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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I'm playing with Chrom and spotpass characters only. I'm currently at chapter 10 with Nephenee, Malice, Lugh, Shiida, Ike's little sister, Serra, Sanaki, planning to recruit Elincia, Sigrun and Titania later. The question is: What class seems the most cannon for each of the unpromoted units? Having passed the desert annoying chapters I can promote some to horse units. Is Lugh more cannon as a sage than a dark knight? Shouldn't Nephenee be a cavalier rather than a knight seeing her good res and medium def? What class for Malice? Serra reclass to Valkyrie after level 10 or 15 warmonk? Ike's sister Valkyrie?
  2. So I decided to just sit down and make a list of every legacy bonus character in Fire Emblem Awakening who had some kind of special property that couldn't be replicated by just any old MU or other legacy character of the same gender. There's not really a whole lot more to say than that, so here's the list! Note that I've only listed the skills the characters couldn't normally learn through reclassing/leveling up. This is not meant to contain their complete base skill sets.
  3. So they haven't been confirmed nor denied yet but how do you guys feel about spotpass characters/maps and Einherjar characters returing? What characters from Awakening do you think would make it as Einherjar characters? Einherjar are the cards of characters from previous games you get once you beat their DLC chapters. Personally, I enjoyed the spotpass maps as they were far more challenging than the regular story maps and you could unlock more characters my favorite unlockable being Priam in Awakening. As far as the Einherjar from the DLC I thought it was a nice little addition to the game and a good nod to the past titles I was just kinda disappointed that they used generic avatars to build them save for Marth who got a unique class and appearence. I get that there are some limits with remaining in the art style and all but if they were to be implemented in the future then I'd hope that they'd have unique looks to them closer to how they originally appeared. Oh and the fact that spotpass chapters and characters were free was a huge plus as well.
  4. Just a quick question, but is there any feature in if besides DLC notifs that involves Spotpass specifically? I'm aware of online features as well as Streetpass and whatnot, but from what I see nobody in my area has the game, and I can't access the eshop and therefore can't download the new update. (That said, I'm not here for a solution to THAT problem.) Reason for asking: I have an undying lust for Nohrian items.
  5. With Anna becoming a playable character next week (September 24), I'm beginning to wonder if any more characters will be added to the roster, but it's been almost about 2 months since all three paths have been released and we haven't heard any news about the Spotpass feature. Now I know there is a Spotpass feature in the Extra's menu in the main menu based on this picture: (This was part of an English Patch translation) I did a recent post about possible Spotpass characters but since Anna is being released next week, I thought that they may be activating Spotpass during than, as maybe they would start the process of new character recruitment, and I KNOW they won't make us pay for them, being that while Anna was not included in the game itself, all of the others were. If anyone has any news about any upcoming Spotpass features, please let all of us know. Otherwise, please leave your thoughts down below and let us know what you think.
  6. Hi! I'm just wondering what spotpass characters I should recruit, based off of, well, everything! Thanks.
  7. I'll be getting spotpass characters soon... so I'm wondering, when it comes to stats and just overall, should I get Prince Marth or King Marth?
  8. So I've been a fan of Rekka no Ken for awhile and was happy to have the opportunity to download Ursula (wish she was Limstella or Sonia, but better than nothing). I have maxed out her stats and been fooling around with builds--does anyone have any suggestions? Ursula @Sorcerer Gale Force/Luna/Armsthrift/Limit Breaker/All Stats +2 Weapon: Aversa's Night with Mt maxed out. Stats (Not factoring in All Stats + 2): 40 Strength 58 Magic 48 Skill 52 Speed 54 Luck 48 Defense 55 Resistance I picked Sorcerer for the access to dark magic and increased defenses. Was wondering if other skills such as Astra, Sol, Vengeance or Tomefaire might be better on her, but don't know what I'd drop for those.
  9. I'm just curious which "special" marriage is your favourite, if you have one. These marriages are restricted to only the Avatar (depending on gender) and some are only recruited in DLCs or Spotpass. The polls are multiple choice, so feel free to vote as much as you'd like. (If I'm forgetting anyone, feel free to tell me and I'll add them asap.) For Female Avatar, I'm quite fond of Priam (even if he can't get Aether, it's cool) and Gangrel. For Male Avatar, I'm less picky and like all of the marriage options (but I'm really attached to Tiki).
