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Found 2 results

  1. Hexagon War What is Hexagon?: Power Rangers Hexagon was an idea the writers of Power Rangers had after the Power Rangers series, Wild Force. It would pit the Rangers against each other for many reasons that were never explained, but we'll be going through my fan interpretation since the series is WAY past Wild Force now. There will still be a divide between the heroes and different sides that will each have good reasons for being on those sides, but there will be new Ranger recruits. Take it as if the Rangers have been fighting against each other since Wild Force, so many past Rangers are dead which strengthens the ideals of both sides. Most of the Zords have been destroyed and the world is in constant fear of the next clash between the two groups and thus are trying to create new Rangers to stop this Hexagon War. You are those Rangers.​​ ​Story: ​The five Rangers code-name, "TSKF" which stands for Taskforce, have been chosen as the best officers in the army and given the assignment to infiltrate Hexagon to gather information on what caused the Hexagon War in the first place, dismantle or kill the Rangers in both Hexagon and the Phantom Brigade, and stop the new threat that is growing that both sides of the war won't acknowledge. ​​Sign Ups(Currently Accepting Five People): Full Name: Physical Appearance (Hair Color, Eye Color, Physical Build): Preferred Color/Power(Out of Red(Tiger), Blue(Gorilla), Yellow(Rabbit), Green(Shark), and White(Dove)): Gender: Backstory: Personality Traits: ​Stats/Skills: ​Stats and Skills will be determined by what Color/Power you pick and I'll give you the sheet of stats once you apply. ​Other: ​I will play the Veteran Rangers and Monsters that you will meet throughout your journey. Unless the Rangers are fighting someone who is reluctant to fight them then when the character's HP hits 0, they die. Think of the suits as the AU Go-Busters, but with different colors. Post your sign up on this thread and I'll update this post to include your Ranger's Stats, Bio, and Skills.
  2. So, I've been thinking recently... Superheroes are awesome. At least I think that. Then I thought of something else! Nachos. And after I ate some of those, another thought hit me! 'Hm, I intended to one day start an RP thread, I like superheroes, and we don't have a super hero thing here on Serenes Forest, maybe that could be what I start!' And after many hours of thought, mostly about toast, I decided to open up this thread, and see who'd want to be a super hero! [spoiler=Rules which would be in place] 1. Roleplay moderators (I.e me) will be in place to manage/approve super characters, wether they be heroes or villains for the sake of balance. So no Arm fall off boy vs. Superman. 2. No published heroes or villains or characters of any kind. This would be in it's own little super-verse separated from things like Marvel or DC. 3. No destroying the city. 4. No killing someone's character unless thy agree to it. 5. No stupid revivals or unapproved major plot points. Please, let's keep this from getting out of hand.
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