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Found 9 results

  1. Since I did play much of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 around for 3 hours during at launch day and I was looking up for some ideas down for Noah what fits in the next SSB installment after Ultimate as a newcomer fighter. I had some couple of ideas down what I think Noah might have. I haven't checked out what the other classes special moves to pick for Noah's alternate special moves. Here's the list that I came up with so far: Special Moves Neutral: Changing Classes (Since Shulk uses the Monado Artes as his Neutral, what about this Neutral Special for Noah switches the classes and the weapons based on what he uses, he can also change to his main allies' classes and the Guardian Commander class as well) Kirby Copy Ability: Kirby would use the Changing Class, but it uses the Side Specials as the attacks depending on what Kirby uses. Side: Ground Beat for Swordfighter Class Back: Sword Strike for Swordfighter Class Up: Air Slash (He does have Air Slash like Shulk, but it felt it very different from Shulk's version) for Swordfighter Class Down: Edge Thrust for Swordfighter Class Shield + B: Overclocked Buster for Swordfighter Class Final Smash: Ouroboros (The Final Smash Helper would be Mio helping Noah be making the Fusion together in the Final Smash similar to like Dunban, Riki, & Fiora helping Shulk & Rex helping Pyra & Mythra) Costumes: Adventure & Soldier Off-Seer Outfit C1: Red Adventure Outfit (Default) C2: Black Soldier Off-Seer Outfit (Alternate Outfit) C3: Grey Adventure Outfit (Based on Mio's colors) C4: Gold Soldier Off-Seer Outfit (Based on one of the XC3 Antagonists N's Color) C5: Black Adventure Outfit (Based on Sena's colors) C6: Blue Soldier Off-Seer Outfit (Based on Lanz's colors) C7: White Adventure Outfit (Based on Taion's colors) C8: Green Soldier Off-Seer Outfit (Based on Mio's colors) Stage Nations of Keves & Agnus (this would change locations similar to like how Castle Siege handles) Spirits (or Trophies depending on which comes back in the next installment) If you had any ideas about Noah from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for the next installment after Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, just post your ideas down.
  2. Hello, this is my first post here so idk if it's right but the best i can do. I'm currently working on an Azura mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and am in need of all her Heroes voice lines (Default - all alts), and voice lines of her singing the first part of lost in thoughts all alone for a voice mod I'm working on. You will be credited ofc when I post the mod. That's all, ty for any support.
  3. Ok so far no green dlc characters have been add to smash bros but here are my top 10 green characters here is how they count Their hat helmet amror hair shirt and skin counts other things do not other rules are 1 no assist trophy's and 2 no 4th party characters i'm looking at you bubble bass and sherk fanboys Baby luigi mario and yoshi kritter donkey kong tingle zelda Tarzana kirby Leon star fox Grass type pokemon pico f-zero jet from sonic acid man mega man slime minecraft thats my list
  4. I just had a thought as of right now to see if there was a way to add a Golden Sun playable protagonist to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Since Issac was brought back in Ultimate as an Assist Trophy again since Brawl. I just had a thought that what if Issac's son Matthew from Golden Sun: Dark Dawn should be a DLC playable character in Ultimate since Spring Man was an Assist Trophy in Ultimate and Min Min was later brought to Fighter Pass Vol. 2 along with ARMS music and Spring Stadium stage. This just gave me a thought when I was exploring the entire Assist Trophies in Ultimate and there might be a way to add a Golden Sun rep for Ultimate. I definitely think Matthew from Golden Sun: Dark Dawn should join since here's my thoughts on why: I did checked the entire roster and I did saw there was lack of multiple characters were debut from the Nintendo DS system and Lucario was the only Nintendo DS debut character in the entire roster in Super Smash Bros. series. And I think if Matthew joins in that should take away Lucario's condition as the only Nintendo DS debut character in the entire roster since Matthew was debut from the Nintendo DS system game library as well. Since Issac is already an Assist Trophy, I think this would work for Matthew to join in since Spring Man was an Assist Trophy and we didn't know earlier before Min Min back then was announced that other characters from the same franchise can get join in as reps while there's no other characters as playable characters from the same franchise and had an Assist Trophy in-game. There wasn't much Dark Dawn characters appears as Spirits besides Matthew and his father in his adult form are in-game spirits and we know in-game spirits can't be deconfirmed to be as DLC Fighters for Ultimate since Min Min was added in the game a while ago. So do you think about maybe Matthew from Golden Sun: Dark Dawn should join in the roster as a DLC Fighter while his father is stuck as an Assist Trophy in Ultimate similar to like Min Min and Spring Man were handled in Ultimate?
  5. Nintendo just released a third DLC Fighter trailer for the upcoming second Fighter Pass after Joker in their Super Smash Bros. YouTube Channel. This fighter was from the recently leak that was coded as Brave in the datamine. He will be released in June 21st, 2019. Here is the trailer: Edit from April 2nd: April Fools Day is over now.
