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Found 4 results

  1. As of now there is only this singular episode, but its really solid, pretty funny and great for fans of the franchise. And those who aren't familiar with it as well
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5X10xtRxvNI&feature=youtu.be It's begun, sorry if its a little quiet, gonna try to fix that for the future. FEEDBACK WOULD BE NICE
  3. Jedi

    Starfox Zero

    I've been waiting for new stuff on this game since it was announced awhile back, I'm a huge starfox fan and its great to see the gang back in action. Although it is slightly annoying its kind of another reboot how like 64 rebooted SNES. I'll deal with it though. I've been wanting a new Starfox for quite some time and the transformations of the arwing look pretty cool and star wars like in terms of design.
  4. So due to my love of the N64 game and the entire franchise (except Command) I decided to pick this up. Its just as fun as I remember it being. Going through all the stages getting the metals all over again for Expert mode and Shades!Fox. (Seriously needs to be a costume in smash) They seem to have also got a good chunk of the old 64 VA's back. And I'll admit I do like the Assault va cast more BUT the N64 cast is legendary and its great they got em back. Gyro control mode is kinda weird not gonna lie. But overall a grand nostalgia trip and since its arcade style you can do a run very quickly on breaks and such Haha.
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