  10. Hi, everyone! This is a playthrough I thought up while suffering from insomnia last night. Basically, I am ONLY allowed to use SpotPass Bonus Box characters*. As some may know, these units CAN NOT support with any unit, but they are essentially Avatars in that they can reclass into any class not excluded by gender. If this sounds interesting to you, read on! If not, do as you will. I can't force you. Just please no hate comments or anything stupid. So, without further ado.... The Rules: 1) I may only use SpotPass bonus box characters. Those characters must be acquired according to the units I recruit. For example, when I acquire Virion, I must then get an Archer. If it is a Prepromote (Fredrick) I may recruit a unit that PROMOTES INTO that class (A Knight or Cavalier in Freddy's case.) *Exceptions: - I may use Chrom, Female MU (Janet, a play on my screen name, Joth) and their offspring (Morgan and Lucina) so that Janet has enough "invisible ties" to not die at the end and crush our hearts :,( - If the unit's class is either entirely unavailable to me (Like Tanguels) or not available for a long time (Manaketes) I may substitute that unit for a future non-SpotPass unit (Like Donnel) or another Spot Pass unit that I am in need of. 2) I may reclass the units as I see for for skills, BUT they must end the game as a promoted version of their base class. No exceptions. Yes, there are only two rules. I don't like rules. Goals for Normal Units: Chrom: Support/Offensive Great Lord -Aether -RK -DS+ -DG+ -Aegis Janet is going to be used more than Chrom most likely, so I made him mainly support. Janet (+Res -Str): Offensive Sorceress -Armsthrift -Hit+20 -Lifetaker -Tomebreaker -Galeforce Pretty self-explanitory. Hit+20 because hit for Dark Magic sucks. I'll be mainly using Forged Ruin, Mire, and to a lesser extent Nosferatu and Thoron. I need to hit hard, because Sorcerers aren't too fast. Morgan M: Defensive Sorcerer -Armsthrift -RK -Vantage -Pavise? -Aegis?/Galeforce A defensive Sorcerer doesn't care too much about Galeforce, but it's always nice to inherit just in case. Pretty standard, Nostank and Miresnipe all day. Lucy: Offensive GL -Aether -RK -Lifetaker -Tomebreaker/Ignis Ignis might be good since she will probably build up some good Mag as a Dark Knight and some as Grandmaster should she decide to grab it, Tomebreaker otherwise. Reader Involvement: If I need advice on any aspect of the game, or can't decide which SpotPass character to snag, I'll open it up to you and take any well thought-out contribution you make into consideration. I need you to keep this thread alive! That's all I'm gonna put in this post, because it's just far too long and I don't know how to do Spoilers. I'll update as soon as I get to where I can actually use Wireless, and slowly pick away at a few of the replacement characters (Fredstomping, ahoy!) Sorry again for the freaking WALL O' TEXT! ~Joth
  11. For some Nintendo games, content in newer games can be unlocked through various means that often involve having possession of older games, such as using the save data from the older game to unlock the content (such as the Olimar trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee needing save data from the first Pikmin game to unlock) or being able to outright transfer content from the older game to the newer game (such as what can be seen in the main series Pokemon games). What do you guys think? To me, it could be possible that the DLC maps can see reuse with some adjustments alongside Spotpass content like legacy characters and bonus items.
