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Found 7 results

  1. I saw Ep 9 recently and was pleasantly surprised despite not going in with high hopes due to the reviews. It wasn't a perfect movie but I don't understand such low readings. The few reviews I read were pretty vague and didn't go into details about the actual flaws. For those who've seen it, what was your thoughts on this film? What were your biggest issues? And how big of a fan are you of the franchise?
  2. You work as a janitor at a secret military base. Your friend told you that they're making a time machine, but she also told you the Star Wars prequels would be good, so you're not sure she can be trusted. You're pretty content with your job, and damn good at it if you do say so yourself, it can get a little boring though. You tend to spend the slow parts thinking about things. Philosophy, politics, the Star Wars prequels.. god they really sucked. They had so much potential too! But there were problems from the get go, the special effects, too much world building, he had three previous movies for gods sake! We didn't need to know the entire workings of the galactic senate. The biggest thing you can't understand is that George Lucas wrote and directed A New Hope, and that movie's fine! Oh well, not much you can do about it I guess. You continue your janitorial duty, eventually you come upon a door you've never seen before, it's locked and says "TOP SECRET" on it. What will you do? A.) Try to pick the lock with the paper clip in your pocket B.) It looks a little dusty, clean it. C.) Don't bother with the door, continue being the best goddamn janitor in the world! D.) Try to pick the lock with the credit card in the wallet that lives in the hole in your pants.
  3. So yeah, I get early access to the Beta for the game and I plan on streaming it in my free time. Most notably tomorrow and Thursday Night. I am not the best at shooters however so please no judgement if I die a lot. But overall I'm looking to having a good time streaming the game and I can answer a few questions about it from the perspective of a casual Battlefront player after I get to experience it some. Stream Info: I'll probably try every class but don't be surprised if I stick with Heavy or Specialist. I also don't plan on using starfighter so I'm wrong guy to watch if you want to see that. Also I don't have any mic set up so this will just be gameplay with me talking to you guys in chat between rounds. Link: https://go.twitch.tv/lucariogamer812 Times: Wednesday: 5 pm EST - probably 8 pm EST Thursday: 5 pm EST - probably 8 pm EST The reasons the streams start so late is that I don't get home from school until 4 pm and this gives me a little time to get settled. It also ends early due to school as well as other commitments. Also these are rough times, I may start slightly earlier (or later, of which I'll update when it'll be) depending on how fast I get set up and I may go a little over the end time to finish the match.
  4. With the recent death of Carrie Fisher, I've been thinking of Star Wars recently, and it made me think of Disney's decision to nuke the EU (Expanded Universe) and make everything except the movies non-canon. Back in the day, when I had time to read, I read a few of the EU books, and it was fun to find out what the heroes did, outside of the films. They had varying levels of quality. The Glove of Darth Vader series had a bit of narm to it, but I was in like 4th grade when I read it, so I enjoyed it. Later, we got video games like KotOR, which combined two of my loves of D&D and Star Wars. Now, I'm a bit unmotivated to read any EU material. I know in the world of fiction, nothing's really "real", but the EU used to have at least some sort of connection to the canon movies, but now the EU is more on the level of fan fiction, officially. So it almost seems like a waste to read anything else from the EU. Star Trek had a similar reset with the new movies, but they tried to keep the best of both worlds by going the alternate dimensions route. Although, I half expected them to reset the timeline to normal at the end of the first movie. I haven't seen Rogue One yet, but hope to when I can get a babysitter and not be sick, so please no spoilers for that. That was just a random thought I had today and was wondering others' opinions.
  5. Before I start I guess I should say that for anyone wanting to see the movie without spoilers tread carefully as this is a thread meant to discuss the movie after having seen it. I will still post story sensitive information in spoiler tags since the film is new and I strongly advise others do the same for the sake of others wanting to see the movie. Lets get the obvious out of the way first: Well I gotta say I was pretty amazed. Aside from solid acting I thought the filmography and how the scenes were done was great. The film doesn't overuse CGI and the practical effects coupled with on location filming is apparent in a good way here. There were only a few gripes I had with the plot but nothing that destroyed the film or my enjoyment of it one being how the light saber fight at the end was done. But hey no film can be perfect. That being said I did notice how this film seemed to mirror A New Hope quite closely. Whether you consider this a good or bad thing is up to you, but for the most part I think it was executed pretty well while making references to the old stuff that happened while still feeling new at the same time. I think whether you are a casual or big star wars fan its worth it to go see and if you're afraid of it being anything like the prequels put those fears to rest. The rest of this will be pretty spoiler heavy so you have been warned. Mirroring A New Hope: Filmography Casting/Acting Issues/problems Feel free to discuss but please for the sake of enjoyment be nice and use spoiler tags.
  6. Just out of curiosity, has anyone played the old Tie Fighter game? Man that game was one of my favorite games growing up and I am always sad that I've never really known anyone who has played it other than my brother.
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