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Found 1 result

  1. Hello there, and welcome! It's me, Iggy Koopa! And this is a special challenge of Black 2, called the FE11 challenge. Now then, what is an FE11 Challenge? Well then, in this challenge, I must catch a number of 'mons equal to the available units in Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon. [spoiler=Pokes I'll use during the challenge]Oshawott>Dewott>Samurott, named Marth. Sawk, named Frey. Sewaddle>Swadloon>Leavanny, named Abel. Growlithe>Arcanine, named Cain. Lillipup>Herdier>Stoutland, named Jagen. Skitty>Delcatty, named Norne. Maractus, named Gordin. Aron>Lairon>Aggron, named Draug. Pidove>Tranquill>Female!Unfezant, named Caeda/Shiida. Koffing>Weezing, named Wrys. Elekid>Electabuzz>Electivire, named Ogma. Riolu>Lucario, named Barst. Timburr>Gurdurr>Conkeldurr, named Bord. Axew>Fraxure>Haxorus, named Cord. Dunsparce, named Castor. Basculin, named Darros. Shelmet>Accelgor, named Julian. Audino, named Lena. Pawniard>Bisharp, named Navarre/Nabarl. Sigilyph, named Merric. Karrablast>Escavalier, named Matthis. Bouffalant, named Hardin. Gligar>Gliscor, named Wolf. Larvitar>Pupitar>Tyranitar, named Sedgar. Skorupi>Drapion, named Roshea. Scraggy>Scrafty, named Vyland. Elgyem>Beeheeyem, named Wendell. Croagunk>Toxicroak, named Rickard. Mienfoo>Mienshao, named Athena. Druddigon, named Bantu. Mareep>Flaaffy>Ampharos, named Caesar. Rattata>Raticate, named Radd. Bronzor>Bronzong, named Roger. Vulpix>Ninetales, named Jeorge. Larvesta>Volcarona, named Maria. Skarmory, named Minerva. Grimer>Muk, named Jake. Eevee>Espeon, named Linde. Ducklett>Swanna, named Midia. Onix>Steelix, named Dolph. Nosepass>Probopass, named Macellan. Carnivine, named Tomas. Solosis>Duosion>Reuniclus, named Boah. Ferroseed>Ferrothorn, named Horace. Remoraid>Octillery, named Beck. Joltik>Galvantula, named Astram. Petilil>Lilligant, named Palla. Azurill>Marill>Azumarill, named Catria. Seviper, named Arran. Zangoose, named Samson. Zorua>Zoroark, named Xane. Litwick>Lampent>Chandelure, named Etzel. Cleffa>Clefairy>Clefable, named Est. Trapinch>Vibrava>Flygon, named Tiki. Klink>Klang>Klinklang, named Lorenz. Darumaka>Darmanitan, named Ymir. Sawblu>Altaria, named Elice. Baltoy>Claydol, named Gotoh. Deino>Zweilous>Hydreigon, named Nagi. Phew, finally finished the list of mons I'll use! Expect to update soon!
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