" who is depicted in the flashback fighting the armies of Seiros with his bone sword. It is also seen on Sothis' clothing. Byleth's aura has been shown to be dark/shadowy. Now some wild speculation but with all the comparisons going around between Genealogy and Three Houses right now due to Crests seeming to mirror holy bloodlines, I have been thinking about who the Genealogy equivalent of Byleth might be. Let's see, we have a dark bloodline with a dark past that was suppressed by the holy church/bloodlines. We have a dark, shadowy aura. We don't know who Byleth's mother is. We have an extremely powerful dragon deity of unknown alignment whispering in our ear. But that doesn't sound right, does it? Unless... And it came to me: Byleth is Arvis. I mean he probably is could be the whole mysterious chosen one who could ruin everything if he goes down the wrong path Corrin/Robin style, but just think about it. We are the dark bloodline. And while Seiros, like Ashera, may not be as pure good as she first appears, that doesn't necessarily make us good either. If so, it seems that Byleth may have to arrange an academy barbecue. I feel so, so... dastardly _________________________________________________________________ But more seriously, what do people think that Byleth's Crest is? Is it basically the Mark of Grima (evil but protagonist doesn't want it and actively fights against it)? Is it the mark of the chosen one (indicates power and goodness)? Is it like the blood of Loptyr (evil, and can corrupt its bearer or cause them to unwittingly bring about a new age of darkness) Or is it something else entirely?
  13. I'm not very sure myself on who it might be. I want it to be the church but my gut tells me it will be opposing countries. I want to hear what you think about this considering it has been one of the most confusing thing about these trailers imo.
  14. In the most recent trailer we see one of the nobles (Casper I think) attack a western church soldier with iron gauntlets. We see that he doubles on the screen, but he attacks twice before the western church soldier. Maybe he didn’t have the speed requirement to double (quadruple with a brave weapon) so he only did two attacks before the western church soldier, much like in previous games. So do you think guantlets will be brave weapons?
  15. Looking at the map you can see what appears to be smaller nations: Albinea, Sreng, Almyra and Morfic. Based on Geography, Current Politics etc., what can you speculate with these nations and what could be their role in the story?
  16. What do you think the canon classes might be for the students of the Three Houses, based on the weapon types shown to be used by each student so far, as well as their overall design?
  17. I think Byleth’s sword may have divine ability of a goddess and it may be a whip too? Unit can counterattack regardless of space? Whip Sword? Sorry for keeping the annoying bars there I felt people may want to see timestamps!
  18. So... a unknown menu text was found in the last datamine: "MID_SUMMON_PULL_ONLY_ONCE_Summon_762_legend13_OnlyPickup: The session ends when you summon a Hero." For me, and for a lot of people on internet, this sounds like a "Free Summon Banner", just like the CYL banners. And we have the "legend13" on it, which could mean 13 Legendary Heroes. I believe, for the 2 years anniversary, we will get a Free Legendary Hero of our choice, between 13 possible Legendary Heroes. I am also thinking that, since we have 14 Legendary Heroes, Fjorm will be out of this event. She is already a free hero, after all. Legendary Ike is also a free hero, but he is a different case. He won the A Hero Rises event, and that's why he is a free hero. Anyway, this is only a speculation, but... If we get a Free Legendary Hero of our choice, what Legendary Hero would you pick and why? For me, I would pick Legendary Azura. From all Legendary Heroes that I don't have (Ryoma, Eirika, Hríd and Azura), she will be the most useful hero for me.
  19. So I was in the middle of playing for the millionth time and after a bit of exploring the map and doing some grinding here or there, I realized something interesting on the placement of the ruins of time. if you compare the map of awakening to the map of shadow dragon and the archanean map of SoV, you'll notice that the ruins of time is placed directly where thabes once was. Which is interesting because in new mystery of the emblem it is said that thabes was naga's final resting place which is referenced by the fact that you get naga's tear after clearing the map. Though what's interesting about this location in retrospect is that thabes is also where grima originated from. Now I don't know how much of Grima's backstory the developer's had thought up by that point but what's most interesting is that paralogue is the one you get morgan in who is essentially the son/daughter of grima. Or well grima's vessal but you get the idea. Makes you wonder how morgan ended up there in the first place? Maybe after the events of future past they traveled there due to wanting to learn more about grima and something happened? I dunno but it's interesting to think about.
  20. You guys remember a year ago back in august when the first brave heroes came out and someone translated the text on Lucina's lance with it reading something along the lines of "anime project success". Whatever happened to that? have there been any new developments regarding this so called "anime project"? I'm curious cause it's been well over a year since this info surfaced and I haven't anything about it since.
  21. As the title says: when do you think we'll get more information about Three Houses?
  22. With book 2 soon to be concluding, what are some new addition you want to be added in the next large part of the game? I want is : Generic beast units, so later animal changers can be in the game Moving/shifting levels Level hazards A new villain that isn't just an evil conquer. What do you want?
  23. By how I'm pretty sure we are all aware of Ms. Freshberg nickname by the fans after the trailer. I'm wondering how long will be called that? Will she make a conversational decision in the story to keep the name.? Or she she part of the invading kingdom that wishes to break the status quo, despite the consequences? I guess the answer will be revealed next year,
  24. Here's the dialogue in question: I've been watching a recent LP of FE7, and they recently finished Ch. 21: Kinship's Bond. This thought had crossed my mind long ago when I played through the game myself, and it finally dawned on me again: When Nils collapses at the start of the chapter (most likely from giving all his energy to Ninian in the previous chapter), exactly why did Ninian not want Nils to be moved? I don't think there was ever an explanation for this. I mean, yeah, they're manaketes and granted it's several chapters before the Lords find that out the hard way, but I still don't see what harm there would've been in moving him. Was he perhaps so low on quintessense that moving him could've shook the last bit of it out of him and killed him in the process? That's the most sound reason I can think of. But it may as well have just been left up to interpretation. If there actually is a reason and I either overlooked it or it's only in the Japanese script, I would love to know. This question's been eating at me for years. In any case, munch on some brain food and share your thoughts.
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