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Found 8 results

  1. I was looking over the recently posted lineup for agdq 2017, and i noticed that Blazing Sword (FE7) is in the lineup this year. Specificaly, it is the first game scheduled on the last day (Saturday, January 14th at 5:12 AM eastern time. I won't be able to view live, but i can't wait to see the archived footage. Anyone else have any thoughts? Link: https://gamesdonequick.com/schedule
  2. Hey SF users, I want to speedrun fire emblem: sacred stones, but there's only a route for JP FE8 for ephraim's route (the WR by dxsteve is here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=As5gE-aa7Ck ) There's currently no JP route for eirika's route, which is significantly different and is its own category, so I decided to start working on this. I've been collaborating with a few FE speedrunners (gwimpage and dxsteve primarily) for help, since I've never worked on a GBA FE seriously. Since this is a GBA FE, of course this entire run is RNG manipulated. Here's the WIP playlist of the route so far - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3pBMjeS6rYj58h2QO52hnhZxtjqjG1yZ The main idea is to train vanessa while abusing seth in earlygame, then promote her using the Ch8 elysian whip into wyvern knight (that shouldn't be new to LTCers lol). This costs a few minutes in earlygame but will hopefully pay off and make using her worth it over myrrh (she's used in the english route, currently for lategame). I'm starting on routing midgame through this week, where things will get more interesting (and awesome music too), but also a lot more slowly since they're less straightforward than earlygame. I sorta want to have a general route laid out first to get a better picture of what we need. After I finish this route, I'm definitely going to redo everything here with better optimizations and such (especially inventory) and repost those videos. If anyone has any feedback on the videos here, that would be great. There's plenty of experienced LTCers here, so it'd be great to get feedback and/or advice. Thanks! Current Progress: Finished up to Ch13. Oh man, Ch14 time... Ch8 Elysian Whip IGT vs Not getting the whip: I'm not sure if getting the Ch8 elysian whip is worth it or not, so I want to make direct comparisons between my route videos. These are the in-game time at the save shown at the end of each chapter, from Ch8-Ch15 which is where strats would significantly differ. The left times below is the route that gets the Ch8 whip, and the right time is with the route that forgoes the whip (and would promote Vanessa in Ch15 instead). I'm not really looking for second-by-second comparisons since obviously these times and strats can be improved to shave off seconds here and there, but I'm looking for general overall time saves between each route. Ch7 ends on 16:59 IGT Ch8: 22:55 vs 20:20 - Route 1 behind by ~2:35 Ch9: 28:22 vs 26:38 - Route 1 behind by ~1:44 Ch10: 30:03 vs 28:13 - Route 1 behind by ~1:50 (mistakes/inventory stuff, shouldn't matter aside from level-ups) Ch11: 35:34 vs 33:37 - Route 1 behind by ~1:57 (mistakes/inventory stuff, shouldn't matter aside from level-ups) Ch12: 42:11 vs 40:33 - Route 1 behind by ~1:38 TL;DR Route 1 loses significant time on Ch8, but saves a bit of time on Ch9 and Ch12. Need to see how Ch14 and Ch15 go... Current route: http://www.speedrun.com/run/9mepnr3y
  3. Hey guys, There's going to be a charity speedrunning marathon coming up next week called the RPG Limit Break. In the past two years, it was initially called Crystals 4 Life, and initially was a speedrunning marathon for Final Fantasy games, but it's expanded to include other games from the RPG/strategy genre. For this year, the RPG Limit Break is raising money for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and the marathon is opening with me running Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (No pressure at all!) The marathon itself will be May 12-16 in Salt Lake City. It'll be livestreamed on http://www.twitch.tv/rpglimitbreak (I recommend going to that link for more information about the marathon, including the schedule itself). My run will be on noon MST on May 12th. I'll be speedrunning any% easy mode, with PoR transfers. It's the same category as the (awesome) run gwimpage did for Awesome Games Done Quick 2015, with a few updated strats (including the fast enemy phase trick dondon found, saving a crapton of time!) and a different donation incentive. Since it's not in a bid war against path of radiance, I offered an incentive to save or kill the waifus units, since Astrid+Ilyana+Marcia are killed off in chapter 3-E to save about one minute. So you should all donate to kill them off and save me a minute ;) The current record is at 2:37:35 held by me which can definitely be improved (I'm hoping to improve it on my stream this week) but it's not too bad of a run at the moment. I honestly want to put this game down after the marathon run and getting a 2:36 (maybe a 2:35), then go to learning Path of Radiance but learning PoR isn't going to be for a while :P Anyways, it'd be great if you guys spread the word about the marathon as a whole. I'm really looking forward to flying over to Utah next week, though also very nervous about running FE10 :P Also, if you have any suggestions for anything fun we can do, commentary-related, feel free to share them as well since I'm trying to come up with some fun things. Obviously I'll play out the Ike vs. Black Knight fight scene, I might also get someone to read out the silly death comments of the dawn brigade while Haar/Titania kill them off in chapter 3-E...
