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Found 3 results

  1. This Started as a Smash 4 Data thread, it has been turned into a general one. Smash 4 Data is in this Post Smash 64 Smash Bros Melee Smash Bros Brawl Smash 4 Series (With a playable character) Content, including Trophies, Music, etc No reason other than I'm absolutely bored, I always think of people talking about representation in Smash, so I've decided to catalog what things exactly have representation or not. I mean this in terms of things that effect the game, such as stages, characters, items and Assist Trophies perhaps, Pokemon gets a huge boost from Pokeballs as is, but I feel like counting it as a single thing, or else it would be a no contest. Stages will also be both the 3DS and Wii U set totals. Music and Trophies may come later, but holy crap I am not doing that right now. Bold Green Numbers mean the highest count at a quick glance. My numbers may be slightly off and if they are I apologize. Characters Per Franchise Stages Both Wii U and 3DS Items - This is counting character created items Assist Trophies Totals for now Had to do a minor edit because I realized I forgot to count Robin's tome and Levin Sword as items, i'll probably edit in Mii costumes later as well. Edit #2 somehow forgot Zelda on the totals, which is now fixed.
  2. I made this because Shovel Knight is fun and haven't made an FFtF topic before. Interested to see how it is~ My favorite is probably Plague Knight or Mole Knight's stage. Plague Knight because of the cauldron platforms and Mole Knight because of the bouncy platform puzzles. My least favorite is Treasure Knight's stage because of the angler fish part. I haven't played Tinker Knight's stage or anything past that, by the way. So what do you guys think?
  3. You know what it is. Stages confirmerd: BattleField (3DS + Wii U) Smash Ring (Wii U) Super Mario Level (3DS) Gerudo Valley (3DS) Spirit Tracks (3DS) Skyloft (Wii U) Wily's Castle (Wii U) Wii Fitness Room (Wii U) Nintendogs (3DS) Arena Ferox (3DS) Unknown Grassy Area (Wii U) Animal Crossing Stage (Wii U) Anyone notice that virtually EVERY stage shown at E3 looks realitively competitive friendly, and we have yet to see a Gimmicky stage? Also if I'm missing a stage LET ME KNOW, I wanna keep this up to date.
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