  12. ... When I found out that a large chunk of characters from previous games were going to make an appearance in Awakening's downloadable content (DLC), I was actually pretty excited. I have a number of characters that I have labelled as my favorites in the past (Particularly in 6 through 8), so if I ever got the game, I could also purchase some DLC on the side to revisit them. What they did with them, in my opinion, is one of the most borderline unforgivable things you could possibly do with these characters, EVER. To be more specific, I'm talking about how in certain levels of the DLC, you actually have to fight AGAINST the legacy units. Yes, that is actually a thing now. Because I SO want to beat down on characters I connected with in the past. Lugh and Raigh from Binding Blade, my all-time favorite duo? I'm supposed to kill them. Other favorites (Sophia, Nino, Jaffar, etc.) from previous games? I'm also supposed to kill them. FUN, RIGHT?! Oh, and they also have their own heart-breaking death quotes when you defeat them. It's not like "Ah, darn it, you beat me," it really looks like they actually die on the pavement while your unit revels in triumph. FUN, RIGHT?! I would say that this is more of a personal problem than a true detriment in that regard, but I strongly feel like if you grew attached to ANY of these characters in the previous games, then chances are you won't have a good time having to kill them off as if they were generic enemy soldiers on a normal battle-field. Now, I understand that these levels are mere downloadable content, and they canonically never happened (Obviously), so I am willing to think I'm overreacting to this since they're completely optional and have nothing to do with Awakening's story, nor that of previous games. But why on Earth would the developers go out of their way to take arguably the most popular characters in their respective games and reduce them to nothing but a bunch of props? What were they thinking when they did this? Did they not at any point think that this would be incredibly distracting and somewhat heart-wrenching? Did they honestly not stop for a moment and think to themselves, "Hey, maybe simplifying fan favorites into a bunch of drones that the player is supposed to exterminate for some prize might not be the brightest idea?" Because that's what I'm thinking right now. TL;DR: The characters you get from previous games, especially with any of them that you've connected with in the past, are insultingly used as mere obstacles for you to sweep away for some kind of bonus item or skill or whatever. ... Yaaaay.
  13. Did you ever wonder why Olthin (translated Orson) wasn't a Spotpass character? Not only does he have his own in-game weapon, but he's a popular character from the game he stars in. (Thracia 776). The main reason why I care so much is because this leaves his weapon unobtainable outside of Barracks and landing on those special spots, which is a shame, since I love accurate axes.
  14. Einherjar not included. We've had the children, First Gen Males and Females, so its time to do the spotpass paralogue characters. Again vote based on Personality, Story, gameplay, class sets, and anything else on your mind.
  15. I was kinda annoyed and irked that the vast majority of the character battle models didn't resemble the character at all for the DLC and SpotPass characters. Like Brom and Oliver, that doesn't look like them at all. And Sigurd, I've seen a bunch of pictures and watched YouTube videos of FE4 gameplay, the Awakening DLC and SpotPass don't look like him. A bunch just... Don't look like the character they are supposed to be. This thread has probably been done before, so sorry if that's the case...
  16. I don't know iof this was already done before, but I guess you know some of the other units that accompany the characters in a spotpass team are based on ancient main characters. I propose we post our results here. First is obviously L'Arachel, who is clearly followed by Dozla and Rennac. Other ones I found : Nino : Jaffar, Linus and Lloyd. Eirika : Moulder, Vanessa, Franz and Seth Serra : There's a bunch of Fighter who doesn't seem to be linked to anyone, but you can recognize Erk, Matthew and Oswin. Lyn is accompanied by all the character of her road : Sain, Kent, Florina, Will, Dorcas, Rath, Matthew, Lucius and Wallace. Eliwood : I guess the two Paladin are Marcus and Lowen ; Bartre and Dorcas, Hector, Oswin, Serra, Matthew. No idea who is the Swordmaster... Guy maybe ? Hector : I guess the Heroes are just filler. Else, we can find Oswin, Matthew, Serra. My guess are the two FalcoKnight are Florina and Farina. Nergal : Accompanied by his Final Boss Team : I do recognize Ursula, Lloyd and Linus, Brendan, Darin, Uhai. I'll guess the Assassin is Jerme, and the Sage Kenneth. So, have you find other results, do you want to coment this ? Don't hesitate.
  17. I was thinking to myself, if there was another game, who would be the ten awakening characters to appear as spotpass content? (Yes, I know another 3ds title may not happen, this is just pondering what-ifs) Not sure if anyone else thinks of this stuff... Probably Chrom, right? And we could expect Lissa, too. But it's not like Jagen was a spotpass character so I wondered about Frederick. Who does everyone else think?
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