  4. Hello everyone I submitted both Radiant Dawn and Path of Radiance about a month and a half ago for AGDQ 2015 and both made it past second cuts! The only thing left is for the marathon schedule to be made which should be coming out in a few weeks. Both myself and Vykan12 submitted RD and if we both make it to AGDQ he'll be running RD vs me running PoR in a bid war. I'll be keeping up in practice for both in case he can't make it. AGDQ stands for Awesome Games Done Quick held each January and it's a speedrunning charity marathon raising money for breast cancer research. This AGDQ's dates are January 4-10th? If I do run the game at the marathon I'll be running on Fixed mode to prevent bad level ups along with using the Growth Bands to further assist in Ike and Marcia's Defense stats. The late game section of the run is actually scary which worries me for consistency. My run estimate is a generous 2:30:00 when my Personal Best is an embarrassing 2:17:xx which can definitely go a lot lower. That being said the PoR route I am using at the moment can use some massive improvements since I used a mix of Chiki's old route and my own in the second half of the game. I'm not the best at routing and since PoR is different than other runs in which you must avoid combat as much as possible. I feel like I'm better at optimizing games better than routing them *shrugs* SDA Thread is here: https://forum.speeddemosarchive.com/post/agdq_2015_game_submissions_round_2.html Second cuts list is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ejuauu9R5W3_dJN97S2SrIAadHWq7EpZcdf2oWDTBRo/pubhtml# I'll have to figure out how to embed youtube videos/playlists but here is my Speedrun strat playlist. The opening section of the run is largely the same from Chiki's own route from earlier this year, I don't know if there's an updated run anywhere I so simply built on an older route. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLybTK2FNBqXJ6NVuWQf3jUyrmNbE4bkp_ I have school this week so I won't have too much time to update the playlist, I'll make some new videos this week but mostly just wanted to get this out there. After making these videos I improved on the Chapter 21 strat to not require the BEXP. Not even sure why I BEXP'ed Ike so much, Tauroneo and the enemies in the throne room can kill Ike but he did not need that much BEXP. Ike still wants as much durability as possible for Chapter 27 down the line as well. Having a good run at AGDQ would mean the world to me and would love to do the series some justice after last years marathon. I'm surprised FE got another shot only a year but I intend to do my absolute best to keep up in practice. I can also run the game on the Japanese version for the Critical glitch, this could save a ton of time and make for a better watch but I'm unsure and would like some opinions on it. The downside to the JPN version is my nerves could overwhelm me to forgetting Kanji patterns for simple commands if I'm unsure what I'm doing (practice and practice for this!). People can also be less attached to the run since it's a first appearance and being unable to read some text in an RPG. Thanks~
  5. For those unfamiliar with the mode, Lunatic Plus takes the most difficult and frustrating aspects of the regular Lunatic mode and makes them worse. The game achieves this anomaly by randomly assigning skills to every enemy, who have the same stats as their Lunatic counterparts. You should be familiar with one such assigned skill; Pass, obtainable by all assassins, promotes interesting changes in player tactics. However, the other possible skills are exclusive to Lunatic Plus enemies and downright broken. Hawkeye guarantees that its wielder will strike his or her foe. This skill effectively trashes the weapon triangle, but is ineffective in a significant number of situations. However, a hammer wielder with Hawkeye WILL kill Frederick, even if he is equipped with a sword and standing on a fortress. The next skill of interest, Vantage Plus, allows its wielder to strike first when being attacked. Unlike regular Vantage for Myrmidons, Vantage Plus triggers all the time. When this skill is on enemy mages, this turns a safe elimination by Frederick into his death or a VERY painful engagement. Finally, Luna Plus is a Luna effect that always triggers. This sounds minor, but this is THE Lunatic Plus skill that ruins this mode. Against Frederick, this skill gives the enemy seven extra damage per hit. Myrmidons with this skill start hurting Frederick, and Barbarians deal double their normal amount of damage. Luna Plus is ineffective on units that Frederick is supposed to evade or kill first, such as units with Hammers or magic. However, if those units receive Hawkeye or Vantage Plus as well, they will kill Frederick and your army no matter how good your strategy is. Regardless, I still wish to undertake this Classic Lunatic Plus LTC, meaning that I will play the game on Lunatic Plus with the Classic option selected in as few recorded turns as possible. I will choose to play with the male avatar and I will also recruit and keep all the game units alive. Given the unbalanced nature of this mode and the severe handicap of an LTC (lowest turn-count) run, I will use any "non-cheating" technique to clear this game, including DLC, Streetpass, Spotpass, and Renown (which I have maximized already). As I slowly make breakthroughs, I will fill this thread with progress of my run and share techniques (and possibly videos) of what I have done. Chapters: Premonition: Invisible Ties - 2 Turns Prologue: The Verge of History - 6 Turns (4 Turns possible) Chapter 1: Unwelcome Change - 4 Turns
