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Found 1 result

  1. I have renamed this thread to better suit what I need from it/what it is used for. Welcome to my Sprite of Threads, before I get a thousand comments on the name I KNOW IT'S WRONG. I just like the joke XD. I used to call all thread of sprites this. Not sure why. First of is Red, to be used in my FE hack Draconic Unity with the following description "Kayla's recently recruited retainer. King, honest, and loyal." Though not mentioned, he is intended to be of the Lucius archetype- so he was intended to look feminine (and I used Lucius' face for it.) Next is Zev. Zev is the OTHER retainer to Kayla (who you shouldn't of seen yet), and has a description as follows. "A Wyvern rider from Solara serving as Kayla's retainer. Knowledgeable, but inexperienced." He is of the Red Knight archetype, but serves as a flier unit- rather than a cavalier. And finally is Naella. She is a fire-dragon Manakete, who's description isn't really confirmed yet. She is my newest sprite- so she probably will have the most critiques XD Any and all critiques are appreciated, and I'm looking forward to making more mugs (and some battle sprites) in the future. New one, this is Kayla who I'm not really going to describe too much, but she is intended to be a bow lord. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Animations/Battle Sprites Here is where all my battle sprites and animations are. If any of them are obvious recolors of a preexisting one- then I obviously don't own the original sprite (unless it actually is a custom one I made, lol). If I borrow anyone's custom sprite, I will do my best to make sure I can cite them. If I fail to or cite them wrong, kindly let me know and I will fix it. Red (Sword) - Recruit (Base) The (partially) custom animation for Red's recruit class. Since this 'Recruit' class is horse back and uses swords, I decided to base it off of the Cavalier class. The sword is Eirika's recolored. If I happened to use too many colors, please let me know as I lack the program needed (and/or the knowledge to use one I have to find it) to find out- though I try to make sure to the best of my ability to not use too many.
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