  6. I recently had this idea that Smash could spinoff into a series of "Super Smash: Nintendo X" titles, akin to how Street Fighter spun off into the Capcom Vs. series. In each Nintendo X crossover, approximately half the roster and stages go to a notable third party with extensive Nintendo history, like Capcom, SEGA, Square Enix, or Konami. This allows for third party characters who would normally never stand a chance of making it into Smash to get their own movesets, with accompanying stages, assist trophies, and such. Imagine Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow, and Rouge joining Sonic, or Proto Man and Bass joining Mega Man. And need I mention the scads of characters Square Enix has to offer between Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Mana, and Chrono, not to mention Tomb Raider (and apparently, Gex)? I would shoot for rosters of 60-100, with 30-50 going to Nintendo and another 30-50 going to the featured third party, and ideally at least one stage per represented series. The Nintendo half of the roster can vary between titles, ideally tailored to the third party in question. Nintendo X Square Enix would encourage a more fantasy and RPG-focused roster, with Zelda, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Xenoblade, etc. being emphasized more. Geno and Mallow would be must-haves, as the two most memorable characters from Super Mario RPG, and I could see multiple elements from that game making it in as the start of Mario's RPG career. Nintendo X SEGA could have a few more F-Zero reps in acknowledgement of the SEGA-developed GX. A theme of rivalry could be a fun throwback to the 90s, when Nintendo and SEGA were competitors. Mario and Sonic, Link and Prince Ali (Beyond Oasis), Marth and Max (Shining Force), etc. Nintendo X Capcom could have characters from the Oracle Zelda games and Minish Cap, like Vaati. Furthermore, certain characters' movesets could be tweaked based on the game; Mario, Peach, and Bowser could get moves inspired by the various Mario RPGs in NxSE, while in NxC Link gets some Oracle items like the Slingshot/Seed Shooter and Roc's Cape, and Toon Link gets Minish Cap items like the Gust Jar and Cane of Pacci. Link and Zelda in NxC could even be designed after their Oracle incarnations, and Ganondorf could use his scrapped Oracle design.
  7. So I've been wanting to make some YouTube videos for a while now, and while I could do PC gaming since I have that setup going for me. I want to be able to do some Console videos as well, specifically Wii U, and later on Nintendo Switch videos. Right now I have some Smash 4 videos in mind, and I'd like to have a capture card to record it in good quality. While I would use the replay system to do acquire footage, I would imagine it would be easier to be able to record it. And Smash 4 Wii U's replay system of uploading to YouTube it only uploads the video at 720p 30fps. Which while it's not terrible, it still takes a long time to do with that method. And I personally believe a fighting game like smash 4 should be shown in 60 fps. I've done a bit of research and apparently the Elgato Game Capture card is popular, so I have my eye on buying one. However I've found 3 different versions of it so i'm confused on which one I should buy: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/elgato-game-capture-hd60-s-black/5187800.p?skuId=5187800 http://www.bestbuy.com/site/elgato-game-capture-hd60-multi/7634008.p?skuId=7634008 http://www.bestbuy.com/site/elgato-game-capture-hd/8838042.p?skuId=8838042 Anyone happen to know which capture card out of these would be the best? Quality wise and Money wise.
  8. Original news source: http://www.nintendo.com/whatsnew/detail/BFHbtk64pHCvYGuOUFQDwbiv40C24qjy Just confirmed today, Nintendo partners with Loot Crate to distribute amiibos in the upcoming holiday season! Subscribing the service guarantees TEN (10) preselected amiibos in 3 Loot Crate shipments including the following: Mario Donkey Kong Yoshi Fox Pikachu What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this is a good deal? Would you be looking into this?
  9. [spoiler=Robin's alternate costumes] [spoiler=Lucina's alternate costumes] Yup, screenshots of Robin's and Lucina's alternate costumes, the latter of which are derived from other characters from Fire Emblem Awakening! Share your thoughts here! For the case of Lucina, from left to right, there's the default costume, Nowi, Cherche, Cordelia, Tiki, Lissa, Tharja and Sumia! EDIT: added in Robin's alts. and hid the screenshots because of spoilers. My thoughts on their costumes: by default, I would use the default costumes. However, in case the mood strikes me, or if it becomes apparent that visibility is becoming an issue and I don't want to put up a thick outline for the characters, I like green, red, blue and yellow costumes on Robin. For the case of Lucina, I actually like all of them since I can see the amount of effort Sakurai and his team put into the costumes (personal bias towards Cordelia, Tiki, Cherche, Lissa and Sumia). By the way, doesn't Lucina in the Nowi alt costume look a lot like Nino from FE7? ... And can't believe that I just saw this now... male Robin in his white costume makes him look a lot like Kirito in his Knights of the Blood Oath uniform from Sword Art Online.
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