  6. This is going to be more or less the same concept as the FE8 live speedrun draft, with a couple tweaks here and there. As before, the race will be hosted on speedrunslive and ideally those who join the draft are able to stream on twitch, although it's not a requirement. I've set the date of the race to this sunday at 6pm eastern time, although I can push back the date to whenever if this turns out to be too short notice. The race last week was a blast and if this one is successful, I hope to turn these races into a weekly event. As for the rules, I'm going by the ruleset I found in the sticky, with a couple of exceptions: First, I'd relax the penalty exceptions as follows: 1-P to 1-2: Use whoever the hell you want 1-5: Volug (same as before) 2-P to 2-3: Use whoever the hell you want 3-1 and 3-2: Can use two undrafted non-mount units As for the penalties itself, you won't be punished if you make a couple accidents here and there, such as forgetting to unequip an undrafted unit for 1 turn who then faces an enemy. Egregious or intentional mistakes such as having an undrafted Titania solo a difficult map will cause a self-inflicted penalty of 15 minutes per chapter, although you kind of have to run by the honor system for what penalties you impose on your final time. The drafting itself will be done on-stream. I'll organize a spreadsheet on google drive that all the draftees can access and edit and we'll pick the teams that way, same as last time. Make sure to join the srl channel or contact me via skype about an hour before the race so we can get everything organized properly. Sign-ups 1. Vykan12 2. PKL 3. Gwimpage 4. Paperblade 5. 6. 7.
  7. As the title says, I'm looking for people I can race against. Basically, we would play on easy mode, single segment, usually a portion of the game. Some common races are: Part 1 Part 2 Parts 1&2 Full game Etc If you're worried that you don't stand a chance, I will teach you everything I know. All my strats are neatly contained in this playlist of heavily annotated youtube vids, so we'll already be on even ground from a planning perspective. That just leaves execution, and it's not as hard as you might think to learn how to use the cursor effectively while holding B. I have a quick guide for it in this thread, otherwise I can show you all the cursor movement tricks on-stream. I've already been racing two other people since I started streaming on twitch, and it's been a blast, especially when we do skype calls during our races. But I really need to find some other people who are interested in this since it can get a little boring doing 1-on-1 races all the time.
  8. I know I stirred up a lot of controversy in how I quit these forums, especially since I made an alt account shortly after which eventually got banned. The best explanation I can give was that I was in a dark place in my life and turned to videogames as a way to escape life's pressures, which eventually spiralled out of control. That's behind me now. I'm in good health, have a job, going to university in a program I like and while I'm not necessarily brimming with happiness, I am level headed and focused on what I want out of life. That being said, there's something about FE: Radiant Dawn that has me always coming back for more, no matter how hard I've tried to stay away from the game. So I figured I might as well give in and there isn't any harm in playing the game a couple of hours a day so long as I don't neglect my other responsibilities. There's nothing wrong with having a hobby, even if that hobby is playing a strategy RPG. It makes me forget about time, I just love and crave planning out chapters and exhibiting my strategies through speedrunning. I couldn't think of a better way to unwind after a hard day's work, and I don't care how strange that sounds. I can't say I miss debating tier lists since that always seems to devolve into an unresolvable philosophical shitstorm about how units are actually compared. Hence the wealth of alternate & experimental tier lists, and topics like this and this. Thus, I probably won't even be logging in here that much, but rather spending time actually making videos and streaming my attempts. Speaking of which, I am pretty angry at myself about deleting my original "Vykan12" youtube and am vigilantly working to restore all the videos I deleted (at least the ones I cared about). So far I've restored most of it, with the following remaining: -Some FE6 warpskip videos (about halfway done) -FE10 low turn count videos -Some special FE10 videos (eg/ Kill Hetzel in 1 turn, 11 triangle attacks in 1 turn) In addition to that, I will be working on an FE10 TAS as soon as I get my capture card working and 2 new FE10 speedruns (hard mode 43 segment run & easy mode single segment). Tl;dr, I hope I didn't tarnish my reputation too much with my ragequitting antics. I've given so much to this community, the topics I have stickied alone should be evidence of that. It would be a pity if some lapse of judgment I had a long time ago would make people remember me with contempt. Though if that's the case, there's nothing I can really do.
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