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Found 2 results

  1. Much like with the past LP, I considered starting in April 1st, so I could troll everyone by starting something in the day you don't start things for real. Maybe pretend I'm going to LP Blazing Sword or something like that. But then I realized I'm really bored and want to spend the next few months writing shallow essays over way too many screenshots once again. Plus, I've a free week, I need something to do with myself. So now-- Oi! What is this? Give me more intro bits so I can do my opening shenanigans! I've been doing it since the second LP! What a load of baloney! ...Ah, well. In any case! Hello, everyone! It is I, Saint Rubenio, the person who writes subpar humor to accompany his bad gameplay! I have once again returned to send my units to their deaths, one after the other. This time around, I am leaving behind KagaSaga, returning to its inferior sister franchise... Or am I? "Ruben, I don't remember any FE with a title screen like that!", I hear you say. Or not, because even if you don't know what this is, you can probably guess. Indeed, for the first time in my LPing career(?), I am going to play an unofficial title! Sun God's Wrath, created by one @Blademaster! - my favorite fanmade FE out there. Without further ado, bring in the questions! Ruben, why are you playing this and not X? X is probably not as good as this. Seriously, I love this game. I wasn't expecting it to be as amazing as it turned out to be. At its core, this is just GBAFE, but with a few minor tweaks and additions here and there, such as: - Thracia's capture system. ...What, you need more? I mean, I didn't. As soon as I read that this hack had capture, I was sold. But if you want more, there sure is more! - Thracia-style scrolls that increase your growth rates and negate crits. - Fatigue, because Blademaster loves Thracia and wants you to know it. - PCC, for the same reasons as before. - Movement and constitution growths for everyone. - Three tiers of promotion, combined with TearRing Saga styled promotions. Sort of. - The best usage of the skill system I've seen in any hack. Beats a few official FEs, too. - An overhauled magic system where every type has its place. Mostly. - A really unique cast where just about every unit feels distinct and memorable. A few examples include: Earlygame archer that's somehow the best unit in the game (that is not a joke), tanky mage built around crits for damage, 15% move growth knight, magic-based archer, a literal witch with a flying broom... - Rewards and penalties depending on your turn count, to encourage fast'ish play without outright forcing it. - Bodybuilders. - And probably something or other that I'm forgetting right now. Seriously, this hack has so many mechanics, it's incredible. Still unconvinced? I suppose all I can do now is show you. You know, not "now", now is not yet the first proper update, but... well, you know what I mean! Ruben, what is this game's story? Any good? The creator himself admits that it's just kinda there. And, honestly, I don't think I would call it "good." However... maybe it's just me having bad taste, but I find it really fun to watch. The first five chapters or so are kinda whatever, but then the story goes completely off the rails. Seriously, this game's story is so insane and has so many twists and turns, it might have you feeling whiplash by the end of it. Plus, it's really funny at times. It doesn't take itself too seriously. I mean, the game is a direct sequel to the poster boy of what hacks looked like before The Last Promise. It's a game that even Blademaster himself advises against playing. Making a sequel to that is an utterly terrible idea, but somehow, in a really weird way, it works. I love it. I wouldn't call it a super serious, deep war drama or anything like that, but sometimes you don't really need that. Ruben, what about the fanfic? That still a thing? For those of you who are new here, in my past LPs I've been writing a sort of weird sidestory with OCs of mine who travel around and have dumb adventures. Nothing too amazing, just a nod to veteran readers and a little something I do for fun. If you don't like them, feel free to skip all the segments. I'll try not to meddle with the main story in any significant way. Can I spoil things, Ruben? No. If you absolutely must, in spoiler tags and with a big warning on top, please. Applies to both gameplay and story spoilers. Let's be mindful. Ruben, I demand that you use X unit! Go ahead and ask! I cannot promise to keep them alive, but I'll do my best. Which isn't much, as those who have been around for my past LPs can confirm. Honestly, it might be better to ask me to bench your favorites... How often can I expect an update? Same as usual: An update every few days. Schedule might vary as we go, I'm not the most consistent of LPers. Ruben, before you forget - the rules. Yes, yes, of course. In my first LP, I broke every single rule. In my second LP, I straight up forgot to set any and had to make them up as I went. In my third LP, I set a few exceptions to cover my back, and I ended up being unable to use them due to circumstances. In my fourth LP... actually? I think everything went smoothly in my fourth LP. Let's keep that up, shall we? - This is an Ironman run. That means anybody who dies remains dead. - On the matter of game-overs, this is a soft Ironman. If any of the lords die, I'll just reset. There are other game over units, however. What I shall do if those die is up to you - check the poll above. - As always, I will not warpskip. I'll probably use warp for other purposes, but warpskipping is boring to both perform and watch, so I'll not do it. - If the need arises for adjustments or new rules, we'll talk about it when the time comes. I know, awfully vague rule. I probably won't use this, anyway. DISCLAIMERS (Read this or I'll hate you forever) This LP will contain: - Profanity. I swear like a sailor on a bad day. - Blood and gore. The game doesn't have any, but one of my gimmicks is that, when people die, I edit their portraits to be all bloody and awful. Watch out if you can't stand those things. I'll try not to go too far with this, in any case. - Dark humor. Also bad humor, at times. - Injokes that new readers may not understand. I cannot imagine what a nightmare it must be to start reading my stuff and encounter the same five recurring jokes that I've been using for the past years. See what I meant with "bad humor"? - I hate all the popular FEs. Try not to hate me too much when I inevitably diss them. - Unhealthy amounts of character deaths. Growing fond of playable characters is unadvised. That's about all I can think to say here! All I can ask now is that you vote on the poll, and stay tuned for the first update, which will, as always, come out in a couple of days. Wish me luck, and may my units be spared from the wrath of the gods! And my bad tactics. Mostly my bad tactics.
  2. From the creator of Corrupt Theocracy, Blademaster! has created a sequel called Sun God's Wrath in Fe8. Looks really good so I am going to LP it and play it blind. I didn't read everything in moniker's LP but I am more of a gameplay guy anyway so not knowing the history exactly is not a big deal to me, I can still get the gist of it. For more information on the lore and stuff go here: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=53190 I will be playing this in hard mode to also be somewhat of a beta tester for that mode and provide feedback as I go. Let's get this shit started. Prologue, laying down the story
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